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Why Mother Sparsh is Best Brand for Baby Massage oil!

Mother Sparsh Baby Massage oil
Mother Sparsh Baby Massage oil

Massage is an age-old tradition that starts long ago in China (in 2 BC). Massage offers various benefits for the growth and development of babies. Massage has a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system of the baby and improves sleep cycles and routine.  

As per Mayo Clinic, massage has a positive effect on stress controlling hormone. And encourage interaction between you and your baby.  

Personally, being a mommy of two girls, I had a great experience with a massage for both of my girls. My mother in law has taught me the exact technique and other important aspects of doing massage correctly. I had learnt and followed her directions and observed the positive effects of massage in the growth and development of my girls.  

How to massage babies? 

Though there are no standardized guidelines that describe that exact method of massage. The expert suggested that massage in 15 minutes sessions, three times a day work best. Each block of 15 minutes consists of 5 minutes of tactile stimulation, followed by 5 minutes of kinesthetic stimulation, followed by 5 minutes of tactile stimulation.  

It is always advisable to learn the exact technique before starting message to your baby.  also, avoid massage after feeding your baby (at least up to 30 minutes). It could cause vomiting and other digestive issues.  

Use of oils for massage 

There is mixed opinion about the use of oils for performing a massage to your baby. Some expert suggested that the use of oil is useful for reducing friction between surfaces. While some others find it messy. 

As per my opinion, it is always better to use good quality baby massage oil for performing massage. 

Tips to keep in mind while selecting massage oils for your baby 

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while selecting a massage oil for your baby. 

  • Skin is one of the most important and sensitive parts of the body. Infants have very delicate and sensitive skin, it is always better to take a professional consultation before starting massage and select a massage oil. If your baby has any other health or skin issue (like dryness of skin or rashes), then never start massage without consulting your doctor. 
     Selection of oil is an important process that depends on multiple factors (such as availability, ingredients and cost). You need to pay attention to all factors before finalizing one for your little one. 
  • Always carefully check the list of ingredients and manufacturing details before selecting a baby oil. Do in-depth research to ensure the best quality and safer option for your baby. 
  • Try to select a baby oil that has made up of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are more suitable for the delicate skin of babies and reduce the chances of an allergic reaction or other side effects. 
  • Avoid using strong fragrance oils. The expert suggested this is not suitable for infants. 
  • Select oil as per weather conditions. For example, in summer, coconut oil is a perfect option for massage, as it has good cooling and soothing properties. While in winter, use mustard oil, as it has body warming effects. 
  • It is always advisable to do a patch test (apply a little quantity of oil behind the skin of ear of your baby) to know the safety and acceptance of selected oil. Patch test helps in knowing the chances of allergic reactions.  

Selection of good baby massage oil 

We lived in a high-tech era and nowadays there are plenty of marketing offers for baby massage oils are available from different brands. For parents, it becomes a little confusing to select a good brand for baby massage oil.  
 If you are going through the same phase then, I am here to help you.  

 In this post, I am sharing one of the most trustworthy brands of India for baby massage oil. The name of this baby massage oil is “Mother Sparsh baby massage oil”. How this brand is unique? And why should you use this oil for your baby? Read the post to know more.

Mother Sparsh baby massage oil 

Mother Sparsh baby massage oil
Mother Sparsh Baby Massage oil

Mother Sparsh is one of the most trustworthy brands in India. They had a wide range of baby products and maintain a higher level of standard while selecting their ingredients and even during the manufacturing process. The brand was established with the dual purpose of offering amazing products that promote the well-being of babies and at the same time, ensure no negative impact on the environment.  

Mother Sparsh ayurvedic massage oil consists of a perfect blend of herbs and essential oils which helps in nourish, relax, and strengthen your baby’s bone and muscles. This product has been formulated with ayurvedic decoction process to provide perfect strengthening as mentioned in Ayurveda. It is free from toxins and completely safe for baby’s tender skin. 

