#MondayMommyMoments- “5 Ways to Deal with Exam Stress”

Exams are one of the most challenging parts of childhood life. It is not only challenging for kids but creates an equal amount of pressure for parents as well. In fact, sometimes, this exam stress causes various sets of physical, mental and emotional sign and symptoms in kids. Such as:
  • Irritability
  • Sleeplessness
  • Lack of desire or have no desire to eat food
  • Stomach pain

Set of various psychological symptoms such as upset mood, fear of failure, hopelessness etc.
Of course, being a conscious parent us all want that our kids not only perform well in exams, but they have a good mood and positive energy (during the exam) as well. Here I am sharing 5 effective and easy ways that can help a lot to beat exam stress.

Be mentally prepared

I remember, during my childhood days, my mom had a very strict and regular study schedule for us (for me and my brother). She would always be said to us,
 “Do not leave things for the last minute. If you study earlier and get proper preparation for the exam, it is more likely that you will perform better and would have a lesser stress during the exam”.
I also believed in the same principle. As a student, I was always confident and curious to perform better during an exam. And all credits goes to a regular-planned study schedule. And as I mom, I would love to follow the same thing with my kids. It is the most effective way that lessens our tension and performance anxiety during exam days.

Talk to your child; make a positive and constructive communication

The second most important thing that can help a lot to beat exam stress is to talk to your child; explain to them that “feeling anxious or nervous during exam time is completely normal”.  It is a time to remind them to work hard and encourage them to put these nerves to a positive one. If you observed any signs of exam stress (loss of sleep, irritability etc.) ask your child what is bothering them? Make sure them, that you are always ready to help him/ her.  Once our child sees that we are supportive, it will ease their stress and anxiety level.

Pay extra attention to healthy eating and sleep schedule

Exam stress can play havoc with our child’s regular sleeping and eating pattern. And as a parent, it is our responsibility to encourage them to eat healthy, make time for fun and exercise and stick to a routine of going to bed at a reasonable time. Here are few things that can help a lot.
  • Make a fixed schedule of food, exercise and sleep time, to get the things done properly. Encourage them to eat fresh fruit, veggies and healthy snacks riches with protein and grain. Try to avoid junk and unhealthy food
  •  Include omega 3 in the diet (dry fruits are the excellent source of Omega 3). These foods increase immunity and good for the mental health too.
  • Motivate them to make time for exercise. Exercise has numerous advantages for kids; it releases endorphin, improved mood and relieved stress.
  • Explain them the importance of good sleep and help them to get a good night’s sleep. Good sleep will improve thinking, concentration and they would be able to perform better.

Don’t compare and avoid adding any family pressure to perform better

Another important thing, as a parent we all want that our kids get good marks, and achieved the desired goal. Sometimes, these kinds of ambitions compel us to do unnecessary compare and we put a tremendous amount of pressure on our kids to perform better in exams. In fact, sometimes we even did not realise that we are doing this. During exam time, it is must to be self-content with a confidence with things which she/he had learnt during the whole year. Assist them to see the bright side and appreciate the positive things in life. It is most important key to beat exam stress.

Keep the environment light and relaxed

Last but not the least thing, keep remember that surrounding environment is one of the most important factors that can positively (and negatively too) affect your child’s mood, so make sure that,
  • Your child takes required break during studies
  • There should positivity in an over-all atmosphere of home.
  • Keep a watch on exam stress signs
  • Be flexible around exam time. Do not worry about household jobs that are left undone.
  • Stay organised, everything your child needs should be close at hand, to avoid unnecessary tensions.

So these are the things that can help a lot to deal with exam stress. What are your thoughts? How did you help your child, during exam time? please share!
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