How to develop healthy eating habits in kids

“Mom I will eat pizza in dinner”Mom I do not like vegetables. “We love chips,cookies and cold drinks”.
  These are some common scene in most of the families, and as a mom of two lovely daughters I used to face that kind of issues in day to day life.

                                                                                               Before 6 year,When my first daughter born,as a conscious mom I have focused so much on healthy diet.boiled food,fruits and vegetables,things were good,but not working.she does not want to eat and show tantrum all the time.slowly I have realised that “feeding babies and kids is not an easy task”.     Then I have talked to some other mom,they were facing the same problem that”kids do not eat well”.If they will not eat well,It will affect their health also.

 so after a lots of hard work,I have found some secrets about How to feed well to kids? and they are working very well.                                                                

  1. First and most important thing regarding food habit is “Fix their daily routine of breakfast,lunch,snack and dinner at same time.by fixing time biological cycle of digestion work very well.by doing this they will be hungry at same time It will become easier to feed hungry  and demanding kids .                                                                                                                     
  2. Second most important thing is “CHANGE” kids love changes,they want some thing new every day.so we need to do a little hard work for them.healthy,attractive recepies work very well.
  3. One caution,”CHANGE”should be according to kids choice,because sudden change with very new ingredient will not work.                                                                                                     
  4. “LOOK AND PRESENTATION ” of dish is very necessary.even a healthy and boaring dish may look very pleasing with effective garnishing.different colours and shapes of fruits and vegetables can be used.
  5. DO NOT BE TOO RIGID AND STRICT on healthy diet only.because too much restriction increases more “TEMPTATION”.
  6. TRY TO BE A ROLE MODEL“because kids follow their elders in most of their habits.
  7. BE A SMART SHOPPER“try to buy snacks with good nutritional values,discuss it with kids.
  8. Last thing “DO NOT GIVE TOO MUCH BETWEEN MEALS“.keep them hungry at least 2 hour before main meal.chips,cookies biscuits are main source of indigestion and disturbing appetite.
  9. Any kind of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is must for all age group of kids.so lets try this simple tools with kids and make them healthy because“HEALTHY KIDS ARE HAPPY KIDS“.                                                                                                                      

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