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New year, New hope and new series coming soon on the blog!

Happy new year everyone! hope you all had a wonderful holidays and great family time during last few days.

Here in Pleasanton, weather is too cold and due to cold weather, we had enjoyed more indoor activities than outdoor activities. I had taken a sort of online break for doing a digital detox. honestly, being a blogger, it is little hard to stay away from online world for a long time, but I did it.

Apart from spending quality time with my family, I had spent some quality “Me time” too. I had taken time to analysed my last year and make some plans for upcoming new year too.

This year, I had selected this phrase to motivate myself for doing hard work with constant motivation and firm dedication.

Yes! this year, I will try to say yes to new challenges and adventures and would love to learn new skills. I believe life is a journey not a destination and this journey become exciting and enriching, when we learn new things and take new challenges. so, ya I am all set to overcome my inhibitions and stepping out from my comfort zone.

but I want to do all these with a balanced approach and a calm ( and peaceful) mind. instead of making long lists of resolutions, I want to make short term and achievable goals this year ( monthly) . and want to work with proper strategy to achieve them.

On blogging perspective last year, was an average year for me. I had published my first e book ” Creative kids”, participated in #Myfriendalexa and so many other blogging campaigns and received good response for my latest kids series, “Science for kid”.

This year, I will try to work more hard and will create more quality content for my readers. and in this attempt, I had planned two exciting new series, one for blog and other for instagram and Youtube.

In this post, I am really excited to share about it, in brief. so the first series is,

Winter health care

#Announcement #comingsoon

According to Ayurveda ,winter is one of the best season to take care of your health and improve your fitness. winter always consider as a great season to nourish our body by eating seasonal fruits, vegetables and winter appropriate diets.

it has been suggested that we should make some changes in our diet and daily routine, when weather changes. ” Ritucharya” ( lifestyle changes according to weather) is one of the best way to enhancing immunity and keep yourself away from seasonal diseases.

So, to keep these factors in mind, I had thought why not share the winter health benefits in the form of a series. In this series, I will share and try to cover all the important aspect of “Winter wellness”, ranging from winter diet to exercise and other lifestyle changes. the series will include:

  • Winter health drinks
  • Winter appropriate diet and winter special recipes for better health and increase immunity.
  • Exercise options during winter
  • Home remedies for common winter illnesses
  • Homeopathy and winter diseases
  • Motivation for winter wellness and much more!

In short, the series will summarized all important aspects of winter wellness. I am hoping this posts will help you in staying on track and will help you healthy and fit during winter season.

Also, I want to make this series a learning opportunity too. would love to know, your winter wellness secrets and strategies for this season. so please share, your experiences too, in comment section, to make this winter wellness journey more exciting and amazing.

Now, it is the time to reveal theme of second series. this will be a video series ( for Instagram and Youtube), and will be present by my girls.

During last few months, they had learnt a lot about science with #Scienceforkids series ( the series is not over yet and we will share exciting experiments in between)

And now, they are so excited to share more, with next series.

The name of second series is

“What we love”-presented by Angel and Pranjal

This series is a review special series, where both girls will share what they love. they will review their favourite TV shows, kids movies. books, kids friendly restaurants, parks, kids event and much more!

I am so excited for this series, because this time, it will be a kind of unscripted show and they will share what they love actually. I had loved this idea particularly, because this reviewing experience will enhance their analytical power and they will develop a style to express their views with others with confidence and proper presentation.

So, this is first small step for month of january..hoping you will like these series . please share, what are your plans for new year? how you keep yourself motivated for work hard?

It is all for now, bye and wishing you all again a happy and prosperous new year!


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