#SayNotoPolyster – A Complete Product Review of “Mama Earth’s First 100 %Organic Bamboo Based wipes”

AS I had stated earlier in the previous post about the ““Mama earth introducing India’s first 100% organic Bamboo Based wipes and here the time has come and I am sharing a complete review about this newly launched baby wipes.
From my point of view, here are some unique features of these baby wipes that makes it more trustworthy.

India’s first 100% organic bamboo based wipes

-It is made up of 100% organic Bamboo. It is India’s first Polyester free un-bleached organic wipes. Bamboo fiber is more breathable than cotton fiber that has been used mostly in traditional wipes.

Enriched with natural ingredients

It is enriched with natural ingredients. Along with organic Bamboo, these wipes have a gentle blend of Aloe Vera, Shea butter, almond oil, and Lavender oil. All these ingredients have amazing nourishing properties. They are completely natural and free from side effects.

Perfect for Baby’s sensitive skin

It is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. The unique combination of natural ingredients and organic Bamboo, make it just perfect for cleaning baby’s sensitive skin and soothes very well. it does not only help in cleaning the bottom areas of the baby but perfect for cleaning messy hands, face and body as well.

Ideal Travel Companion

Travelling with the baby is not an easy task. And these wipes make our job a little easier; especially when we are on go. They are easy to carry around when you are travelling with your baby. They have a protective lid that helps lock the freshness and moisture of wipes for longer.

Free from usual side effects caused by traditional wipes

Usually, the regular use of traditional wipes caused various side effects such as redness of the skin, rashes and dry, cracked skin in so many babies. These wipes have a unique combination of natural and mild ingredients, and free from these usual side effects caused by the use of traditional wipes. They are hypo allergic, clinically tested and gentle enough to use daily.

Certified toxin free

It is “Asia’s first Made Safe Certified Brand”, and free from Petrochemicals, Polyester bleach, Chlorine dyes, Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance etc.
As I was already impressed with these unique features, and I already had an immense respect for Mama Earth for their genuine efforts to providing excellent quality products for their customers. When I had received these baby wipes as first few customers, I was super excited. As my kids are older now, I had sent them to my sister in law, who is a second-time mommy of a cute little boy.

My Honest confession

Before moving ahead with the product review, I had an honest parenting confession. It was a few years ago, when I was blessed with a cute girl child, apart from other routine parenting issues, I had struggled a lot with clean up after diapering especially while travelling. As my both girls have sensitive skin, they often get rashes and other skin issues after using traditional wipes.
I wished I could have these baby wipes (and other toxin-free baby products as well) for babies, that may help a lot in gentle and thorough cleanups. I think today’s new parents are really lucky. They had not only these gentle baby wipes for their babies but other wide range of baby products as well, that ensures a gentle and ideal care for your babies.
By the way, back to my sister in law’s story. When she has received these wipes, as a conscious and caring mom, she has said instantly,
“All right di, these wipes are easy to use and convenient, but I did not like the artificial fragrance and preservatives that have been used in most of the wipes. They often cause skin rashes and other skin issues on baby’s gentle skin. She was a little bit apprehensive about using these wipes”. And I could understand her concern as a caring mommy, who always wants to ensure everything properly, before using any product, especially for her babies.

When I had explained her unique combination of organic bamboo and other natural ingredients, she has become ready to give a try to these baby wipes.
After using these wipes, she has given this feedback to me. According to her,
  • ·         I love all natural ingredients and great texture, and supreme quality of these wipes.
  • ·         It is easy to use and convenient. It is easy to grab with one hand while wrangling a wiggly baby with another hand.
  • ·         The lid locks the freshness and moisture of wipes for a longer period of time.
  • ·         Until now, I had not observed any side effect like rashes or dryness in baby, after using them.
  • ·         The smell is wonderful and refreshing. and last and most importantly, I had an inner peace as a parent, because I am using “Asia’s Made safe certified brand” that is made up of completely natural and toxin-free ingredients”. It is really an awesome experience.

As a final word, she says,
” Yes! It is true that as a caring and conscious parent, we all always want the gentle and ideal care for our babies. We always want to ensure that we are buying and using the safest products for our babies. And these baby wipes is one of that product that will relieve our parental anxiety and will help a lot in gentle and thorough clean-up of our babies. It is worth to give try to these awesome new baby wipes; I hope you will get the same result and satisfaction that I get after using it.”

Positive parenting is extremely delighted to be one of the first few users of these baby wipes. And I would say this thing confidently that these baby wipes are definitely different from the usual polyester containing baby wipes and free from toxic material. And along with mam earth, I will also say that it is a high time to #SayNotoPolyster.
Did you have ever tried any of Mama Earth products? What was your experience? Please share with us!

Note- this is a sponsored post.
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