How to increase creativity and imagination power in kids

kids are innocent learner. they learn a lot every day. learning is a natural process that can be done by various sources. as a parent we all want that all good things should be learn by kids. they should explore their creativity .
Usually we link creativity with drawing,painting or some kind of art, but it is not true, creativity is a great quality that play a essential role is our life. a creative person is more able to deal with his problems properly and can lead a more happy and successful life.
here are some simple methods to develop creativity in kids.
    PRETEND PLAY-it  is one of the finest and easiest way for increasing imagination power and thinking ability.it work very well with different age group of kids.for ex.set a scene of hospital or birthday party,school preparation for doll are some common and interesting pretend play by which kids will learn so many new things while playing.

 CRAFTING i think crafting is most loving subject of all kids.crafting may be done according to age and theme.recycling craft,paper craft,cardboard craft.nature craft are some simple themes that can easily done at home.painting and drawing are also good way of enhancing creativity.
 FANCY DRESS AND ROLL PLAY although this activities usually happen at school but why not try this at home also.use some traditional cloths be a king or queen or apply some make up and arrange a ghost party is good way of kids entertainment and it also make them creative

.EDUCATIONAL GAME are so good for example write the missing words   or    ,pick a objt and write something about it or passing the parcel are some of the educational game that helps to teach so many good things to them while learning
 STORY  TEELING apart from direct story telling it can be done by different way,for ex.each person will say a line and try to make a new story by this way or puome pictures and each one will pick a picture and will try to make a story
  MUSIC and DANCE rhythm of music and dance is good for their physical fitness and happiness.

PUPPET SHOWT i find it very useful.kids just loved it.puppet can be made by paper or by old socks at home.make a puppet show with different character is very nice way of enhancing creativity.

Apart from that for increasing public speaking capability and for removing public fear arrange a family interview or short speech on different subject.extempore(suddenly each person will pick a slip of paper and will speak on that subject for few minute)are good way of developing communication skill in kids

  COOKING with kids are also cool idea.make simple recipes like pizza,sandwich or salad decoration are good and easy way of making kids active and creative.take their help in household activities like table setting and cloth organisation are good for make them active and busy.

TOYS like clay,blocks,and Lego are also good for increasing their imagination power

  So just try this simple activities for kids and make them happy and active.as because”Busy kids are happy kids”.

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