5 Reasons why should you start watching K-Drama?

Reasons to watch k-drama
Reasons to watch Kdrama

Hi everyone, 

Hope you all are doing well. Here, in Pleasanton, we are busy with end of school session activities and waiting for summer break to start desperately.  

Although my blog is all about parenting, health, kids’ arts and crafts and other lifestyle issues, and I rarely talk about entertainment stuffs here. But for writing this post, I am making an exception because the subject is quite fascinating and close to my heart.  

I am a big k-Drama fan and watching K-dramas since year 2021. I had thought many times before to share my passion for K-drama before but somehow, it did not happen.  

While planning for writing this post, I have finally picked this topic. And I am super excited to share reasons, why I liked K-dramas so much and why you should also give this a try?  

5 Reasons why you should start watching K-Dramas! 

Reasons to watch K-drama
Reasons to watch K-drama

Unique plots and storylines 

I remember, during my teen days I was a big Yash Chopra and Shahrukh khan fan. Actors and directs were the first thing that I used to check before watching any movie. But  with growing age, things have changed drastically. Now, the “Content quality” and “Storyline” are most important things that make me inclined to watch any drama or movie.  

K-dramas excel in this department. Each drama has a unique storyline and plot. It seems Korian writers work passionately to share something unique with each drama to their audience. Even, when they present a predictable storyline, they make it refreshing for audience. Addition of exciting twists keeps you engaged till the end and you always look forward to upcoming episode to know what happens next? 

Excellence in various aspects (acting, cinematography, OST and much more) 

I started by praising the kdrama writers for writing unique content for their audience. But their contribution is just a beginning. K-dramas maintain their excellence in each department of drama making. Actors play their characters with so much passion and conviction that for moment, you forget that it is only a fictional character. Same thing applies to beautiful cinematography too. Everything looks esthetic because of incredible cinematography. And how can I forget to mention, the melodious OST. These melodious OST tell you the reasons, why K-POP is widely popular all over the world. 

Beautiful characters take you on emotional roller coaster ride 

Being an emotional person, I liked the content that has emotional appeal and Kdrama again tick this box too. The Kdrama characters are not only charming but they are able to make an emotional connection with their audience as well. These characters take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and make you feel connected with their respective journey. From main leads to supporting characters (like friends and neighbors), each one catches your attention and makes a unique place in your heart by their unique personality traits.  

Kdrama are comforting, heartwarming and offer a perfect escape 

This is another USP of K-dramas. I remember, it was the time of year 2021, when we were struggling with covid and lockdown things. At that time, watching K-drama have comforted me a lot. While watching, you unknowingly enter into another life and get immersed with the beautiful characters and their storyline. The conversations among characters are comforting and heartwarming and soothes your soul. Sometimes these conversations remind us our childhood friends and sometimes they force us to think “Why our practical life missed that kind of emotional quotient”? .

Moreover, you will get a perfect scape from your routine life for a moment and feel refreshed and energized after watching them.

The episode numbers are fixed (no over dragging plots or storylines) 

This is another reason that has made K-drama immensely popular. They have a fixed number of episodes (mostly 16) for most of the series. So, you do not get bored or irritated with 100 or 1000 episodes like typical Indian dramas. The Kdrama offers a wholesome entertainment experience in limited period and you feel prepared since beginning that there will be perfect happening and perfect ending on given time.  

There are so many options so choose  

Last but not the least, Kdrama offers various varieties for different genre. Starting from comedy to action and romcom to science fiction, you will get plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, Kdramas covers various real-life issues like bullying, depression etc. so well in their stories and along with entertainment, they provide some unique message for real life issues as well.  

K-drama recommendations for beginners? 

Personally, I liked emotional. Heartwarming and thought-provoking K-drama that has unique storyline or unique presentation. Here are some of the recommendations from my side to get started:  

  • Hometown Cha-cha  
  • Twenty-five-twenty-one 
  • Its ok to not be okay 
  • Run-on 
  • true beauty
  • Our blues
  • Business proposal  
  • Another miss oh 
  • Crush landing on you  
  • Extraordinary attorney woo 
  • Crush course in romance  
  • Dr. Cha 

And so many! 

I can go gaga over Kdrama for hours but I think, it is enough for today.  

Did you have watched any Kdrama? Which one is your favorite? Please share with me in comment box.  

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  • Alpana Deo

    I agree, Kdrama have a different storyline. Recently I started watching them. The first one was Attorney Woo Young Woo. The limited number of episodes also makes it more appealing.

  • jeetjinder

    I have to start watching K dramas after your recommendations, Surbhi. I have noted down your list for further reference.

  • Samata

    Heard a lot about K dramas but still date not tried any to understand the reason behind the popularity of the same. But after reading your post I think I should give it a try.

  • Neha Sharma

    These are the perfect reasons for anyone to start watching K-dramas. I am also a huge fan of Korean series, they offer everything you can ask for in an entertainment series. Some of my favs are Hi Bye, Mama!, Descendants of the Sun, Legend of the blue sea, Inheritors, Boys over flowers, My love from the star and many more.

  • Shilpa Garg

    I’ve heard a lot people talk about K-dramas, but I haven’t had the chance to watch them myself. Your post has piqued my interest, and would love to dive into the world of K-dramas and experience the unique blend of entertainment they offer. Thanks for sharing your recommendations.

  • Varsh

    I haven’t watched any K-drama yet although most teenagers around here are crazy about them. Maybe I should give them a try sometime. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • Sarani Basu

    I am a big K-drama fan because i find them very sweet not over the top. The limited episodes also makes sense for me as i know they’ll not stretch it without any reason. I started with CLOY and now i guess have watched everything available on Netflix.

  • Radhika Goyal

    Sometimes I noticed on Mx player and other channels about K-Drama. There are an unlimited number of options. Whenever I started watching, it didn’t interest me much, but your blog posts have changed my mind and convinced me to watch it again. Like no over-dragging plot or storylines, so, definitely, I am gonna watch this for sure.

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