#Lovemamaearth- Mama earth “Anti Hair fall kit” Review, A Must try Product for Hair Problems

As I had mentioned earlier in previous post #lovemamaearth-struggling with hair problems, Mamaearth is here to help you! About upcoming mama earth “Anti hair fall kit”.  Finally, the time has come and products are already in the market. Here is a complete review of “mama earth Anti hair fall kit”.
“Anti-hair fall kit” contains 4 products:
·         Happy heads shampoo
·         No more tangled Conditioner

·         Root restores hair oil
·         Pre-growth Hair tonic
All these products contain natural and bio-actives which help promotes hair fall controls and hair regrowth. It follows 4 step processes from root to tip to ensure fix all your hair issues.   There are some USP factors and excellent features of this anti-hair fall kit.

Unique Features of “Mama Earth Anti hair fall Kit”

It promotes hair regrowth and support advanced hair health

It promotes hair regrowth by removing dead cells, nourishing the roots and unblocking the hair follicles. By cleansing away residue and build up it helps in nourishing the scalp. It improves follicle strength and helps in supporting advanced hair health.

It is a complete hair system

With milk protein and vitamin E it penetrates deeply to improve the hair texture and nourish the hair from within.

It is an all in one hair product kit

During routine hectic days, maintaining a good hair care routine is not an easy task. And usually, we all struggled with finding the right products for hair care.  Mama earth anti-hair fall kit is an excellent combination of 4 awesome hair products that are just perfect for a complete hair care routine. It has a unique concept in hair treatment which offers excellent benefits in 4 products that our hair needs.

It has an excellent “how to use” template for proper using of products

We all know the vital steps to maintain a good hair care routine, unfortunately, most of us unable to follow all the steps during routine hectic days. This hair fall kit provides a great “4 step plan” with how to use directions; this template could be used as a great reminder to maintain a good hair care routine.

It is made up of all natural and organic ingredients

 Mama earth is known for their “completely natural, organic and toxin-free products”, and the same unique principle and excellent quality they had maintained in the “anti-hair fall kit”. The products have some awesome yes ingredients such as Korean red Ginseng, Bhringraj, biotin, vitamin E and Vitamin f etc. these ingredient helps in reducing hair fall, fortify hair follicles, stimulates hair growth and gives a boost to hair volume. Along with this, it has no harsh chemicals such as mineral oils, Alcohol, Sulphate, Paraben, synthetic colours and artificial fragrance.

It is “Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand”

It is “Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand”, and this thing makes sure that product has made with proper supervision and follows the international standard, and free from toxins.
I was already impressed with these unique features of “Anti hair fall kit”, and this kit has helped me a lot to resolve one of my family member’s hair problems.

My mom’s hair loss story

My mom’s battle with hair loss started around 2 years ago.  She is 59 and has no other major systemic illness that could cause hair loss; still, this unexplained hair loss is a matter of stress and anxiety not only for her but for other members as well. She has hair fall more from the front along with general thinning of hairs. She has done everything that she could do keep her hair from falling out. Tried various well-known hair loss products and other medications but nothing has given her permanent solution. As soon as she stopped using hair loss products, her hair loss recur again. She often called me and says the same thing repeatedly “please do something for my hair loss”, and as a caring daughter, I also want to help her for reducing her hair fall.
 We were in the search of natural, organic, free from side effect product that helps us to stop her hair loss. And when I got to know, about this “Mama earth anti-hair fall kit”, I was super excited and I had called her “mom, very soon you will receive an Anti-hair all kit, it has 4 products and I hope this kit will help you to stop hair loss”. My mom was the little bit apprehensive because she had already tried various hair care products (that also make the promise to solve your all hair issues) and when I had ensured her about the excellent quality of mama earth products, she has started using this kit with hope and positivity.
She is using this kit, since last few days, and according to her,
  • ·         It is all in one solution kit, (4 products in one kit), which makes it easy to use and helps in follow an ideal hair care routine.
  • ·         All products are nice smelling and easy to use.
  • ·         Shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair and does not make hair dry.
  • ·         Conditioner and hair tonic are also had good quality and I am feeling good after using it.
  • ·         Though I am a hypersensitive person and usually get an allergic reaction after using new products, fortunately, these products have not caused any side effects or allergic reaction to me.

Unfortunately, hair loss is not an acute problem. That’s why it is not possible to give a complete feedback without using it for 1 month or so long. Still, with initial use, I can say one thing confidently that this kit has awesome ingredients and free from toxins or other harmful chemicals or preservatives. So, if you are struggling with hair problems and tired with trying various hair products, it is worth to give a try to this “Anti hair fall kit”, it will never disappoint you and you will not in need to buy other hair products.
As my mom says,
“Honestly I was in despair and I had lost my faith from hair loss products since I had tried various products with no result, and when I had received “mama earth anti-hair fall kit”, I had the same thought initially, but after start using it, I am feeling great, my hair quality is improving and I reduce hair fall up to some extent. I will use it continuously not only to stop the hair loss but for maintaining a good hair care routine as well. I will recommend this kit to everyone, who are struggling with hair loss problems.
Also being a physician I want to add few more things. No doubt, maintain a good hair care routine that includes proper washing, conditioning, massaging and nourishing your scalp with nutrients is vital for good hair health, but along with local hair care, it is also must to:
  • ·         Eat a healthy and nutritious diet that provides all essential nutrients to your body and helps in maintaining a good hair health.
  • ·         Do regular exercise. Apart from other excellent benefits, it also helps in increasing blood circulation to your scalp and reduces hair problems.
  • ·         Manage your stress level by using stress relieving techniques (such as yoga and pranayama). Nowadays increase stress level is one of the most prominent factors that cause hair loss.
  • ·         Avoid being too experimental with hair styling. These things (like colouring, perming or straitening) will deprive hair of moisture and in long-term, they damage hair and causes hair problems.
  • ·         Despite routine care and home remedies, if you had continuous hair loss; do not hesitate to take professional medical advice. It could be a sign of hidden systemic illness.

So, along with hair care tips, must try “Mama Earth’s Anti Hair fall kit”. It is already available on amazon. You can buy this product by here. This is the time to say #lovemamaearth
Positive parenting is absolutely delighted to be the first users of this awesome mama earth anti hair fall kit. I can say it confidently that this anti hair fall kit is definitely a refreshing new change from routine hair care products. And yes! It is worth to give it a try to solve your all hair problems.

Did you have tried it? What was your experience? Please share with us!

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