7 Life Lessons That I had Learnt from “Danial Tiger Neighbourhood”

Of course, being a parent is a precious gift of god. It is a unique feeling when we love somebody else wholeheartedly and unconditionally for eternity. Nothing else can produce the true joy and satisfaction that motherhood allows. It is the greatest thing that I have ever felt.
It can be the most rewarding and satisfying job in the world, but sometimes, it can be the most exhausting and daunting too. Especially the first few years of childhood are very crucial for their development. The relationship and environment they occupied during these years shape the way they learn and grow. And as a parent also, it is not easy. We always had multiple parental responsibilities and duties. We always concerned about their well-being and overall development.
It is an always a matter of concern that how to build good emotional and social skills in our kids? How to support language and intellectual development? And apart from that develop a proper sequence of routine chores is an additional (but vital) responsibility for us. Routine helps them get through the things that need to be done each day. From brushing teeth, healthy food habits,  get up in the morning and going to bed at the time, potty training and list is going on.
 Sometimes, these parental responsibilities put a heavy pressure on us. We feel helpless and frustrated. We need a friend or helper to share our responsibilities. And the good news is that…I had found a good friend to help us. He is cute, adorable…our kids loved him and most importantly he teaches all good things to our kids in the easiest way.
Yes! I am talking about our very own Danial tiger. I am sure, if you have a toddler or pre-schooler in your home, you know him too.  My 4-year daughter loves “Danial tiger’s neighbourhood”. She is a big fan of Danial and his cute, adorable friends (o the Owl. Katerina kitty cat, prince Wednesday…and many more). And the best part is that the show is not only entertaining for her but teaching her so many good things as well.
Danial tiger’s neighbourhood is an American-Canadian animated series produced by the Fred Roger’s Company. The program is targeted at preschool children. The show involves the story of the 4-year-old tiger, his family and neighbourhood friends. Each episode has a story that involved with a catchy song and helps kids learn and repeat the concerned subject. It is the great tool for teaching kids social, emotional skills, routine tasks and activities.
 The series has covered almost all general topics such as safety rules, picky eating, potty training, the first day of school, hospital visit…and so on. And most interestingly each theme is covered with a beautiful catchy tune and song. Even adults also loved it. These songs work like a magic in the difficult situation.
I still remember an amazing experience when we went to a restaurant for dinner and kids were getting impatient because of delaying in the food service. They were in the mood of throwing the tantrums. And suddenly I had an idea that inspired from the show and when we had sung.
When you wait you can play, sing or imagine anything…”
The song had changed their mood instantly and we had enjoyed our dinner peacefully.
Apart from teaching kids and solving their problems Danial tiger has helped me a lot. Yes! Even though it is a pre-school children series but sometimes as an adult, we also need a gentle piece of advice and reminder for our all mistakes. These are some of my favourite life lessons that I had learnt from this cute show.
Anger management
As a mom, “Anger” is a common negative emotion that we all had time to time. Whenever I felt overloaded with endless responsibilities my patience gets lost and I felt an outburst of anger very easily. It is all right to express your emotions, but it should be in a healthy manner and should not affect our kids. So when I had heard,
When you feel so mad, and want to roar takes a deep breath and count to 4….”
Really this song works for me. Nowadays, whenever I had an out bursting of negative emotions. I get started to sing this song…and my temper gets cool down within few minutes.
This is also one of the most important aspects of our life. Proper self-care is vital for dealing the enormous pressure of parenting. But unfortunately, most of us parent forget to do that.  Even during sickness we did not take care of our body properly and tend to get focused on completing our responsibilities. The song,
When you sick…..Rest is best, rest is best….” is the best reminder for us? And now when I get sick, I rememorize the advice “Rest is best”. And this great advice helps me a lot to get a faster recovery.
Feel good
As a human, we are “Fault finder” by nature. We easily get anxious, nervous and worried about smallest things. During everyday life, simple chores like cooking a food….to complete an assignment bother us. And we had a bad feeling regarding our life instantly.  But the song,
“When something feels bad, turn it around and find something good” motivate us magically.
 Now, whenever I feel low and depressed, I try to turn it around….and really I feel good.
Take help
As a grown-up being ego-centric is a common occurrence. We all had different problems in our lives but often hesitate to ask for help. We feel frustrated but we hide our feelings. But the song,
“When you feeling frustrated, take a step back and ask for help…..” remind us gently that we all need help. It is good for our physical, mental and emotional health.
 Now, whenever I feel frustrated I would love to share my feelings and ask for help.
Empathy is an emotion that is almost forgotten nowadays. We need to be empathetic. It is an essential quality that should be a part of our system. The song,
“Think about what someone else is feeling….” Remind us about empathy beautifully.
As a parent and as an individual too, we often had a tendency to get anxious and nervous. Sometimes, we did not observe the whole thing and make a preconceive notion of tension and anxiety. The song,
See what it is, you might feel better, see what it is you might not feel afraid….” Remind us that we should try to observe the thing or situation first, Instead of being afraid.
 It relieves our anxiety and tension instantly.
Express yourself
We lived in high tech and fast phased world. Hectic lifestyle, tight work schedule, endless household chores create a sort of frantic tension in our everyday life. Sometimes, these pressurising responsibilities create a misunderstanding between family members. It is vital to express our love and care for our dear ones to maintain a healthy and happy family atmosphere. The song,
Find the way to say I love you…” is really a great reminder for us to express our love and care.
 It is a moment of celebration when we had “WE LOVE EACH OTHER” feeling in our home.
These are just a few examples. There are so much more that are truly a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone. It offers a bunch of joy and treasure for happiness in most acceptable and easiest way. I had a great motivating and relaxing experience while rememorizing these simply precious thoughts. Do you have any learning experience with kids or their activities? Please share with us. Until then Happy Parenting!


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