Golden rule of positive parenting

Although parenting is precious gift of god,but on the other hand it is toughest job in the world.most of us find it difficult very often.There are different ways of parenting like strict parenting that raises angry kids,who lose interest in pleasing their parent.Another way is permissive parenting that raises unhappy kids who test their parents.both are not very acceptable way of parenting.
                             Nowadays,the latest trend in parenting is”Positive parenting”that means positive discipline,gentle and loving guidence that keeps child on the right path.

 Here are some golden rules for “positive parenting“.

  Love and unconditional love is first and most important thing .baby is born with a need of love.A warm hug and a nice kiss give a lots of satisfaction to kids.
 Time and attention-these are 2nd most important thing for kids.you have a lifetime to work but kids are young only once.try to give proper attention to kids and also spend some quality time with them for making a loving bond with them.

Communication-It is another important aspect of positive parenting,How was their day? How they feel?What are their difficulties?by knowing all these things you can make a proper equation with them. 

Be patient-From infancy to teen age kids have different issues and problems.sometime because of generation gap and lake of time it becomes very difficult to understand their requirment.So be patient and talkative it is the most necessary thing for handling kids.

Being board  ais most comman problem with most of the parent.we love them,we care for them but we feel board with them.there is a key that change”Being board in to Being involved”.teaching good things that you know,share your childhood memories,read a book together,going outside together for play or walk are some simple tool that works very well with all age group of children.

 Teaching  discipline is yet another important aspect of positive parenting.most of parent find it very difficult,the golden rule for teaching discipline is”children learn from what you are rather than what you teach,so in whatever aspect like daily routine,good habits be a”Role model”for kids,firstly it may not work but slowly it will work in very good manner .second thing step by step guidence is grand key for teaching discipline.

 Balance- balance in love,care and discipline. usually in most of the families one thing over powered another,resulting in imbalance of family atmosphere and relationship.so try to manage balance.

So these are the golden rules of positive parenting ,apply them and enjoy “Happy kids”and “Happy family”.                                                                                                                                    s


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