#lovejatao on Happy Grandparents day- “Always My Dadi, Forever My Friend”

Though I personally believed that a single day celebration is not enough to share our emotions, love, and care for our dear and near ones. Still, it is amazing that we had set aside a day to encourage our families to spend time with their grandparents. And I am also absolutely delighted for this celebration. Happy grandparent’s day!
Grandparents are the delightful blend of unconditional love, care, and affection. They hold our hands just for a while, but get our hearts forever; they make the world softer, kinder and warmer. It is true that they are the true treasure in a family. Their presence and life lessons are most important thing in life.  It has been said that,
“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend”

For me, the word “grandparent” brings on so many awesome childhood memories instantly. I had some incredible memories of togetherness with them as a child. and among all them, “my dadi” is the person, who still every day creates a sense of warmth inside my heart. For me,
“My grandmother is the most important wheel in the family vehicle. She has devoted her whole life to caring and servicing her family. She has done lots of sacrifices in her life but never shown a bit of that emotion on her face. She always smiles; she always brings a sense of joy and happiness in our family. She is a great cook, she cooks the really delicious meal. She is like a “rock”, which always bond all family members together. She is the most amazing and wonderful person. She has taught me so many important life lessons. And apart from all this, the one quality that I admired most is her “sense of humor”. She has an incredible capability to make any one laugh. Her kindness, patience, humor and most importantly just her presence is the most precious gift of God to our family. I did not have enough words to express my gratitude towards her. Still, I want to say her thanks from my bottom my heart for caring the whole family so selflessly and whole heartedly.
I would love to celebrate not only “Grandparent’s day”, but each and every special occasion of my life with her as well. Unfortunately, since last 3 years, I am in the USA with my family and I had not gotten a chance to meet her, greet her. I wish I would be there and If I, these are some ideas that I want to use to celebrate this truly special day.

I would love to spend the whole day with her

I believed “spending quality time” is the best and most precious gift, which can offer or get on any special day. And especially for grandparents, it is the most pampering thing that I would love to do. She loves to talk a lot; she always wants their children and grandchildren close to her heart. So I would that chance, I would love to spend this special day with her by doing some simplest things such as:

Visit to a temple

She is a religious lady (like all other granny) and she never wants to miss a chance to visit a temple. She loves to sing Bhajans and aarti. So on this special day, I want to visit a temple with her. It would be really a satisfying thing for me to take her to temple visit, make the flower garland for god, prepare “Prasad” and sing along with her, to make this celebration really special.

Cook meal with her

As I had said earlier, she is a great cook. And at the age of 88, she still enjoys cooking and serving the really delicious meal to the whole family. She always wants that her grandchildren to join her in a kitchen. So I would love to make this wish true. I would not only enjoy the cooking with her but eating together would be a really great thing that we can do together to make this celebration truly special.

Make a special handmade gift for her

Nowadays, various fancy cards and gifts are available everywhere, to celebrate any special occasion. But I believed handmade gifts and cards are really special. Sharing your feeling through a handmade card or making a super simple crafting piece for her, would be an extra special thing that I would love to do for her. I am sure she will be so happy to see this tiny piece of love and appreciation.

Capture that moment

I love photography and I love to capture all tiny sweet moment of togetherness. So how could I miss this chance, I would love to capture all these sweet tiny moments as photos. And I think my dadi also want the same things. These tiny moments are the true treasure of life. They give us a sense of warmth and happiness every day. Even on those days, when we are not together rememorizing these moments make us refreshed and rejuvenated in few minutes.
So these are my ideas to celebrate the grandparent day. I look forward hear from you how would you celebrate grandparentsday.
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