#BlogchatterHealthWatch- 6 Effective Tips to Maintain Ideal Body Weight during Winter!

Happy new year everyone!

I am a big fan of Blogchatter campaigns. They always bring something new and exciting with their initiatives. And this time, with the beginning of New Year, they are back with #blogchatterhealth watch series. The series is based on inspiring us to put our health first.

We all know health is wealth. But during busy, hectic life schedule we all tend to forget enough focus on one of the most important aspect of our life that is “Health”. So, blogchatter is trying to help get back us on the track with #Blogchatterhealthwatch. The series is running from 7 to 27 Jan. and you need to share your steps for better health on Instagram by using hashtag #Blogchatterhealthwatch.

I am excited to be a part of it. And with this blog post I am sharing 6 effective tips to stay healthy and fit during winter seasons.  Read on to know more!

Of course, winter is the time to stay in and cuddle up with a cosy blankets. It is a great time to enjoy holidays and festivals with yummy winter delicacies. But on other side during winter “Maintain an ideal and healthy body weight” is a little cumbersome. And most of the people, despite their best efforts will struggle through the winter to lose the weight and keep it off.

If you had also noticed the number on the scale creep up during the cold weather. Do not get worried, you are not alone. According to a recent scientific research most people gain five to ten pounds weight between thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While enjoying the holiday season, it is very important to remind ourselves how to “maintain an ideal body weight” during winter season. It is worth to adopt some simplest weight loss strategies to avoid those extra pounds.  but before adopting any special weight loss strategies or specific diet it is better to understand why we tend to pack on the pounds during the cooler months of the year.C

 Definitely, weight loss or maintaining an ideal weight during winter is quite challenging for everyone.  It requires a different set of pre-planning with diet and exercise strategies.  Here are some practical ways that can help you to stay motivated in your “weight loss journey” during this winter.

Win the mind game

No doubt follow a strict “Diet and exercise schedule” on regular basis is a daunting task. And it is a usual occurrence that most of the people start their fitness regimen with enthusiasm but unable to keep it continues with same dedication for a longer period of time. It is really a “Mind game”. It is always important to get yourself in the right place mentally. Being motivated for “eat healthy and regular exercise” is the first and basic step that is must for maintaining a healthy weight, irrespective of weather.

Famous author Lori Phillips  (Author of “Mind games for weight loss- Change how you see food and exercise in an instant) explained clearly that you cannot be a healthy person until your mind resists healthy habits. She has emphasised precisely that it is very important to have a “feeling good” gesture for completing a weight loss process.

During winter, as the surrounding circumstances are not so favourable, it is must to keep ourselves motivated. It is the time to adopt certain specific strategies that help you in maintaining an ideal weight during this cold weather. Such as:

Plan ahead

Yes! It is very important to “Plan ahead” for keeping the weight on track. The more thoughts you put into your diet and exercise plan in advance, the more likely you will adhere to it throughout the winter season. Of course, during summer we had plenty of fun and exciting outdoor options for enjoying the fitness routine with variation. But when bad weather and other circumstances rear their ugly head, it is must to reorganise and pre-plan your “Diet and fitness schedule” with flexibility. It is the time to research and explore the more innovative ways to be active and fit during this challenging weather.  Here is a complete list that can help you stay active during winter weather.

Explore new ways to indoor exercise

As the winter approaches, the temperature get drop, sky turn dark and cold breezy wind make us to get into a winter hibernation mode. When bad weather restricted our outdoor activities it is must to explore the new and exciting ways to indoor exercise. You may create home gym or find an indoor pool or buy a DVD to keep you active during winter. Think about learning yoga, kickboxing, spinning or other types of exercises that will make you sweat and give a great workout to your body.

Modification in recipes

Of course, winter is a perfect time to enjoy delicious winter delicacies. On a cool snowy day indulging a big bowl of your favourite comfort food sounds pretty appealing. But these rich creamy dishes may cause calories disaster in your diet routine. So, does it mean you have to eat a boring and tasteless meal for maintain an ideal weight? Of course, not. You just need to use few techniques with your creativity and imagination to create a healthy recipe. Try to include more and more healthy ingredients, limit the amount of sugar, fat and salt, eliminate the certain substance or by altering the method of cooking are the simplest techniques that can give a healthy twist to recipe. Here is a complete list of suggestions to give a healthy makeover  to dish.

Focus on moderation and maintain a healthy balance

It is all right that you are a “fitness freak”, you love to have a well-toned and shaped body and you are doing the best efforts for maintaining it by doing eat healthy and regular exercise. But this motivation should be executed in a “Positive and relaxed manner”. It is all right to miss the workout on weekends or eat a piece of cake on your friend’s birthday party. Because putting extra mental pressure and over restriction may result in over temptation for our favourite food in subsequent weeks. And you make become a victim of “eating disorders”. Apart from that, persistent thought and over consciousness regarding your physical appearance may raise the level of stress hormones (cortisol) in your body that is not good at all for your physical and mental health.

Use “specific strategies for holidays and festival celebration

Of course, during holidays it is challenging to always eat healthy. Overindulgence in party foods that are mostly in high calories is the major cause of putting extra pounds during holidays. And it does not mean that you have to deprive yourself from celebrations and get together for maintaining a healthy weight. But you have to use some special strategies  for maintaining an ideal weight. Such as:

  • Never go to party with empty stomach. Always try to have a small portion of healthy snacks before leaving for the party, if you are hungry than there are more chance of overindulgence.
  • Health expert suggested exercising portion control is very important to maintain a balance. Instead of get overindulging in creamy saucy and high calories food, use just a small amount to satisfy your taste buds
  • . Always start your main food with a platter of salad or bowl of soup for feeling fulfilled. Focus on enjoys the event and meeting the people rather than just focus on how much I can eat?
  • Limit alcohol and other high calories cold drinks. Enjoy these items in moderation to avoid consuming empty calories. Instead try to get an alternative healthy option (fruit juice) to avoid the intake of unnecessary calories.
  • D

Last but not the least do not consider the maintaining an ideal weight as a onetime event. Make it a part of your routine life. Try to make the whole process fun and enjoyable. And always keep a positive outlook with consistent efforts.

So just enjoy the weather with these special steps to maintain an ideal body weight. Did you try any other special strategies to maintain an ideal body weight during winter? Please share with us.

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