#MyFriendAlexa- “Expert Round-up”: 9 Amazing Blogging expert/bloggers share their #1 Tips for Blog growth!

Expert round-up post- 9 amazing bloggers and experts share their #! blogging tips
Expert round up post (#1 blogging tips from experts)

Hurry! This is the last post for #MyFriendAlexa and I am feeling super excited to share this with you all.  

With this post, I am getting a “Grand finale feeling”. For me, it is more overwhelming, because this will be the last post for longest running series on my blog.  

It has been around 2 months ago, when I had started a new series on my blog named, “Blogging tips & tricks that actually works”. I had started this series with a simple motive to share the things which I had learnt during last few years. Luckily, series got excellent response and I had extended it for one more month. In fact, I had kept the same theme for my third #MyFriendAlexa campaign, as “Blogging for beginners”.  

I am so happy that I had completed my third participation successfully.  and also, feeling great that you find my Alexa posts informative and useful. And now, as 8th one, I am excited to share an amazing expert round-up post.  

I am sure you all would be agreed that in each field, “Expert opinion or expert tips” matters a lot. With expert guidance, we get that much needed guidance that help us a lot in moving ahead in this beautiful but challenging journey.  

So, to make my “Blogging for beginners” series a wholesome learning experience, I had asked some of the renowned blogging experts/ veteran bloggers to share their number one tip for improving our blogging knowledge and growth strategies. And they have shared it with me happily.  

For me, it was an amazing learning experience. I had learnt a lot with these expert blogging tips shared by experts from blogging industry.  

So, in this post I am sharing all those wonderful expert tips. Hoping you will like it.  

Expert round-up

Shailaja Vishwanath from 

Shailaja vishwanath
Shailaja Vishwanath

Honestly, when I had started planning for this expert round-up post, Shailja Vishwanath was the first person who came in my mind. Shailja is one of the finest bloggers and social media consultant of our industry. She helps bloggers and website owners grow their traffic, make money from their blog and improve their social media presence in an organic manner.  

When I had approached and asked her to share one important blogging tips for bloggers, she has said, 

“The one tip I will give new bloggers is picking the right platform to promote your content and being extremely patient about it. Blogging is not an instant gratification game. As a coach who teaches bloggers how to grow an authentic brand, the one thing I teach every student of mine is the concept of patience & perseverance. This will keep you blogging for a long time without any need for external motivation.” 

I agree with Shailja completely that blogging needs lots of patience and perseverance. 

Neha Gupta From 

Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta

As next, I had requested Neha Gupta to share her “one expert tip” for bloggers and she has shared her expert advice happily with me. Neha is founder of two amazing websites “” and “”. She offers blogging coaching and many useful and informative courses for e mail marketing, Pinterest growth and basic SEO learning. Along with this she also provide technical help for various important aspects of blogging such as creating website and transferring hosting.  

As an “Expert blogging tip”, she has said 

 “First of all – I would say spend time in finding who is your reader, what problem you are solving for them via your blogs. When we write – write to solve a problem or inspire your reader or teach them something new.  Know why you are blogging – is it just for fun or you do want to earn money for the same. If you want to earn money for the same – please consider your blog as a business. Also have right goals. We all have limited time so please use it judiciously. When I say right goals – apart from writing for your readers and helping them – have a goal to get traffic or earn money. avoid challenges that do not help you. Use your social media as your strategy and as a tool to help you in your goals. 

And please invest in yourself – learn SEO, learn the tools you need to reach your goals. Also learn from the right people who give you correct guidance and whom you can trust.” 

Indeed, Neha’s advice is so valuable and we bloggers should try to work on these diligently.  

Next, I had remembered one of my most dear friend and veteran blogger and blogging expert Vasanta Vivek.  

Vasantha Vivek from 

Vasantha Vivek
Vasantha Vivek

 Vasantha is an Ex professor, blogger, published author and mindfulness practitioners. She also offers mindfulness and blogging coaching to helping in transforming stressful souls to blissful souls.  

