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Finally, the wait is over and I am all set to meet and greet the world with my new blog and first blog post on new blog.

First, I warm welcome to you at my new home and I am so glad that you are here.

And I am so excited to share more about me, and

The whole idea and theme of this new blog.

Definitely, this new blog is an extension of various aspects of my individuality. As a writer, as a blogger, as a homeopathic therapist and most importantly as a mom.

Three years ago, when I had started my blog as a “Positive Parenting”. It was just about the sharing my parenting journey. And I really had a great time with my old platform with lots of learning and loads of fun. It had been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

And definitely, this new blog is much more than this. And with this new blog, I would love to share another aspect of my life as well. And with this post, I am sharing the whole idea and new themes of the new blog.

So, this new blog will be a place where

  • You will meet a mom, who is always over conscious and overprotective for her girls.
  • You will meet a qualified homoeopathic therapist, who is always ready to solve any of your health quarries.
  • You will meet an artist, who believes “creativity should be a way of living life “and who is always excited to share her artistic creations with you all.
  • You will meet an amateur writer and blogger, who is trying to narrate her story with the power of words.

And at the end,

It will be a place to have a momming conversation and share your emotions, happiness, excitement, sadness, ambitions…just comes here with an open heart and the open mind. And I am sure you will love this conversation and will get an instant energy to do better in your life for your kids, ambitions, health and peace.

In short, through our friendship and love, we will create a moment and a space that we are not alone in this journey (parenting, fitness, own dreams…etc.)

And this uniqueness will make us our relationship really special and make this perception really valuable.

Now, I would like to share the different themes of my blog. These are the,

  • It is all about health, because “Health is Wealth”
  • Explore creativity and imagination with me and my little girls
  • Learn and share parenting tips, tricks with positive parenting solution
  • Join my timely challenges for various aspects of life like health, parenting, money saving, clean eating etc.

Here is a brief about each category


Being a qualified therapist, health issues are one of the most important things that I want to address with my blog. And I am all set to share useful and trustworthy information about our physical, mental, emotional health and overall well-being. I am planning to write an exhaustive and detail series about various health problems.

And with this series, you will get a chance to ask all your questions and quarries about the particular disease or health issue. We will have a question and answer session, and I will try to resolve all your quarries with my possible efforts. I am working really hard to make this series really useful and I am hoping it will help a lot to all to resolve their health-related quarries and common confusion about various health problems.

Explore creativity and Imagination power with me and my girls

As I had said earlier, I am an artist by the soul. And I always love to create something unique and different to satisfy my creative hunger. It is always most satisfying and amazing experience to get engaged in various creative activities with my girls.

And I am all set to raise the creative quotients of kids with an exciting series of awesome creative activities.

I had recently launched my YouTube channel, for the same purpose and nothing could be more exciting than the sharing of various creative activities with my girls with the help of the visual medium.


This series will keep going on and I would love to learn your honest feedback to make it, better and efficient.

Momming conversation (lets share and learn)

I believed parenting is an amazing journey that has its own up and down. Some days are really easy and beautiful and some are really frustrating and hard.

It is a roller coaster ride that brings the wide spectrum of emotions every single day.

And definitely, it becomes easier and enjoyable when we share our magical and not so magical moments with others.


So, it is my heartiest invitation to you all to join the “Momming conversation”.

Let’s grab a cup of tea or coffee and get ready to share and learn all your parenting anxieties and worries with momming conversation.

These are some of the ideas and themes that I am going to share with the new blog, in next upcoming months.

This is just a beginning of a new journey and I need your love, support, guidance, and feedback to make it successful.

Did you like my ideas? What else can I add to make it more useful and efficient? Please share with me.

Next week, I will write and share about stay at home moms.

What are their struggles and how can you be a happy and productive stay at home mom (5 effective tips).

Do not forget to stay tuned!



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