Day 6 #lovemamaearth- Struggling with Hair Problems, mamaearth is Here to Help You!

 Hair loss is a very common condition that affects most people at the same time in their lives. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs every day. But unexplained and excessive hair loss is scary and worrying. Hair loss has been seen both in male and female. But it is more dramatic in men. There are different causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss

There are multiple factors that can cause hair loss. This includes:
  • ·         Genetics- hair loss runs in the family and genetic is a strong factor that often causes hair loss.
  • ·         Poor nutrition- deficiency of nutrients like protein deficiency is one of the major factors that cause hair loss.
  • ·         Higher stress level is also responsible for hair loss
  • ·         Hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy and menopause, may cause hair loss.
  • ·         Certain medications like chemotherapy may cause hair loss.
  • ·         Systemic disease conditions like thyroid disease, iron deficiency anaemia can be a responsible factor for hair loss.
  • ·         Harsh chemicals and ingredients present in your shampoo and conditioner may cause hair loss.

Among all these reasons, sometimes the true culprit may hide in plain sight. It is your shampoo and conditioner. According toNew York Hair specialist New York hair specialist Dr. Robert Dorbin, “there is the number of ingredients in shampoo and conditioner that may be the root cause of the problem”. These are
  • ·         Foamer and thickener– sodium Laurel sulphate and polyethylene glycol are commonly used thickener that strips hair of moisture and encourage hair loss.
  • ·         Preservatives – preservatives are often used in most of the shampoos to prolonged the shelf life (like (formaldehyde like methylparaben and prop paraben) these preservatives later on causes hormonal imbalance and hair loss.
  • ·         Irritants- some of the fragrance and artificial colors that used in shampoos for aesthetic reasons may act as irritants and can cause scalp inflammation and allergic reaction. It may exacerbate hair loss and make hair thin, brittle and lifeless.

When I had researched these facts about commonly used shampoos and conditioners, I was in shock. And it is true that as a normal consumer we often don’t realise this harsh reality of the everyday products. The ongoing research confirms that most of the hair products are not very safe. By using them, we expose ourselves to compounds and chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting elements.
Indeed, these facts are frustrating. And for a normal person (who already had tons of responsibilities) it is quite challenging to check each ingredient of routine products. We all want a trustworthy brand that ensures good quality products that are free from toxins and side effects.

An Amazing journey of Ghazal and Varun

Luckily, now we had a brand that has created an impactful, memorable and emotional connection with their customers during last year.  It is a genuine effort by two awesome individuals (Ghazal and Varun Alagh), l who has made our life easier, more pleasant and peaceful.
 Yes! I am talking about the “Mama earth. It is a lifestyle brand that offers value and services with a Nobel mission to create a brand which develops products that are mum-baby friendly, toxin-free and meet stringent international standards. The excellent level of care and attention has established the “Mama earth” as a brand that takes care of its customers wholeheartedly.
People often decide which brand to buy and which ones to stick with based on how they make them feel and mama earth has delivered their every promise in a unique way. They are highly successful in making forging personal and meaningful connections with their customers (who are mostly the parents). They had served a generous portion of helpfulness. They are able to emulate the shared a Relationship-based shopping experience that consumers really want to buy for their families.
It is really amazing to see that mama earth had launched a wide range of products for mama, babies and also a series of “traditional recipes” as wellness products during few span of time. These all products are already a big hit and most importantly they had followed the same unique principles and supreme quality in their all products.
Apart from these, the one thing that I had realised that make these products instantly trustworthy and acceptable, is a unique feature of “only Made safe certified  brand in Asia”
 As per my personal experience, I had always enjoyed their products. Especially, Apple cedar Vinegar weight loss tonic is my personal favourite. This product is not only good for losing the weight but provides some other excellent health benefits like reducing allergy symptoms as well. After the great success of traditional recipes , this month they are going to launch “anti-hair fall kit” for all of us. And they are saying, #lovemamaearth.
Now, it’s time for “anti-hair fall kit”

After a grand success of their previous products ( baby products, mom products and traditional recipes)  from all around now, Ghazal and Varun want to move a step ahead and this time they are launching a wide range of hair products as Anti hair fall kit  the kit has 4 exclusive products ( shampoo, conditioner, pro-growth hair tonic, hair oil ). These products are full of natural and organic bio actives which help promote hair fall control and hair regrowth.
The products are already available on Amazon; here is the link l to mama earth mama products. And 
As a mom and as an individual I highly appreciate their effort for always giving the products that are safe, free from toxins and completely natural. Positive parenting is extremely delighted to be one of the first users of “anti-hair fall kit”, and give the heartiest congratulation to them for launching such a great quality of hair products that would be able to solve our all hair problem. Will share a detailed review of these products in the upcoming post, so stay tuned!
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