Here is her expert blogging advice. She said, 

“My Winning Blogging Tip for Newbie Bloggers:  

  • Blog regularly/consistently 
  •  Develop the habit of writing daily
  •  Keep a notebook handy 
  •   Read other blogs for inspiration 
  •   Set SMART goals for your blog 
  •  Create weekly content plan in advance”.  

Yes, setting smart goals is must for blog growth and success and I am glad Vasantha has reminded this us so perfectly.  

After getting these excellent blogging advices from these three amazing blogging experts, I had thought to talk with some veteran bloggers of our industry. During my five years of blogging journey, I came into contact with many experienced and wonderful bloggers. Hena Jose is one of them.  

Hena Jose from 

Hena Jose
Hena Jose

Hena is founder of one of the most amazing science-technology blog “Science and samosa”. Her blog covers everything about health, wellness, technology, parenting and education with a dose of science. She is a mommy of two lovely daughters and she loves science, creative writing and samosa”.  

When I had asked Hena to share her expert piece of advice for bloggers, she has said, 

Over 409 million people read more than 20 billion pages on WordPress alone each month in 2020. Approximately 4.4 million blog posts get published every day. The first line speaks about the opportunity and the second line speaks about your competition.  

Blogging is all about creating content that can connect with readers. There is for sure no such content that will connect with all. So as a new blogger you identify the persona of your audience – parents, technology lovers, women, people with digital profiles, education, etc. Then you start listing out all the problems faced by this group of people by understanding what people search for. You can start with a keyword and see all possible questions or search intent from Google or use a tool like Ubersuggest 

Once you determine the key pain point you are going to address, start with the content search. Do not ever copy or just reframe content from someone else’s blog. Keep it completely fresh. You will be able to connect with your reader base if you give them something fresh. This could be a new thought, a new idea, or a completely new compilation of content not found anywhere. Follow this principle and then continue your hard work. Also keep working on your network and content marketing. You will surely find your place among good bloggers”. 

Agee blogging is an over competitive field and we have to focus on multiple factors.  

Next, I had decided to make a conversation with one of my dear friend and India’s top multiple award-winning blogger Ruchie Varma. She is the founder of amazing parenting and lifestyle blog She writes on versatile parenting and lifestyle topics and share some amazing recipes too.  

Ruchie Varma from 

Ruchie Varma
Ruchie varma

When I had asked her to share one expert “Blogging tip”, she said, “One tip or rather I say 1 mantra will be “Write for what you believe in and don’t take part in the rat race, be yourself, original and you will notice your real value, BE an INSPIRATION for others, and don’t hesitate to ask help and accept your shortcomings. Learning is a never-ending process the day you stop learning, you will stop growing” 

Yes, blogging is a wonderful learning journey too and we should try to keep up that learning momentum with full enthusiasm. 

After getting Ruchi’s excellent blogging advice, I had decided to talk with Dipika Singh.  

Dipika Singh from 

Dipika Singh
Dipika Singh

Dipika is a wonderful friend of mine and I admired her so much due to her elegant and quirky style. She is the person behind India’s one of the most amazing lifestyle blog She likes to write on varieties of topics like fashion, glamour, social issues, fiction, parenting and food.   

Here is her expert “Blogging tip”. She believes “Write, what you like to read yourself”. Writing comes naturally, it flows like blood in veins if you actually love to write and share articles on your blog. Decide what’s your real aim of blogging, once you are clear with the right call, everything else fits into the right place”. 

Yes, completely agree, it is very important to have a passion for writing for being a successful blogger.  

Next, I had approached one of my dear friend and one of the finest and most amazing blogger of blogging industry, Mayura Amarkant. 

