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According to National center for complementary and integrative health , homeopathic medicines are one of the controversial subjects in therapeutics. This method was developed by the Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and now it is practised throughout the world. Homeopathy works on the two principles like cure like means patient with particular sign and symptoms can be helped by a homeopathic remedy that produces those sign and symptoms in the healthy person.
Secondly, homeopathic remedies retain biological activity after repeated dilution and succession even when diluted beyond Avogadro number. While another side, critics claim that homeopathic remedies are nothing more than a placebo.
 In spite of this controversial view, during last few years, it has been a latest craze to use homeopathic medicine for treating hair and skin problems and most of the patients are getting satisfying results by taking homeopathic homoeopathic treatment.
 Why people prefer homeopathic treatment for skin and hair problem?
Generally, conventional form of treatment believed in treating the symptoms and disappearance of symptoms viewed as a goal of treatment. In case of skin and hair problems (also in case of chronic diseases), conventional treatment cured the symptoms with the help of symptomatic medicines. 
When people take convention treatment for curing them, it is a usual occurrence that there is suppression (temporary relief) of symptoms occurs and after stopping the treatment, usually the disease re-appeared. Of course, such treatments (conventional) are necessary in case of emergency and life-threatening conditions but for other diseases, the recurrence of the symptoms often creates a state of anxiety in most of the patients.
 Apart from that, conventional treatment usually treats the only local cause of disease, and not work on root cause or individual symptoms of the person. In case of skin and hair problem, this methodology did not work efficiently and most of the patients often get a recurrence of the disease.
Even though there is lack of enough scientific evidence but it is believed that according to homeopathic principle, symptoms of the disease are regarded as the body’s own defensive attempt to correct its imbalance rather than just as a manifestation of a disease. And the disappearance of symptoms may not be an indication of cure especially when health is considered holistically.
Homeopathy believes in the holistic approach to healthcare and works on the root cause of disease. These medicines not only act on the local or disease symptoms but treat a person as an individual as well. The therapist treats the layers of symptoms and healing start from inside to outside (hearing’s law of cure). And form a potential connection between patient’s present complaint and his constitution (overall personality). Homeopathic medicines strengthen the vital force and aiming to improve the overall health rather than just treating the symptoms.  This method works excellently in case of treating skin and hair diseases, and people often get a gentle and ideal cure without the recurrence of disease. So to get rid of the disease permanently and gently, most of the patient turned towards homeopathy.

Homeopathy for skin and hair problem

Skin and hair problems are the commonest reason, for which people seek homeopathic treatment. According to British homeopathic association, it is important to be sure that homeopathic treatment is appropriate. It is for many forms of the disease, but there are few exceptions. For example, malignant melanoma is a dangerous skin condition that is characterised by a “Mole”, which grows, bleeds or irregular in shape and has to be removed surgically without delay. from the point of view of prescribing homoeopathic treatment, eczema and psoriasis are two main diseases that can be treated very well with the help of homeopathic treatment but for getting better results it is must that treatment is individualized.
In the same way, hair problems are most problems that can be a source of constant stress and worry in a person. The famous homeopath Dr. Sharma says, in homeopathy, a large number of homeopathic remedies are present that are used to tackle hair loss. Every kind of hair loss ranging from hair loss due to pregnancy to hair loss due to weakness can be treated with the help of homeopathic remedies successfully. Homeopathic medicines not only act on the local cause but treat the root cause of hair loss as well. A skilled therapist done a detail case study of the patient to collect the all-important symptoms of person, it includes causation, location, sensation (how a patient feels), concomitant (other associated symptoms), and modalities (factors that make worse or better the existing complaint). Along with this, physical general symptoms (appetite, thirst, sleep, dreams etc.) and mental general symptoms are equally important. After the case has been properly evaluated, the indicated similimum (most similar remedy) is prescribed and an ideal cure happened.


Indeed homeopathy has proven a safe and effective treatment option for treating hair and skin diseases, but it doesn’t cure a suffering as quickly as desired. It may take time, patience and perseverance to experience relief from troublesome symptoms of skin and hair diseases. You should consult a professional homeopathic therapist for a proper individualization and selection of best possible remedy for your case.
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