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#Week4 #SuperbloggerChallenge2018 with Instacuppa- “5 Surefire Ways Instacuppa will Change your life!”

It was just a few days ago when we (me and my husband) had an interesting discussion at home. We were talking about the “including more healthy ingredients in our diet”, and being a physician and a fitness freak, I was telling him that,
  •  “We should try to add more fruits and vegetable into our routine diet.
  • Also, we should try to add more natural, healthy and nutritious drinks (and beverages) in our everyday life.


And he has said, “I felt, healthy food and natural drinks are always boring and tasteless, I get easily bored with healthy food.”
Yes! It is true that most of the people (like my husband) often attribute such question mark words (tasteless and boring) to nutritious foods.  And eating or drinking health food, healthy beverages regularly seems like an impossible task for many of us.
During this discussion, I want to cut those misconceived ties that are usually associated with the healthy and nutritious foods. I was trying to convince him, that learning how to eat healthy doesn’t have to be the most boring thing you have ever done.
He was also in the mood to win the debate, and he has said, “Could you give me an example or method that can make healthy food tasty and interesting?”
And I was ready to give a perfect and reverent answer to this question.
Actually, here the knowledge from Superbloggerchallenge 2018 came into the action, and I said excitedly, “Yes, you know, nowadays we had a latest wide range of products  that can make our job of “eating  and drinking healthy” much more easier,
Yes! I was talking about the “Instacuppa products”, which had a mission to help anyone drink healthy natural beverages anywhere!
With this initial introduction, his curiosity got raised, and he has asked so many questions about the Instacuppa, such as how these products have launched? What are the unique features of these products? And how can it improve our lifestyle and eating habits? etc.
And I had answered his all quarries so patiently, (I do not want to lose this debate at any cost)
So, sharing same things in detail here, and hoping these things may help others.
How the Instacuppa has born?
We lived in an incredibly busy world and always had multiple responsibilities to handle. The hectic lifestyle, junk food and high calorie, unhealthy drinks cause a toll on our health.  And the same thing has happened with the saran. He has a similar story that most of us can relate easily.
As he says, “After graduation, I was lucky enough to land a well-paid job at a software company. However, the long work hours and constant stress made me consume the incredible amount of soft drinks and coffee. Unfortunately, I started to gain weight, age faster and saw my health deteriorate”.
That was the turning point of my life.
 I had realised I need to work on this, I had decided to cut back on sugar and liquid calorie and the results were amazing. I felt stronger, healthier and more focused than ever. The basic trick of this change was,
“Consume healthy, nutritional and natural drinks”, but how can you really achieve that.
Of course, buying fruits, vegetables and a blender could be a solution but there must be a better way, I thought to myself
 With this thought, the actual inspiration was got struck.
He concluded that “my dream was to help everyone make nutritional, mouth-watering and focus boosting recipes anywhere with zero hassles. That’s why I scoured the nation to find out the best manufactures and materials”
With this great thoughtful initiative, Instacuppa was born.
And this thought and the same standard they had maintained during manufacturing of these products too.
Instacuppa products have some unique features that make them these products truly special.
Unique features of Instacuppa products
  • All Instacuppa products are manufactured with great attention to detail and are imported to India.
  • They had tried to minimize the use of plastic and used the healthy alternative instead of like bamboo or glass etc.
  • They had a goal to offer us most ergonomic, 100% BPA free, lightweight and lightweight durable products that help in boosting our stamina and turbo-charge our well-being.


There is the wide range of Instacuppa products are available, that can make our life easier and healthier.
Range of products
Instacuppa green tea/ detox infuser bottle



here is the link to buy it.


Instacuppa thermostable bottle
  here, is the link to buy it.
Instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle
here, is the link to buy it.
 They also had some more great products at their store, such as,
  • Instacuppa cold brew coffee maker
  • Instacuppa French Press Coffee Maker
  • Instacuppa premium milk frother handheld
  • Instacuppa stainless steel tea infuser


As a conclusion, I would love to share 5 Sure-fire ways, Instacuppa will change your life.
It will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and help in adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet)
We all want to lead a healthy lifestyle and we all know it is always beneficial to add more fruits and vegetables to our routine diet. But it is not always as easy as sound. During routine hectic life Schedule most of us often struggled with it, and here the Instacuppa products play a great role. With the help of these products (especially with Instacuppa fruit infuser), we can add more fruits and vegetables to our routine diet.
It will save our time
The second important thing, it makes our life easier by saving the time.  If you are on a healthy kick but did have enough time, these products can make this thing possible.  Insatcuppa products are hassle free and we can make nutritional, mouth-watering and focus boosting recipes anywhere, with these products, in a limited span of time.
It helps in the detoxification process
Detoxification is a process of removal of toxins from the body and our body needs detoxification from time to time. Detox drinks are most popular and easiest way to do that detoxification process.  With the help of Instacuppa product (Instacuppa green tea/detox infuser bottle) we can make lots of healthy, natural and detox drinks easily and can get all the advantages of detoxification process that includes improving digestion, liver function, good skin health, weight loss and improved overall well-being.
You will have a peace of mind
These products had exceptional quality and they had made up of more natural material, and also free from BPO. These things always give you a peace of mind that you are using safest and natural product.
You will get a collection of free e recipe books that have excellent information
Along with these other benefits, you will get an awesome collection of digital ebooks with Instacuppa products. These books had a great collection of nutritional recipes and you can make these recipes to get the advantage.

So, these are the views about these latest awesome products. I would say these products are boon for the latest hectic Morden lifestyle and can help a lot to people who want to drink healthy and want to lead a healthy lifestyle. What are your thoughts? Did you have tried any of these products? Please share your experience with us!

Here is a good video by Instacuppa, to learn some basics



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