3 Reasons Why I don”t like celebrating Valentine’s day ( in a typical way)

Aww…Valentine’s Day is coming. As soon as February rolls around, Valentine’s Day creeps up on us like a high-grade fever. Love is in the air. The whole world is geared up to celebrate the season of love and romance with wine, chocolate, food and song. Couples are busy in planning the perfect date with pretty gifts, spa days and romantic meal offers. Oh! Isn’t it so exciting?
Sorry to say, but I had a different opinion on celebrating this festival of love. Of course, I love this festival of love with good mood and enthusiasm. but there are few things that I did not like about it.
Here I am sharing the few things that I did not like about celebrating this festival of love in a typical way?

There is no need to romance to be forced

Nowadays, Valentine’s Day has become a day of celebration, where couples are basically forced to evaluate their status and profess their underlying love for each other and I strongly dislike this thing. A celebration or festival should always bring a joy and happiness in our life, not the spirit of being forced or get pressurised from the celebration.

There is too much pressure from commercials, advertisements and social media

It always feels great to get personally invested in symbols, love and traditions. But it is really annoying to take the stress “make something extravagant happen” on any special occasion. And in the case of Valentine’s Day, we are in essence commended to be romantic. The pressure that comes from commercials, advertisements and social media make it sound like if you do not shower your love and care for your spouse with expensive gifts on valentine day then you are not a loving couple. Sometimes, this surrounding pressure compels the people to make the wild purchase that they really can’t afford.
Nearly all business inflates their prices on Valentine’s Day.  And the craziest thing is that we all know that it is just a marketing stunt, it is a gimmick but still, we line up to get ripped off. Actually, it is not worthy.  It is not mandatory to show your love and affections through expensive gifts only. There is no meaning to follow a preconceived notion that gifts are the most important tool to obtain and receive love. There are so many other ways to shower your love and affection for your dear ones.

Sometimes it feels it is all about competing with other couples

I believed that each couple is unique and so their love story and married life too. Each one has their different style of expressing love and care for each other. But with the changing time, this expression of love and care turned in to a “couple contest”, especially on “valentine’s day”. Sometimes, it just becomes an occasion where everyone wants to show their celebration is so huge and magnificent from others.  Couples blow their pictures on all over social media as if we need to prove to everyone that someone loves us. And ultimately the celebration of love just get remain as an act of frippery. It becomes a competitive race that could be won only by sharing the most exclusive detail of celebration.  I don’t think the strength of a relationship should be measured by the level of efforts put into the celebration of the one day.
As a conclusion it is not that I shun romance, far from it but rather the commercialization of Valentine’s Day is the problem that ruins the sentiments and experience of celebration.  I just hate all the hype that surrounds February. So, instead of spending dollars on expensive gifts and waiting for hours at outside the restaurants, I did love to spend some quality together by sharing some home-baked cookies or just by watching a favourite movie. I did love to appreciate and express our feelings to each other by just saying “I am always with you” or “you are the best mom/dad of the world”.

So these are my thoughts on celebrating the season of love. Is it disappointing to you? Or you also feel the way that I do? Please share with us.
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