Mama Earth Baby Products “A Trustworthy Brand by a parent, For a Parent”

Being a parent is feeling that is unimaginable precious. It is like loving somebody else wholeheartedly and unconditionally for eternity. It is also believed that a real parent is someone who always put his child above than their own needs and desires. Of course, we all love to celebrate the divine spirit of parenthood every day, but on  the practical side, parenting is the most challenging and daunting too.
For me, it had been the most hilarious journey so far. I have two kids; one is almost 8 and is almost 5. During these 8 years of the beautiful journey, I had learnt a lot not only as a parent but as an individual too. Being conscious (and googled mom, yes I love to research a lot regarding any parenting issue) I had always tried to provide the best care for my two cute dolls. I always try to be extra vigilant regarding their health, safety, education, habit formations…and their overall well-being and development. 
Even whenever I buy any product for them, I always want to make sure that it is completely safe for them.  While in spite of having this self-aware attitude for my kids, I still had a confession to share with you?  Even though, being tagged as an “over conscious mom”, I had never checked the ingredients in baby products except for looking on a tag “safe for babies” and “not- comedogenic”? And I also believed that most of the parents are doing the same thing unconsciously.
But did you know that most baby products be it lotions or shampoos contained toxins that have been proven to be harmful to children? And this shocking truth had been realised by the Ghazal and Varun when they become the first-time parent.

How this  Was happened?

This journey had begun, when Ghazal and Varun were expecting their first child. Like all other parents, they want everything for their little one had to be safe, kosher and googled. It was the genuine desire to provide the best for their cute bambino. During this journey, they had done all possible research and they were shocked to see that most of the baby products be it the lotion or shampoo contained toxins which have proven to be harmful to the little one. And they get an instant anxiety not only for their little one but also for all the little ones that they knew in their friend circle.
Then they had decided to do something about it and create the product which was completely safe and certified toxin free.  They want to create a brand that is truly by a parent, for the parent. A brand which develops products from world class research and attempts to solve every little problem that we as a parent face. With the aim of making products which are mum-baby friendly, toxin-free, meet stringent international standards and basically ultra-awesome….and by intriguing all these awesome qualities a great brand for baby products “Mama earth” has born.
Is not it inspiring? I feel great to know that now; we have a brand which is every parent’s friend. A brand that understand our issues and tries hard to resolve them. It is a brand that every parent like you and me can trust, a brand which intends to make lives of mums and expectant mums better and beautiful. A brand which welcomes all our babies to a healthy and a safe world.
Apart from these, the one thing that I had realised that make these products instantly trustworthy and acceptable, is a unique feature of “only Madesafe certified brand in Asia”

Made safe certified brand in Asia

I know you would love to know what it means? It means that they make sure; their products go through all the required tests and meet the safety standards that we as a parent expect. They have a stringent set of super safe standards and literally made products with safe ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health or environmental harm. It is the first nontoxic certification to apply to products we use every day. So that for the first time, we can find things that are safe to use on our body, with our families and in our homes.
 As they explained in detail “Certified products are made without known behavioural toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, fire retardants, GMOs, heavy toxins, neurotoxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs. And then goes above and beyond ingredients have been further examined by a chemist for bioaccumulation, persistence and general and aquatic toxicity, making it the leading standard in the country “ . In short, we can finally trust that products are made without toxic chemicals known to harm our earth.
I am sure you are getting an immense sense of satisfaction and relaxation after knowing these facts. And it should be, because “our kids are our first priority, and of course, we want everything best for them”.

Range of products

Fortunately, right now mama earth has wide range of safe products that includes:
  • ·         Mineral based sunscreen for babies
  • ·         Soothing massage oil for babies
  • ·         Natural insect repellent
  • ·         Diaper rash creams
  • ·         Moisturisers
  • ·         Shampoos, body wash etc.

If you wish to know more about these super cool products and what the other users say please click here mamaearth
Positive parenting is absolutely delighted to be one of the first users of the Mama earth products. My little niece is already enjoying the nice smelling awesome products. I can say it confidently; these Mama Earth offerings are definitely a refreshing new change from routine toxic laden baby products.  And as we love your babies most in the world, it is worth to give it a try for well-being and safety of them.

This is a sponsored post. Positive parenting is not responsible for company claims and product performance.

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