5 Super Easy ways to Celebrate Republic day with your kids!

Happy republic day to all. It is really a matter of pride that we are celebrating our 69th republic day. Republic day honours the date on which the constitution of India came into effect on 26 January replacing the Government of India act as the governing document of India. It was the day when India became a Republic country. It is one of the most important landmarks in Indian history.

  Being a proud Indian, I wish my kids would get a chance to celebrate this National festival with same spirit and enthusiasm as I had celebrated in my childhood.

Unfortunately living on a foreign land is not as easy as sound and like all other Indian festival celebration, we also missed the patriotic sprit of celebrating all National festivals (Independence Day, republic day etc.) too. Sometimes it feels really hard to teach the things that they are not seeing practically. But no issues, I want to keep the celebration spirit on and sharing my few ideas to celebrate the Republic day celebration with your kids (especially when you are far away from your country)

Teach them Importance of celebration with proper explanation

Kids are innocent learner; they always had a curiosity to know the reason behind any traditions we follow. Same thing get applied here. If we want that our kids learn about the Importance of Republic celebration and history behind it, it is must they that they learn its history and Importance.

It is our duty to teach them its importance, history with proper and interesting explanation.  What is the meaning of Indian constitution? The importance facts, why we celebrate this day as an important National festival? Are some of the points that kids would love to learn. And this thing will be the first step to teach them about the significance of republic day celebration. Nowadays, we had lots of educational videos, books available online which we can used to teach them.

 Plan activities on republic theme

Though there could be various activities options are available that we can used to celebrate the Republic day celebration. But here in USA, when we are struggling with extreme bad weather conditions, crafting is easiest and creative activity that we can used to teach our kids about the importance of Republic day celebration.

 Crafting, chart making, decorating your room with the same theme are some easiest creative way to get involved your kids in celebration spirit. My girls loved crafting and we are planning to select “a republic day theme” for upcoming crafting activity. I am sure they will learn a lot with this and at the same time they will have loads of fun and excitement too.

Watch Republic day Parade on TV

 I believed this could be another exciting way to teach my girls about Republic day celebration. It would be a fascinating as well as learning experience for them; I am planning to tell them some interesting facts about our constitution while watching parade.

Plan kid’s competition or get together on republic day theme celebration

It is our good fortune that here in Dublin there are lots of Indian family and most of the parents want their kids to know about our country and Indian traditions and culture. And of course, this thing give them a sense of belonging to the country where they born. I think planning a fancy dress competition or talent show based on patriotic theme is an exciting way to teach our kids our country and celebration.

Make a special colourful food to enjoy the spirit of celebration

All kids love food and when we add a creative touch to our routine food, they always get excited. Preparing a special lunch or dinner based on tricolour theme is another exciting option to celebrate this festival with creativity and fun.
I am planning to involve my girls while cooking and garnishing process too, to teach them about the importance of tri-coloured flag. Kids learn so fast, when we had “fun while learn” approach.
So these are some of my ideas to get involved my girls, in celibate the Republic day. What are yours? Please share!

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