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How to plan a Stress-free and Memorable Family vacation!

Fill your life with adventure not the things. Have stories to tell not stuffs to show”

Indeed, life is short and unpredictable. And we should try to live it fullest.

And having a family vacation is one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful journey. Family vacations should be integral part of family traditions. These trips create memories that never forgotten by our children.

Benefits of having a family vacation

There are so many great benefits of having a family vacation. Such as,

  • It gives a much needed break from otherwise hectic life schedule and pressurising responsibilities.
  • It helps in de-stressing and improves our physical and mental health.
  • Helps in spending quality time together as a family.
  • Your get a chance to explore and visit new places.
  • For kids, it is a great opportunity to enjoy, explore and learn new things. Especially after a hectic exam schedule it is must for a de-stressing and getting a new energy for starting off the new academic year.

Summer is just around the corner and I am sure we all are excited for planning our next summer family vacation trip. Summer is a great time to relax and rejuvenates with your family. Nothing could be more exciting than spending some family together while enjoying and exploring new places with great fun and excitement.

Of course, going for a family vacation sounds so exciting but on practical aspect it is very important to plan ahead and properly for avoiding end moment tension.

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And I liked this picture prompt, to share some effective tips from my side to plan a memorable and stress free family vacation.

How to plan a stress free, memorable family summer vacation? How to enjoy it maximum? Read on to know more!

Family discussion

Of course, when it comes to planning next family outing, excitement of all family members would be on top of the world. And practically it requires some serious planning. It is very important to have a family meeting and asked everyone about their individual choice for location preference. Take proper time and write down each option on piece of paper. It could be a beach, lake, cruise, and city or mountain trips. Listing down your options will help in narrow down a list of potential place. Select a final destination, by keeping following factors in mind. Such as,

  • Weather and climatic condition
  • Budget
  • Activity options for kids
  • Individual preference of family members
  • Duration and assessment of overall enjoyment factor

Define your budget

Of course, this one is one of the most important factors while finalizing vacation spot. And if we plan properly, it is more likely that we can plan a memorable trip under budget. Listing down all the possible expenses is great idea to form a budget and select final destination. The most common expenses include:

  • Transportation (depends which are you selecting, plane, road trip, or railway)
  • Accommodation (where will you stay?)
  • Food (how can you eat healthy and keep budget minimum)
  • Entertainment (the amount that will expense on booking shows or buying tickets for museum, parks or other entertainment spots)

The main key to plan trip under budget is a do a proper research prior to trip. In depth research and pre analysis will help a lot in making trip memorable, stress free and under budget.

Research properly

This one is base factor that will make your trip enjoyable and stress free. It is very important to do a pre analysis and proper research of your selected location. Try to study each minute detail aspect of your trip, place, transportation, food and entertainment aspect. Here are few things that you can do in advance to reduce your expense and avoid end moment tension. Such as:

  • If you are planning your trip by plane, try to book it at least 4-6 weeks before to get a good deal. There are various on line sites that have good deals when we book ahead. Compare prices will ensure that your find a best deal with reduce expenses.
  • Book accommodation in advance and consider various factors while selecting your accommodation. Select an accommodation that is near to different visiting spots, check on lines deals, read reviews and make a decision by keeping your family preferences in mind.
  • Same principle applies to food and everyday eating too. You can book a hotel with kitchen to reduce the expenses and you can prepare some homemade snacks to feed your kids healthy and under budget.

Packing the luggage

Yes it is equally important to pre plan your trip smooth and stress free. Prepare a checklist for all family members. If kids are old enough they can do it by themselves. Try to maintain a balance and avoid overstuffing while finalizing the luggage list. Keep different factors to have a well-organized packing. Such as

Organized items as per need and categorized them in different sections such as:

  • health and safety ( First aid kit, important medication and prescription if you need)
  • make up, cosmetics and toiletries
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • food items
  • entertainment and electronic gadgets
  • others

Properly packed and organized stuffs helps a lot in getting ready on time and you can save lots of time and energy by doing it. With this step, you can get plenty of time and good mood to enjoy your vacation.

Enjoy your vacation and build your memories with family

Of course pre planning and pre analysis is very important and sometimes with so much to-do list, we forget the main purpose of family vacations. Vacations and trips are meant to spend quality time together as a family and it is an ideal opportunity to build awesome family memories. So, try to make each moment memorable with fun and enjoyment.

So these are some tips to plan a stress-free and memorable family trip. What are your thoughts please share!

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