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Simple activities for intellectual and mental development in kids

Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.”- Haim Ginott
Very well said by respected Haim. childhood phase has long term impact on our life. scientist say 95% of human brain development occur during first 5 years of life. good parental care and home atmosphere is must for proper mental and intellectual development of kids.
1- Good memory and concentration
2-Confidence and courage
3- Decision making
4- Leadership quality
5- Communication skill
6- Proper behavior in different situations
7- Compromise and collaboration

These are some basic intellectual qualities that promotes proper mental development. here i am sharing  some simple activities and projects that will encourage the intellectual development.

A- Organize a family interview– organize a family interview event is a wonderful idea for developing communication skill and confidence building. by this way kids will remove fear of public speaking.
Method- Explain your child that he will be anchor of this event. And he need to prepare some interview questions about any family member .(father or grand father)
I am sure your kid and all family members will be excited for that event. Great fun with Great creativity and learning. you may shoot a video for more fun.

B- Complete the story game– It is another interesting activity to enhance imagination power in kids. it may be done  among family members or in group of kids.
Method- One person will start a narration of a story, but only one line. than second person will say second line and so on—- by this way with the help of all members a new and interesting story will form. this activity will explore imagination and thinking process in kids.

C- Organize a family seminar– organize a family seminar with a specific theme is a wonderful way to develop confidence and stage presence in kids.
Method- select a theme like My favorite animal or fruit for smaller kids and My favorite leader or sport for older kid. ask your child to prepare a speech on that topic. they may use flash cards to make this activity interesting. on event evening one person will be anchor, other one is judge. encourage your child to speak confidently on their subject. help them if they forgot and reward them for good performance.

D- Extempore– it is a classic competition that usually organized in schools and college, why not try this at home? put slips of different subject in a bowl. ask kids to pick slips one by one and tell them to speak spontaneously on that subject. it is an amazing activity for decision making and thought process.

Kids are innocent learner. we can work on their thinking process at early age with simple projects.

1- Inexpensive wall art- for that first you need to select a theme. we had select a theme called ” WE LOVE” and asked kids what they love and what they like? it is a simple question to start thinking process in kids, even preschooler can answer that, like all other kids they answered we love chocolate, ice-cream, cup-cakes..etc.

Material needed- old magazine, scissor, glue and a lots of creativity.

Method- cut the pictures of all things that kids love from a old magazine and pasted it on the wall in a artistic manner. your inexpensive wall art is ready.

It was a cool activity with learning.

2. Every day diary writing-Creativity is a great quality which promotes emotional, cognitive and mental development in kids. writing, drawing, painting, crafting are good choices for exploring creativity and imagination power in kids.
It was a weekend afternoon and we want to do something new and creative. so we had started a new project.

Project name: Everyday diary, it is a simple craft which help kids to develop writing skills at an early age.
Theme and basic idea: Firstly i had explained them importance of writing a everyday diary. we had some special (or not so special) moment everyday. you need to write down it on a paper with a drawing and we will punch this paper in your everyday dairy.
Material needed– Plain drawing sheet of any color, we had taken red one.
-Glitter pen, decorative material (optional)
– Yarn or punching material.

Method- cut the sheet in required size with the help of scissor .
-Write down everyday experience on a sheet of paper.

-Decorate the cover of diary with drawing. you may use decorative material (lace, stones etc) for that purpose.
-Everyday diary a super easy craft is ready.

So it was another activity for intellectual development.
It was my little steps for kids to encourage them mental development. What’s your do not forget to share with me.

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