Unlock your child’s creativity & Imagination with Naratopia’s storytelling revolution! ( storytelling platform) review ( storytelling platform) review

Raising children in the digital era has become more challenging than ever. New-age parents (including me) grapple with a host of parenting challenges, ranging from navigating their kids’ screen time to deepening their emotional bonds with their kids.

Especially, since the time of pandemic, Electronic gadgets, (video games, iPhones, iPad etc.) have become an integral part of children’s daily routines.  As a result, families finding it difficult to carve out meaningful moments together. Sadly, the excessive use of digital technology is impacting the health and development of our children and also acting as a barrier to cultivating a nurturing and loving family environment.

In this era of digital addiction, parents are constantly seeking creative approaches to not only manage their kid’s screen time but also to enhance and fortify their relationships with their young ones.

Of course, this situation seems frustrating but it is not the end of hope. If we look back, we can find many amazing ways that our parents and grandparents used to keep kids creatively engaged and make an incredible bond with them.

Yes, you have guessed it right. I am talking about the magical power of “Storytelling”. Storytelling is one of the most efficient and popular activities for entertaining and educating kids since ages. Storytelling offers various incredible benefits for a child’s development. It helps in enhancing creativity and building imagination power in kids and also works great in developing vocabulary and language learning.

As a millennial (growing kid in the 90s), I have plenty of amazing storytelling memories with my dad and grandmom and now, as a mom of two teenage  girls, I have carried on this tradition by weaving the art of storytelling into our family life as well.

Oral storytelling is one of the popular formats of storytelling. However, with changing times and due to the advancement of technology, now we have plenty of other storytelling options (Audio format, web-based platform etc.) to introduce and explore the art of storytelling for our kids. These other formats have made storytelling a lot easier and enjoyable for kids as well as for parents.

I am sure the perks of storytelling have motivated you to explore this timeless practice with your kids and you must be looking for an easy way to make storytelling time more fun and entertaining for your kids.

To help you out, I am introducing you to one of the best online storytelling platforms, with this post.

Why is one of best platform to elevate the enjoyment of storytelling for you and your kids? What are the unique features of and what is our personal experience regarding it? Keep reading to know more.

Naratopia: Your one-stop destination for unleashing the power of storytelling! ( storytelling platform) review ( storytelling platform) review

Naratopia is a home of unforgettable stories. It is a place where the magic of storytelling comes to life.  They are a team of three passionate storytellers, illustrators and dreamers and they have a simple vision to create unique stories, fairy tales and bedtime stories that have never been told.

What can you expect on

Naratopia offers a wide range of unique story collections for different ages of kids. They also offer more than 400 free color books to unleash creativity in your kids. Moreover, they have incorporated advanced AI to craft vivid illustrations in each story to enhance your story-reading experience. The best part, all of their written bedtime stories are available to listen to on Spotify.

What are some unique features of

Here are some unique features of

Diverse and wide range of story collections in different categories

As I mentioned earlier, Naratopia offers a diverse range of story collections for you and your kids. If you are a parent of a young kid, then you already know that it is quite challenging to create or search for a new story every day to entertain our kids. Here, Naratopia comes across as your best friend. Their wide range of amazing story collection solve your worry about searching for a new story every day and you can be assured of having a great time with your kids while reading or listening to these stories.

Here, I am listing the different categories from their platform to give you an idea about their wide range of story collections.

Diverse range of stories collection
Diverse range of stories collection
  • Stories as per different characters (animal, human, mystical characters)
  • Stories as per different emotions (cute, funny, exciting, happy, scary and many more)
  • Different genre stories (Adventure, anime, comic books, fantasy and many more)
  • Stories as per topic of interest (Educational, climate change, money, death, time and many more)

Visually appealing and eye-catching illustrations (inclusion of beautiful images)

Naratopia is not just about reading a story in a text format. They have put their best efforts into making this platform visually appealing by including plenty of beautiful illustrations in each story. These illustration works great in keeping kids engaged and offer a wholesome experience while reading.

Audio format (Spotify)

If you are a working parent or do not have enough time to read aloud or read together these stories for your kids, then your kids can enjoy these amazing stories in audio format. All these stories are available on Spotify and your kids can listen to them at any time.

Personal experience

I have explored their platform properly and checked out their various sections to understand the what type of content they are offering for kids. I have called my little one (she is 11) and we both have focused on the story section for kids age 10 and older. We found many interesting stories in this section and had a great time while reading it together.

Here, I am sharing a brief reference to one of their story named “Collection of Love”.

Collection of love: Story from
Collection of love: Story from

This story is about a teen girl named Leila who moved to a new town. She was nervous about attending her new class and was apprehensive due to her cultural background (Jewish). When she visited her classroom, she was pleasantly surprised by a warm welcome by her classmates. She also feels great to know that her classmates are from different cultural backgrounds (Hindu, Christian and Muslim).

In an adverse event, when her grandmom got sick and her family struggled with finances, these friends from different cultural backgrounds not only supported her emotionally but they worked as a team to raise funds and help her family financially.

We both (me and my girl) have loved this story a lot. The story captured and portrayed a wide range of emotions beautifully. All the characters have been defined with creativity. The language of the story is captivating yet easy to understand and the illustrations were eye-catching and added a visual appeal to content. Moreover, the story conveys a strong and beautiful message of the power of unity and putting humanity above than cultural identity. 

beautiful illustrations with stories
beautiful illustrations with stories

 We loved this message and had a great reading experience with our story reading time.

If you are interested in reading this story, click here.


In conclusion, “Storytelling is an incredible art form and offers many amazing benefits for kids. If you are looking for a digital (web-based and audio) platform for enjoying and exploring, the art of storytelling for your kids, then I will suggest you visit we had a satisfactory experience while reading and listening to amazing stories on their platform. And we highly recommend you check out their platform. We are sure, you will not be disappointed with their incredible story collections and eye-catching illustrations.”

If you want to know more about their platform, click here.

Click here to listen on Spotify.

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