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#AuthorInterview: Meet Jaishree Nenwani: Author of “Tiny Habits, Massive results”!

Author interview: Jaishree Nenwani: Author of "Tiny Habits, Massive results"!
Author interview: Jaishree Nenwani: Author of “Tiny Habits, Massive results”!

Hi everyone!

I am back with another author interview post after long time. In this post, I am introducing you to my dear friend and author of “Tiny habits massive results”, Jaishree Nenwani.

Read the post to know more about her book and her author journey.

Q1: Can you please tell our readers about yourself? (Introduce yourself)

A1: Of course. I’m Jaishree Nenwani, born and raised in the vibrant city of Delhi. My educational journey led me to the Meera Bai Institute of Technology, where I was an Architecture. After that, I pursued post-graduation in management studies from SCDL. I spent a few years in the corporate world but due to a health issue, I quit full-time work. I tried many different work options from home and successfully ran my recruitment venture. But, after a few years, I felt the need to find peace in what I do, and I am so happy that I chose writing. Other than writing books, I also have a blog where I write about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and soon I’ll be adding resources for women to become financially independent while at home.

Q2: Please Tell us something more about your book “Tiny Habits Massive Results.” What was the real reason and inspiration behind picking this theme for writing your book?

A2: “Tiny Habits Massive Results” is more than just a book; it’s a journey into the transformative power of small, consistent actions. The inspiration behind this theme stemmed from a realization – the profound impact of seemingly insignificant habits on our lives. Observing how these tiny habits, when intentionally cultivated, could lead to substantial and lasting results, I felt compelled to share this insight with others. The book serves as a guide to help readers harness the potential of these small habits for their own personal growth.

Q3: Can you share with us something about the book that is not in the blurb? Any snippets or any message that you want to convey with this Book?

A3: Certainly. Beyond the blurb, the book has shades of real-life examples and practical strategies. It goes beyond being a mere guide; it’s an exploration into the empowerment that comes with understanding and implementing intentional habits. Every page is crafted with the message that, irrespective of how small a habit may seem, it contributes significantly to a larger positive change. It’s a celebration of personal empowerment, showcasing that everyone possesses the ability to shape their destiny through the small actions they take every day.

Q4: Who are the ideal readers of your Book? (What can readers expect from your book “Tiny Habits massive results?)

A4: The ideal readers are those on a quest for personal growth. Whether you’re aiming to enhance productivity, build healthier relationships, or achieve success in your career, the book offers actionable insights. Readers can expect not only a practical guide but a transformative experience, learning how to seamlessly integrate tiny habits into their daily routines to unlock their full potential.

Q5: What is your most Favorite and what is your least favorite part of publishing a book?

A5: My favorite part undoubtedly lies in the opportunity to connect with readers. Witnessing the positive impact, the book has on people’s lives and engaging in meaningful conversations is incredibly rewarding. On the flip side, my least favorite part involves navigating the complications of the publishing process – the logistics, the inevitable challenges, and every element that goes into bringing a book to life. In fact, I feel publishing was the most stressing part of the entire process.

Q6: What is the most surprising thing you have learned or discovered while writing your book?

A6: The most surprising discovery during the writing process was witnessing the cumulative effect of seemingly small habits on overall well-being and success. It was a powerful reminder that consistent, intentional actions, regardless of their size, can lead to transformative results over time. The journey of writing the book deepened my appreciation for the significance of these small, intentional habits in shaping a fulfilling and successful life.

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I had a great time while interviewing Jaishree and knowing more about her author journey. Hope you would also like it. Please share your thoughts in the comment box .

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