#Mamaloveyourself, with These Awesome “Mamaearth products”- Special Care for moms

Being a mom life is not easy. Motherhood has twenty-four hours a day, seven days in a week responsibilities. These constant responsibilities put a pressure on our mental and physical health. As mothers, we tend to neglect our emotional wellness unconsciously. Sometimes we feel discouraged with daily responsibilities of a job that seems never ending. Sometimes, we have dull and unhealthy skin and dry frizzy hair, but we did not put enough attention to them. Very often we know all the essential steps to taking care of ourselves but we wouldn’t be able to follow them. It is something that so hard to do at times and yet so vital.
Being a mom of two, I was also juggling between these multiple responsibilities since last few days. In this day and age, I often find myself overwhelmed with things I want to do, ought to do and need to do. I had so much going in my life as a mom, as a wife and as an individual too. I was feeling exhausted physically and mentally. In fact, I had all sorts of minor skin and hair problems such as dryness of skin and lustreless hair that calling an immediate attention from me. But this hectic life schedule had put a barrier to taking care of it properly.
In our constantly moving world, it is very essential to take a time out for even just a bit of relaxation and “me time”. I believed love yourself enough to pamper yourself with the things that make you feel good is the best thing that you can do improve your mental health and happiness. During these days, when I was eager for some necessary pampering and trying to find some easiest options that I can do from the comfort of my own home, I had found a new hope to solve this problem as a “mama earth mama products”.

When I had received “mama earth mama products” for trial, I felt an immense sense of relaxation and satisfaction with the thought that they had narrated.

Why and how these products has launched?

After a phenomenal success of toxin-free, natural mama earth baby products, mama earth wants to reduce stress amongst parents by offering safe and healthy solutions to their problems. And for that purpose, they had launched these new products that are completely free from harmful chemicals which mean no parabens, no sulphates, no dyes and no synthetic fragrance. These products are dermatologically tested in Europe with basic European Union standards and use moderate certified ingredients. Made safe ensures all products are completely free of behavioural, dermatological and environmental toxins.
I get highly impressed with these ethics, and as I had received 3 products, all 3 are amazing and had a unique quality.
  • ·         Argan Hair mask to reduce hair fall
  • ·         Mama earth nourishing Body lotion
  • ·         Mama earth calming Body wash

Hair mask: this hair mask helps in hydrating hair and have restorative hair repair properties. It helps in repair damaged hair, revitalizes dull hair, deeply condition and nourishes hair. It also promotes new hair growth and keeps your scalp healthy and happy. This hair mask has the amazing power of follicusan that helps in strengthen hair and reduce hair fall. It is also enriched with argan and avocado oil that helps to treat split end and tame frizzy hair. And the goodness of collagen strengthens the hair and ensures that it doesn’t break and become brittle.
The second product that I had received is mama earth nourishing body lotion that has some unique features:
  • ·         It is made of some great natural ingredients such as shea and coca butter, calendula and geranium. Each one has some awesome properties that are extremely beneficial for skin. Such as
  • ·         Shea and coca butter that provides natural skin nourishment to skin and has amazing protective, nourishing skin properties.
  • ·         Second ingredients calendula forms a protective layer to skin and forming a barrier to external irritants, which can be an advantage in case of any skin problems such as eczema.
  • ·         Germanium helps replenish and rejuvenate the skin. It uplifts your mood, lessens fatigue and promotes emotional wellness. It has great antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties and it averts the development of bacteria and safeguards you from infections.

The third product that I had received is mama earth calming body wash, and it also has some amazing unique features such as:
  • ·         It is enriched with the goodness of coconut based cleansers and jojoba oil that nourishes skin very well.
  • ·         It has allantoin and vitamin E that helps skin to lock in moisture and promotes healthy cell development thus preventing the dull and sallow skin. It also contains germanium thus helps in an uplifting mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. It is also dermatologically tested and made safe certified.

The USP of Mama earth products

·         These products are driven by science and Ayurveda, as they say ‘we believe our products need to be efficacious in order to resolve your issues all the while being gentle and healthy. They work with doctors and scientist who are experts in the science of skin care and ancient Ayurveda to arrive at the formulation which delivers on our promise.
  • ·         All products are dermatologically tested in QACS labs in Europe to ensure stringent testing standards.
  • ·         All products are made safe certified and completely free of known toxins like sulphates and dyes and contain amazing natural goodies like calendula, shea butter, this makes these products safe, pure, gentle and effective.

And as I was already in search of something that helps me giving a gentle and natural skin and hair care at home within my comfort zone, I get an immense sense of pleasure and satisfaction after using these awesome products. These products could stand testing by international laboratories not just make random unsubstantiated claims about purity.
The one thing that I had really admired about mama earth products that they had a mission to provide a gentle, safe, natural and effective care for moms by saying #mamaloveyourself

If you wish to know more about these awesome products and want to know what other people says please click mama earth
And if you want to buy it online, they are easily available on Amazon
Positive parenting is absolutely delighted to be the first users of these awesome mama earth mama products. And I had already seen a huge improvement in my skin and hair textures by using it. It is an easiest way to get refreshed and relaxed at home. I can say it confidently that these mama earth products are definitely a refreshing new change from routine cosmetics. And yes! It is true that we have been really busy showering love on our little one, now it is time for us to get some special care that we deserve.

So, moms must try these super cool, awesome products and tell me, what is your experience? Are you finding them as good as I find? Please share!

Note: it is a sponsored post.

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