My Mom, “My Biggest Inspiration”

I am a typical quick, assertive, restless kind of person. I usually love to express a lot, I always had high-intensity emotions and I make decisions so quickly. I cannot stand board and feel lively when I speak or tell stories. I always love to share my emotions (it may be gratitude, happiness, even jealously) with my friends, but when it comes to family I believed “words cannot express our appreciation”.
There are lots of inspiring mums who dedicate their lives to their kids and to their families in a way that is truly admiring but for me, of course, it is my mum. I cannot express how grateful am I, to have her in my life. I did love to tell that how much I love her and how much she inspires me, but sometimes words are not enough to express your eternal emotions.
For me, she is the only one who always knew what I was thinking before I could even say it. She has been the calming and loving force in my life. She is my biggest inspiration and greatest sounding board. She is the most important person in my life. So, in honour of this beautiful and awe-inspiring woman, I would love to share the ways that she inspires me every day.
She is the pillar of strength of my life
She is the main reason that I am where I am and who I am today. Since early childhood, she has taught me “believe in yourself”. She has taught me to stand up for what I believed in and what is right. The courage, the power to speak your thought, is brave and strong were the life lessons that I had learnt from her since childhood. Ever since I was little, she has been actively involved in everything I do, from music class to drawing lesson, she always been there to help us. Indeed, she is the pillar of strength of my life.
She has taught me the true meaning of “education” and “discipline” in life
Of course, it was hard during childhood, when she has fixed schedule for everything for us, it was quite unacceptable to do everything on time (initially), but when her strict discipline becomes a part of life, I had enjoyed it thoroughly. Now as a grown up and being a mom, I had understood the importance of those tiny things. Yes! It is her discipline that has carved my life so well.
Coming from a teacher family my mom always love to read and to teach, she always put a great emphasis on regular studied since childhood. And just because of her guidance I had followed the same path, and with the passing years, I had realised education is not only an academic thing; it is a way of life. It is the power that shows us a right path in each difficult moment. Yes! It is true she is the bestest mentor of life. And I would always be grateful to her for giving me that correct direction in my life.
She has taught me that you can do anything you want
She is taught me importance of hard work, dedication, patience in life. Nobody worked harder than my mom. She always work so hard and she has accomplished everything she ever thought of and the same thing she has taught me, she always say you can do anything you want, it is just a matter of making goals and focus in your life. If you do your task sincerely, you can achieve anything. It is just her faith and trusts in me, that I had crossed so many difficult boundaries and always get what I want.
I had learnt “how to make a balance in work-family life”
For me, she is the best mom in the world. But it is just one aspect of her dynamic personality. She has always maintained a powerful balance in her professional and personal life. When she teaches her student, she is the best teacher and as soon she entered in house she immediately transform in to a great wife and best mom. She has taught me, it is just about managing the things. Of course, I had learnt a lot multitasking from her, but still I lost my patience so soon, and still I have to learn a lot from her.
She always reminds me that “everything will be fine”, whenever I am feeling down
Life is most beautiful and wonderful, when we had our mom close to us. She is like a second god, she resolves our all problem, and we all used to call her in every tiny moment of pain ( and happiness too) , but there are the time when she cannot be with us physically and during those moments it is just the life lessons that she has taught us, become the ultimate guideline in life. For me, this thing happened 1000 times in life. A simple conversation on phone and her words “everything will be fine” are enough to show the most correct way to me, even in most difficult situation. I always felt her presence mentally and spiritually, even during those time when she doesn’t presence with me physically.
So, this is the just few ways that she inspires my life every day. She always filled my life with positivity and optimism. And after being a mom, I had realised her sacrifice, love and care in true sense. I had learnt a lot from her but still I have to go a long way…she is the biggest #momspiration in my life. What is yours? Please share!

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