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Future I wish after Covid-19!

Though I am not feeling good to start this post with a negative note, but it is true that, 

It has been more than 4 months since disruption in normal routine activities, self-isolation and shuttered businesses became the norm in most of the countries due to corona virus pandemic. With this disturbing situation, we all are feeling tired and frustrated and waiting eagerly for the time, when this dreading virus go away from our lives and we can enjoy our normal routine without a sense of fear and anxiety”. 

This week, when I had decided to write a blog post on topic “Future I wish after Covid 19…”. plenty of thoughts had come in my mind. While thinking about this topic, I had a mixed bag of emotions. One side, I had a list of things that I really want to do after the pandemic is over, another side on broader perspective, I had felt a sense of shared responsibilities for the post Covid 19 period. 

I am a type of person who loves to look forward to things. So, for writing this post, I had thought why not I should plan and visualized the things that I cannot wait to do as soon as the stressful time of Corona-virus gets over.  

In this post, I am sharing both point of view (wish list and responsibilities), regarding “Future I wish after Covid-19..”. read the post to know more! 

So, here is my wish list that I am looking forward after we defeat the corona virus. 

My wish list post Covid 19 

Freedom from scary thoughts of Covid 19 

Honestly, this one is my first wish list. During this last 3-4 months, we all had felt a great sense of fear and anxiety. This pandemic has affected our mental health so badly. And we had a constant state of fear and anxiety with a persistent thought that “we do not know what will happen next?”. I am feeling completely exhausted with this fearful state of mind and want to get rid of these negative thoughts as soon as possible. I want to enjoy a normal state of mind with inner peace and calmness.  

Get back to normal social life including outdoor fun activities 

Like all other kids, my girls also had a hard time during this stressful pandemic situation. From their routine school schedule to play date, birthday parties, water park visit, swimming classes, there are a long list of activities that they had missed during this last 4 months. They had kept a good level of patience while dealing with this stressful situation. 

As soon as the things get normalized, I want to take them all their favorite spots. Shopping, adventure park, play dates, and all other things that they wish to do.  

Plan India visit ASAP 

I believe that this is the thing that we all miss the most during stressful time of Covid 19.  I am sure we all are seeking desperately an opportunity to meet and socialize with our families. It had been a high stress situation for me, as my both parents lived in India and I am here I USA due to my husband’s job. It gives me great comfort to plan and visualize that once the virus passes, I can plan my India trip soon and meet them personally. 

After sharing this wish list, I want to share some of my thoughts of shared responsibilities that I wish to follow in “Future after Covid-19″. 

Shared responsibilities post Covid-19 

Care and respect for mother nature 

Though Covid 19 was a stressful situation for all of us but this hard time has taught lots of valuable life lessons too. As this pandemic bound as to stay indoor for long time, and restricted our various outdoor activities (use of vehicles, etc.), This thing has healed mother nature and lowers the pollution level. 

It has been observed that lockdown found to reduce water and air pollution including CO2 and NO2 emissions. Of course, it is a wonderful feeling to breath in a clean environment but another side I have a fear that it will go back again to previous stage if we did not care it properly. I wish that we understand our responsibilities towards mother nature and try to keep it as much as clean and pollution free. 

Read this post to know more about why should we respect mother nature in future post Covid 19. 

Keep Spend family time together  

This pandemic has united as a family and we all had created beautiful memories of precious family time. But as soon as we get back to our normal lives, we will get caught up in a hectic whirlwind of many activities and hectic schedule. And will again forget the importance of spending quality time together. I wish, we did not forget the importance of spending family time together in a future post Covid 19, and will take out time to reconnect and strengthen the relationship with our family 

 Limit the tech/gadget addiction 

No doubt during this challenging time, technology has helped us a lot and with the help of online services, we had finished our many important tasks and routine activities, but in some ways, we had developed an over dependency on technology and gadget addictions during these days.  

Post Covid 19, I wish we limit our tech time and enjoy more real-life activities. 

Take a step to help poor community 

Along with other hazards, this pandemic has affected our economic system so badly. Millions of people are suffering from unemployment and poverty due to this condition. It has been estimated that 49 million into extreme poverty in 2020. 

In fact, post Covid 19 period will have various challenges for filling that gap on economical level that this pandemic has created. And this will be a time, when as a responsible citizen, we need to get united for serving poor community. I wish, we all take even a tiny step to help that community. 

A small step of help could make a major difference in improving overall situation. 

So, these were my thoughts for future post Covid 19. What do you think about it? Please share! 


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