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Zoomin water bottles review: The most fun and durable water bottles for your family!

Zoomin water bottles review
Zoomin water bottles review

I am sure you all would agree that personalized gifts and accessories have their own charm and magic. They carry extra warmth, love and care and express your thoughtful gesture for your dear ones. Personalized gifts also help in building strong connections. You can leave a long-lasting impression on the recipients by gifting a personalized gift.  

It is great that nowadays, we have the option of amazing e-platforms like who are highly specialized in providing a wide range of personalized gift items and digital photo personalization services and products for their customers.  

Recently, I got an opportunity to review their amazing products.  What have we ordered from And what is our personal experience regarding it? Read on to know more! 

Before diving deep into it, first, let’s talk about the brand and its unique mission to offer the best digital photo personalization and other personalized gift items for their customers.   

Product review: Zoomin water bottles: The most fun and durable water bottles for your family!

Zoomin water bottles review
Zoomin water bottles review

About brand  

 Zoomin is India’s #1 digital photo personalization and printing platform. Through their world-class and proprietary print personalization infrastructure & critically acclaimed products, Zoomin has delivered millions of incredible stories for their customers. They have an aim to help their users to document every big & small moment of their life in a personalized style. They believe, “Photo make for great conversations”, thus they are strongly committed as a team with the only one intention to help you craft your story in photos with lots of love and determination.  

What items you can ordered from Zoomin? 

Zoomin offers a wide range of product collection for their customers ranging from personalized gift options to stationery and home décor items. You can order Rakhi gifts, wedding gifts, festive gifts, gifts for moms, dad and kids, photobooks, framed prints, calendars, bags and pouches and chocolates from Zoomin platform.  

What have we ordered from Zoomin? 

Though Zoomin is more popular as a digital photo printing platform. However, we took a different route and explored their kids’ section to buy some cool stuff for my niece and nephew. After much exploration, we ordered three water bottles.  

Here are more details about these water bottles.  

Water bottles with cool custom design 

Zoomin water bottles review
Zoomin water bottles review

These personalized water bottles are great for water and juices and help keep your kids hydrated the whole day. The cool custom design is great for making kids excited and adds a fun element to their water bottle.  

Here is product specification:  

BPA free plastic water bottle, 500 ML capacity, lightweight and travel friendly, available with a facility of name customization which is a perfect way to avoid mix-up in school, bus and classes and more.  

Insulated water bottle with cool custom design 

Zoomin water bottles review

This insulated water bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel and has many impressive kids-friendly features such as perfect size for tiny hands, easy to open and close lid and many more. You can select any fun theme of your choice as per your personal preference and can add your kid’s name to avoid mix-up in school and other places.  

Here is product specification:  

Double wall Ss Vacuum water bottle, 440Ml capacity, foodgrade certified, keep water hot for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours.  

Personal experience 

Zoomin water bottles review
Zoomin water bottles review

Easy to order process (select a theme and name)  

At one glance, digital personalization might sound like an intimidating process. But Zoomin has made this process simple and kept it free from complexity. It is easy to pick a theme for cool custom design from Zoomin platform and you can order any digital personalized photobook or other personalized gift and accessories items from comfort of your home.  

Deliver on time 

We have received our products on time without any delay. So, no issue with this aspect. Zoomin has fulfilled their promise of making super delivery and this thing enhances customer satisfaction.  Eco-friendly packaging    

 Eco-friendly packaging  

The bottles were packed in an eco-friendly packaging of cardboard boxes. The packaging was neat and aesthetic.  

Custom cool design (many options to choose form)  

As I mentioned above, the Zoomin offer plenty of fun theme to choose from. You can explore their theme section properly and can pick anyone as per your or your dear one’s personal preference. Here, I am mentioning few of fun themes for their insulated water bottle section for your reference:  

  • Into the wild 
  • Let’s travel  
  • Paw Party 
  • Basketball fever boy 
  • Animal library  
  • Ice cream fun and many more! 

Check out this page to explore their amazing   fun theme collections.  

Name customization is another fun element 

Name customization is another fun element from Zoomin platform. It adds an exciting factor for little kids and helps in preventing mix-up of items with others at various places. We have incorporated the name customization on our water bottles and loved the end results from core. 

High in quality (sturdy material)  

The water bottles (both plastic and insulated) are made of high-quality material and are great in quality.  

Free from BPA  

Of course, this is another impressive feature. Plastic water bottles are free from BPA and give you peace of mind that you are using a safe product.  


In conclusion, “Zoomin is a great platform for digital personalization, printing and for buying exclusive range of personalized gifts. From festive gifts to personalized accessories, there are plenty of options for everyone to choose from. We had a satisfactory shopping experience with Zoomin and loved our purchase (personalized water bottles) from their platform. I will highly recommend you check their platform; I am sure you would not be disappointed”. 

If it sounds exciting to you, then click here to know more! 

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  • Preeti Chauhan

    Aside from Zoomin being India’s #1 digital photo personalization and printing platform which makes you trust in the quality I am glad that they are eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and also have some great fun themes. The personalization is perfect for school gear.

  • Alpana Deo

    I loved their collection. They not just paid attention to the design but also thought about making eco friendly. I ish I knew about this brand when I was in India. But I have shared the website with my sister.

  • Samata

    I am a big fan of Zoomin for the last 7 to 8 years and all my travel albums, family posters , wedding memories are designed by Zoomin and the final product delivered in hand is outstanding. I love Zoomin

  • Ruchie

    These bottles looks super cute, I remember getting personalized stuff from zoomin for my daughter but they have such great quality of bottle too, this I have not tried yet.

  • Rakhi Jayashankar

    Wow customised waterbottles is a wonderful idea. Kids will be proud to flaunt the water bottles that are customised as per their liking. Its incredible. From your review I surmise that the material is also healthy for kids.

  • Varsh

    I’ve gotten some beautiful personalised stuff from Zoomin too. I love their amazing quality and the whole process is easy, quick and fun. Will check out these cute bottles. Your girls must be so happy to have them!

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