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You might have already heard about the homeopathy as a gentle, free from side effect and an alternative way of treatment, but did you know nowadays, homoeopathy is so well trusted. More than 300 million patients in over 80 nations are using it. It has been recognised as a “Second largest therapeutic system of the world”, by World Health Organisation.
Homeopathy is an alternative branch of medical science is gaining a huge popularity among people and emerging as an effective mode of treatment.  It was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago.  Homeopathy was invented by the Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and now it is practised throughout the world.
Homeopathic treatments are “individualized” and it is not uncommon for different people with the same condition to receive different treatments. It stimulates body’s natural healing power and brings an ideal, gentle and permanent cure. There are three basic Homeopathic principles,
  • ·      Law of similar means a substance that is capable of producing morbid symptoms in a healthy person will cure the similar symptoms in disease person.
  • ·         Law of simplex means one single remedy should be prescribed for a patient at any given time.
  • ·    Law of minimum dose means, lower the dose of medication, the greater its effectiveness. According to this law the more diluted the homeopathic preparation, the more powerfully it works. homeopathy has a holistic approach to care and looks beyond the labels of diseases to cure their causes rather than merely their symptoms.

Being a certified homeopathic physician, many people asked me various questions regarding the efficacy of homeopathy. Does homeopathy really work? What are the pros and cons of homeopathy? And what are the things one should keep in mind while taking homeopathic treatment?

If you also have the same questions and want to find out more about homeopathic medicine and its efficacy, this article will answer some of the questions you may have.

How does Homeopathy work?

According to homeopathic principle all living things have an integrated force that maintains and direct the life, it is called a “vital force”. (In simple words, it is our immunity or resistance power) of body. When vital force attacked by external stimuli (such as bacteria, virus, fungi or other organism), in first instance, vital force tries to regain its balance and preserve the health. But when the power of external forces gets stronger, our vital force gets deranged and we become sick and unwell, and our body produces symptoms.
In conventional mode of treatment symptoms are considered as a disease and medicines are prescribed to control (or remove) the symptoms, to make a person disease free, while in homeopathy symptoms are considered only as an outer manifestation or by product of deeply deranged vital force and administered remedy work on to heal the deranged vital force. According to homeopathic principle, disappearance of symptoms may not be an indication of cure especially when health is considered holistically.
Basic Homeopathic case-taking and theory of individualization

Homeopathy firmly believe in the principle of “Individualization”, according to this theory, each individual is differs in its genetic and functional characters, so that their disease too. And that is the reason no two individuals suffering from the same disease can prescribed the same medicine. In homeopathy, it is very important to examine each case individually and collect the totality of symptoms.
The same thing implies during homeopathic case-taking.  Homoeopathic case taking is a time-consuming process, in which a qualified homeopathic therapist collects all the symptoms of patient that includes his physical attributes, intelligence level, physical general (thirst, appetite, sleep, dream) mental general (anger, sadness)etc.  After a proper collection and evaluation, he matches the symptoms with the most similar remedy (with the help of homeopathic Materia medica and repertory), and then the most similimum and an individual remedy is prescribed. This similar medicine acts as a stimulus to the natural vital response, giving it the encouragements it needs to complete its healing works in each case to obtain the ideal cure.
Like all other pathies, homeopathy has its own pros and cons, sharing the both things to get an overview about the homeopathic treatment.

Pros of Homeopathic treatment

  • ·         Homeopathic medicines are safe, gentle, and non-toxic and usually had no adverse side effects. When these medicines used as directed they are completely safe for every one- including pregnant, nursing women and infants. They are given in such small doses and usually there is less chances of side effects.
  • ·    Homeopathic medicines come from a range of natural substances which can be either plant, mineral or animal based. And these natural substances make it safe and gentle to use.  These ingredients available in medicine enable the body to heal the problems naturally.
  •    Homeopathy Cures a disease from the root and gives long lasting to permanent cure.   Homeopathy treats a patient on both physical and psychological level and helps in curing a disease from root instead of just treating the symptoms.
  •     Homoeopathic medicines are administered in the form of the tiny sweet globule. Every one accept it very well, even they loved it.
  •     Homeopathic medicines increase immunity and resistance power. When an indicated homoeopathic medicine is administered it acts on the vital force of the body and makes it stronger and enables the body to heal itself.
  •       Homeopathic medicines are believed to be safe when used with other medicines. Although homoeopathic remedies should not replace conventional treatment for serious health concerns, but they can be used as an alternative option.
  •      Last but not the least homoeopathic remedies are typically inexpensive and radially available. Therefore, they provide an affordable approach to healing.  

Cons of homeopathic treatment

  • ·         There is lack of enough scientific evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific disease condition. In fact, several key concepts of homoeopathy are inconsistent with fundamental concepts of chemistry and physics. This thing creates so many significant challenges in carrying out the clinical research and efficacy of homeopathic remedies.
  • ·         Homeopathic treatments are completely individualized and there is no uniform prescribing standard for physicians to treating any disease condition. In the same way, there is no surety of getting positive results in each case.
  • ·         In some case it may take a long time to work and course of treatment can last for a long time. You have to be patient while taking this treatment.
  • ·         We cannot rely on homeopathy medicines for treating a serious, emergency situations or surgical cases. It could be dangerous and life threatening.

Things to keep in mind while taking homeopathic treatment

  • ·         As I had said earlier, be patient and do not expect an immediate cure with homeopathic treatment. 
  • ·         Always find a well-trained and a qualified homeopathic physician, you may suffer from adverse effects with homeopathic treatment if the physician is not well trained and qualified.
  • ·         Be mentally prepared before homeopathic case taking, and try to answer all the questions as accurate as possible. The better information from your side will help the physician to prescribe better and you would be able to get good result sooner.
  • ·         Always follow all the directions given by your doctor regarding dose, repetition of medicine and dietary restriction too.

 As a parent and as a physician I had always observed good results with homeopathic treatment.  Do you have an experience with the homoeopathic treatment? Do not forget to share with us, in the comment box. Until then eat healthy and live well.

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