Mayura Amarkant from 

Mayura Amarkant
Mayura Amarkant

 Mayura is founder and managing editor of India’s best lifestyle and health blogzine, “”. She is a woman business leader in digital marketing and PR (national award) and got featured by several media houses for her work and contribution.  

When I had asked her to share her expert blogging tip. She has said,  

Getting traffic to your blog is a worry that constantly hounds all bloggers. Many new bloggers ask me how to get traffic to their website. My question to them is, what are you writing about and who are you writing for? Most bloggers don’t have an answer to these questions. The traffic game is all about discoverability, a user types a search query and if your links show in the search results, then there is a likelihood that the user will click through and reach your blog. How does this happen?   

Even before you write, it is necessary for you to look at your topic, research about it and then think of the structure of the content. It’s critical to find out what is being spoken about regarding your topic and how are those blog posts structured. If you are writing for a particular niche e.g. motherhood or parenting, then you need to get into the mind of the reader and understand what he/she is searching for. It is difficult for some to do this and that’s where this amazing tool called Uber Suggest by Neil Patel comes into play. Uber Suggest is a notch higher than Google Keyword planner because it not only gives you keyword ideas around your topic but also content ideas that will tell you what to write about.  

I use this tool for all my blog posts and my monthly traffic has jumped significantly. Uber Suggest helps you with acing the search algorithm. However, once you do that, it is very important to bundle in value into your post. If it’s a casually written, poorly structured post then the user will bounce off almost immediately and that can be bad news for your Alexa and Google ranking. Plan a post, research, write, structure, add images/infographics and add alt tags and meta descriptions to your images. Don’t forget to proof check your post. If you are passionate about blogging then keep going, there will be ups and downs and you should be ready to face them. The results of hard work are always fabulous.” 

Wow very well said. I agree blogging requires lots of hard work and patience. And paying attention on each minute details give us a satisfactory end result.  

Next, I had decided to asked Vaishali Sharma for getting her expert blogging advice.  

Vaishali Sharma from 

Vaishali Sharma
Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali is a founder of India’s top parenting and lifestyle blog, “”. Vaishali is a communication consultant and her blog is all about motherhood, parenting, baby and childcare. is recognized as top 10 most amazing parenting and lifestyle blog of India. 

When I had asked Vaishali to talk more about her expert blogging tip. She has said,  

Content is the king. Never compromise! Be persistent and do your research well. It’s okay to publish 4 blogs a month but make sure the content is relevant and meat-y. Try not to chase brands for sponsorships at the onset. Build your platform and strategize before looking to monetize your blog.” 

Yes, yes content is king and I truly believe in the same principle.  

Now, with this next move, I had approached Jhilmil Bhansali. 

Jhilmil Bhansali from 

Jhilmil Bhansali
Jhilmil Bhansali

 Jhilmil is a proud owner of two amazing blogs named and She holds a master degree in management and certified in digital marketing. She had contributed 9 plus years of her professional life in Telecom working with some of the biggest operators.  

When I had requested Jhilmil for sharing her expert blogging advice. She has said, 

Starting a blog is much easier than being consistent month over month. Bloggers get writer’s block and often tend to miss out on creating their content consistently. Consistency, to me, is imperative to ensure that you don’t lose on the traffic that you have built up with all your hard work. I have analysed that the more regularly you publish your blog posts, you get more subscriptions and readers, which adds on to the value of your site and enhances the chances of return visitors as well.” 

Yes. Consistency is key of success in any field, and we have to be consistent with our writing and posting routine, if we want to go ahead in this wonderful journey.  

I had a great learning experience with this expert round up post and I am wishing you all will also find it informative and helpful. 

Thanks a lot, to all my dear blogging friends, and experts for sharing their expert piece of advice. I am so grateful to you for taking out time and share your expertise with me and my readers.  

So, this is all for now.  

Again, a big thanks to all for reading and appreciating my posts. It means a lot to me.  

Something exciting is coming soon to the blog, in next month. So, stay tuned.  

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