First aid homeopathic kit for kids

Homoeopathy is a great branch of medical science which helps in gentle and permanent cure.as we all know that it gives good cure without side effect, so it is great for kids.as for as first aid is concern a homoeopathic kit is must for every home.

                                                                                                              Homoeopathy works on a principal in which cure happen by similar medicine, means a homoeopathic professional collects all symptom of disease person, not only of disease. individualization is must for proper remedy selection.disease person’s detail case history, his physical and mental symptoms, habits, desire, aversion all noted by doctors and matched with most similar remedy, that is the reason that there is no specific remedy for specific condition, it all depends upon on collected symptom.that is the reason why homeopath take a long and detail case taking from patient.
                                                                                                                                                                   Yet there are some common remedy for common problems that can treat at home.whenever we treat any illness at home, level of severity, progress or decline of disease must be observe carefully. as a general rule, in any acute illness medicine can be repeated frequently at short interval and as improvement occur frequency should be reduced. for ex. in case of cold in first 1-2 of illness similar medicine may be taken 5-6 time a day and after that 3-4 time a day is enough
  POTENCY- usually low potency like 30c or 6x is best for at home treatment. higher potency may cause aggravation, which is difficult to treat at home.

  FEVER– For mild grade fever fer um phos is first drug of choice.it covers all symptoms of early inflammation means fever, cough, cold. although aconite is also a drug which works in first 24 hours of illness but some senior homeopath advice to avoid it in kids because of its poisonous nature. Belladonna is good for high grade fever with redness, heat, dilated neck vein and severe headache.arsenic album is very good for fever, cough, cold with marked restl

COLDand CORYZA -alium  cepa is drug of choice if nasal discharge is thin and acrid with bland discharge from eyes.arsenic album is drug when cold occur in cold season  with fever and restlessne

 COUGH for dry cough spongia and drosera are best drug.for wet cough ipecac is good. antim tart is used when cough associated with ghar-ghar sound and feels chest is full of phl

 MINOR EYE INFECTION– for redness swelling belladonna  and apis is good drug. for all other minor eye troubles euphresia is best drug.

EAR PAIN– pulsatilla is best drug for ear pain,  Mullen oil can be used for external application apply 2-3 drops in painful ear for 3-4 times

VOMITING for vomiting ipecac is best drug, esp. when associated with nause

 ABDOMINAL PAIN before proper diagnosis colocynthis and mag phos alternately repeat at short interval is best antispasmodic combination.

   CONSTIPATION  Bio chemic combination 4 for constipation is good for infantmag carb is good drug but only at early stage, be alert for sign of dehydration.

TEETHING TROUBLE-specific bio combination for teething is good for all teething troubles. chamomilla is best drug for anger crying and irritation in babies. ca phos also used as a supplement.

MOOD DISORDER AND ANGER–  chamomilla is best drug for mood disorder and anger in all group.

MINOR INJURIES-Arnica is best drug for all kind of blow, fall and sprain and calendula is best antiseptic.

DELAYED MILESTONE-Apart from proper diagnosis and treatment calcarea carb can be given to all babies with delayed milestone.

Although these medicines are very good and work very well when symptoms match perfectly but in acute case combination products can be used. some good combinations are stodal for cough, alfa-alfa as a general tonic,






.                  although this article is written by a homeopath but it is for information purpose only, not intend to prevent or cure any disease.                      


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