Mother Sparsh Baby Massage oil
Mother Sparsh Baby Massage oil


  • Shankhpushapi (whole plant oil extract), 
  • Ashwagandha (whole plant oil extract),  
  • Durva (root oil extract)        
  • Tagar (root oil ext.)                                                                                
  • Tamalpatra (leaf oil extract)                                           
  • Coconut (endosperm oil)                                        
  • Almond (seed oil)                                              
  • Walnut (seed oil) 
  • Jojoba (seed oil) 
  • Olive (seed oil) 
  • Lavender (flower oil) 
  • Orange (leaf oil)  
  • Wheat germ (seed oil) 
  • Rosehip (seed oil)  
  • Lajjalu( root oil extract) 
  • Sunflower (seed oil) 
  • Sesame (seed oil)                                      

Each of these ingredients has some amazing qualities to improve skin and provide good moisturization and hydration to the skin. Some ingredients like lajjalu help in strengthen bones and muscles, while some other like sesame has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties protect the skin from infections and keep the delicate skin of babies healthy. 

Unique features 

The oil is made up of 18 herbs and natural oils. The natural ingredients present in the massage oil protect, nourish as well as cares to the needs of baby’s delicate skin. The formulation is 100% natural and completely pure and non-toxic. This amazing combination is very gentle for the delicate skin of the baby and helps in keeping the skin soft, supple and radiant. 

Along with this, Mother Sparsh follow a decoction process for manufacturing this oil. In this process, they take 6 herbs ( Shankhpushapi, Durva, Ashwagandha, Lajjalu and Tamalpatra)  and add 4 times water to it and boil till it remains ¼ left. Then they filter the decoction and add it to sesame oil. As next step, they boil it again until the water gets evaporated. In next step, they allow it to cool down and add 11 oils (coconut, almond, walnut, Jojoba, Olive, Lavender, Avocado, Orange, wheat germ, Rosehip, and sunflower). This process brings the goodness of herbs and natural oil to massage oil and provides excellent care to the delicate skin of babies.  

Watch this video to know the manufacturing process of Mother Sparsh baby massage oil!


Personal experience 

Recently, I had gotten an opportunity to receive this baby massage oil for review purpose. I had sent this oil to my sister-in-law (as my kids are older now) 

My sister in law has received this baby massage oil a few days ago, and she is using it regularly. She is a second-time mommy of a cute little boy. I had taken her feedback for writing this post. Here are some highlighting points about Mother Sparsh baby massage oil, that she has shared with me.  

Light on skin and absorbs quickly 

Massage is a routine ritual in our family. We all had followed this for our newborn babies (at least for up to 1 year). As she is a second-time mommy, she already had a good experience of different brands of baby massage oils (in past). As per her previous experience, most of the baby massage oils leave a sticky feeling on the baby’s delicate skin and did not absorb quickly.  
 But this time, with Mother Sparsh massage oil, it was a different (and good) experience. She says.” this oil is so light on the skin and gets absorbed so quickly. And leave no sticky feeling afterwards. This is the best experience, I had so far.” 

Perfect moisturization 

Despite being light on the skin, it provides excellent moisturization to baby’s delicate skin. Baby skin feels soft, supple and perfectly moisturized.  regular massage with this oil provides excellent nourishment to baby’s tender skin and keep it healthy and radiant.  

Helps in sleeping peacefully 

Sound sleep is a very important factor for proper development and growth of babies. Regular massage with this amazing oil helps in relaxing baby and also work great in sleep peacefully.  

Free from strong fragrance  

Last but not the least, Mother Sparsh oil is free from strong fragrance, artificial perfumes or other toxic materials. This unique formulation makes it an ideal choice for delicate skin care of babies.  


As a conclusion, I would say, “Mother Sparsh baby massage oil is an excellent option for providing gentle and ideal care to the delicate skin of babies. It has many unique features (like made up of natural ingredients, and free from strong fragrances) that make this product different from other brands. If you are looking for a perfect option of massage oil for skincare of your baby, just go for it. I am sure you will not be disappointed.” 


This article has been written for information purpose only. Always consult your doctor before starting massage or using any oil for your baby.  


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