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My Honest Product Review- CacheAlaska Beanie Wool Hat


Fall (and winter) is just around the corner. And I am sure most of us will get busy in buying fall-winter clothing and accessories shopping for this beautiful weather. Jackets, gloves, sweaters, scarfs and wool hats we had a long list of items to shop for this upcoming season

Among all these, wearing a wool hat or proper headgear is one of the most important aspects of winter dress up. In fact, wool hats, knit cap or beanie have an interesting history too.

According to Wikipedia , “A knit cap is originally made up of wool is designed to provide warmth in cold weather. Historically, the wool or knit cap was an extremely common form of headgear for seamen, fisher, hunters and others who spend a long time outdoor for working during cold weather. Still, in Canada and other cold regions of the world, the wool hats are used for the same purpose.

There are various options are available for wool hats. And you can select any one as per your choice and other personal preference.

Here are a few handy tips that should be kept in mind while choosing a wool hat.

Do a research or homework?

Yes! It may sound little strange but I think for a successful shopping having a little homework or research always help. Write down your personal point of preference and then search for available options online or at the shop. Check out what will work for you? And what not.


No doubt it should be comfortable in wearing. Made up of good quality material is one of the main factors that make it comfortable. The same thing applies to its fitting. Neither too tight nor too loose is another thing that defines comfort level. Always check your comfortability and fitting before buying it.

Style and look

Though this factor solely depends upon your personal presence. If you are a kind of person, who believe in selecting accessories (by keeping a style quotient) in mind then it keeping the factor in mind is very important. Selecting a comfortable yet stylish wool hat is a great way to add extra style quotient factor to your overall personality.


Of course, it is really important. Checking functionality always help in using it better for a long term. What is the warmth factor? Does it cover the ear properly or not? These things should be kept in mind.

Luckily, just a few days ago I had gotten a chance to review a beautiful beanie from Catch Alaska. And I really liked it. Here are few features that I liked:

CacheAlaska Beanie Wool Hat  50 % wool (for women-men designed)

  • This wool hat is designed in Alaska. And they believe in the mantra of #Alaska style that is all about the rugged simplicity.
  • It had an option of machine wash and dry, but I would say please do hand- wash as this is so delicate and soft.
  • It has a premium fiber blend. It means 50% wool and 50% acrylic.
  • It is available in two size option. One is medium for classic skull fit and second is one size for a loose fit.
  • There are various colour options are available and you can choose any one as per your choice and personal preference.
  • It is a great option for using in active outdoor activity such as hiking, walking etc.
  • With this, you will get a 100% money back warranty option. Because of any reason, if you did not like it, you can get your money back.
  • “Good discount rates” are also available, if you buy more than ones.

I am really impressed with all these unique features. Here are few pros points of this wool hat from my side.


  • I agree with the product description completely. It is so simple in design yet elegant looking.
  • It is so comfortable in wearing and made up of good quality material.
  • I had received medium size, so it is not suitable for adults (especially if you had a bigger had like me). But my girl just loves it. It fits on her properly and comfortably.
  • Next important thing, it looks really classy. It does not contain any pompom or big ribbons. Just a simple design makes it classy and elegant.
  • Right now it is summer here (in Dublin). So I cannot say much about the level of protection it offers.  Also, for sharing durability and functionality experience, I need more time to use it properly. We are eagerly waiting and excited to use this when the weather gets changed.
  • I am sure we will have a good experience with it.


As a conclusion, I would say,

If you are a person you believe in the power of comfort + simple style” this is a great option for you.

Here some cute pics of my daughter with this:

You can know more about this product, by clicking here . and

Note- this is a sponsored post. I had received this product free, in exchange of my honest review. All expressed thoughts are mine.



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