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#Wellnesshourbloghop 2023: 6 Amazing health/nutrition niche Youtubers for uplift your health game in 2023!

Top health niche youtubers for uplift your health game in 2023
Top health niche youtubers for uplift your health game in 2023

Hi everyone,  

I am super excited to be a part of wellness hour blog hop 2023 hosted by my dear friends Swarnali Nath and Rakhi Jayashankar. And looking forward to reading amazing posts on health and wellness themes.  

For sharing my post, I tried to pick a relevant and informative topic and I am hoping my post will help you in some way to uplift your health and wellness journey in the year 2023.  

We live in a world that is supremely influenced by the power of digital media. There are many amazing bloggers/ YouTubers out there who inspire millions of people with their incredible health content and motivate us to adopt healthy lifestyle practices in our day-to-day life.  

In this post, I am sharing 6 amazing YouTubers who have inspired me a lot on a personal level. I always visit their platforms to get amazing health tips and learn healthy recipes. These people are doing a great job in motivating millions of people to improve their lifestyle and working on their diet and other lifestyle factors.  

Read on to know more. 

Top 6 health/nutrition niche youtubers for uplift your health game in 2023!

Fit Tuber

I would love to start this list with my one of most favorite health niche youtuber and that is none other than Vivek Mittal aka fit tuber. With 7.26 M followers on YouTube, Vivek sir is the inspiration of a million people. His YouTube channel is one of the best channels for getting authentic health advice to uplift your health game. 

What can you expect from fit tuber? 

If you have an interest in ancient health science Ayurveda and want to know more about it, then Fit tuber can be your one stop destination for it. From Ayurvedic home remedies to simple yoga tutorials, you can find various types of incredible health content on his channel.  

The best part is that he explains complex Ayurvedic principles in simple and easy to understand language. He also shares amazing healthy recipes on a regular basis. As next USP, he also does an amazing comparative analysis of different lifestyle products and tells us which products are best and which are worst for your health. 

Footfitness and fun

This one is second on my list. With 1.51 million followers, Dietician Manju Malik is one of the best YouTuber on the internet to get authentic nutritional advice. She has an incredible style of explaining complex nutritional concepts in simple language. She inspires us to cook healthy and eat healthy even with a hectic lifestyle.  

What can you expect at food fitness fun? 

If you are looking for Indian vegetarian diet plan for weight loss, then Food fitness fun can be the one stop destination for you. Here, you can get precise and well-crafted diet plans for different seasons. Moreover, her channel is a great option to learn many healthy recipes including snacks, drinks, main meal and much more with simple and easily available ingredients.  

Best part, she has two channels. Her second channel is Fit food flavor is the recipe special channel and you can learn many amazing recipes from her expert guidance.  

Skinny recipes 

 This one is another amazing channel for learning healthy recipes and getting great nutrition related advice. Running by Nisa homey, this channel is a great option to learn healthy and gluten free recipes which will help you in weight loss process and will help to shift towards a healthy lifestyle.  

What can you expect from skinny recipes 

Honestly, if you are looking for gluten free Indian recipes for your health issues or for weight loss journey, then skinny recipe is one of the best platforms to learn them. From millet biscuits to ragi cake, you can learn many amazing gluten free recipes here. Nisha explains everything so well in her videos and teaches you the importance of including healthy ingredients in your routine meal.  In a timely manner, she also shares her personal experience regarding weight loss and health issues related to gluten intolerance. 


Next in list is “Gunjanshouts” is another amazing health YouTubers that share informative and unique health content. As the name says, she shouts a little bit while talking about health content but her passion and dedication towards healthy lifestyle is simple incredible. She has a personal journey of losing weight and becoming fat to fit.  

What can you expect from Gunjan shouts ?

First the healthy recipes. She has an incredible collection of various healthy, easy and practical recipes for different meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Unlike other resources, she always kept a simple approach with her recipes and while watching her recipes, you get a feeling that “Oh, yes, I can make this one.”. Second, she shares amazing and practical hacks for losing weight and making fitness a priority in life. If you are embarking on a weight-loss journey, then her channel can be a great guiding source for you. With 1.48 million subscribers, indeed Gunjan shouts is one of the best channels for fitness inspiration.  

Pick up limes 

When I am talking about the best YouTube channels for health and nutrition, how can I forget to mention dear Sadia and her loving husband Robin. With 4.09 M subscribers on YouTube, this duo is one of the best duos on Inernet to learn some amazing gluten free recipes and healthy lifestyle hacks.  

What can you expect from pickup limes ?

First of course, the healthy gluten free recipes and second the infectious positivity of Sadia. She talks about various topics on her channel including mental health, motivation and spirituality. If you feel demotivated or want to uplift your spirit for better productivity, this channel can be a great source of inspiration.  

Moreover, their content is quite aesthetic and visually appealing. Whether the recipes or daily vlogs, you feel mesmerized with high quality visuals. The excellence in each department shows Sadia’s dedication to her work.  

Satvic movement 

 Next one in list, one of the most amazing channels for inspiring you to follow a healthy and spiritual lifestyle and that is Satvic movement. As the name suggest, this channel is based on following ancient Indian lifestyle practices like Yoga, healthy diet and study of Vedas and Puran. With 5.69 M subscribers, satvic movement is one of the best channels to get a good help for improving your lifestyle, overcoming diseases and adopting a wholesome ( satvic) diet.  

What can you expect from this channel? 

Subah and Harsh share a variety of content on Satvic movement. Healthy recipes, yoga tutorials by experts like Radhika Gupta and Akshay and spiritual workshops and health challenges at minimum cost on Zoom, there are many things to learn and explore on this channel. They also have an incredible collection of plant-based recipes (on channel and as books too) to give you some serious inspiration for trying these amazing plant-based recipes.  

So, these are some pf my favorite health/nutrition niche Youtubers from digital sphere. Have you followed any of these channels? Which one is your favorite? Please share with me.  

This post is a part of the Wellness Hour Bloghop by Swarnali Nath and Rakhi Jayshankar


  • Ujjwal Mishra

    I usually follow any random video for fitness that comes my way, and then keep doubting whether i should beleive them or not. Thanks for sharing a list of trustworthy youtubers. Will check it out.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    I often scourge the net for wholesome and healthy recipes that revolve around easy-to-do millet, and vegan ingredients. Thanks a lot for sharing this list that helps in sieving the wheat from the chaff.

  • Jeannine

    I’m glad all these YouTubers are those who don’t teach fads or quick diets whom instead of helping other people only conveys the wrong information to many. I’m all in for social media and technology but using it for the good and authentic way of helping others in mind should be the at most goal.

  • Anjali

    Thanks for sharing, Surbhi! I’m always on the lookout for reliable health and nutrition content. Fit Tuber is a definite favorite of mine too. Looking forward to checking out the others on your list!

  • Ambica Gulati

    That’s a great list. I have been following Sattvic Movement for a long time now. I will subscribe to the others. Another channel I follow diligently is by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra–The Yoga Institute. She gives some sensible advice too, especially helps in ageing bodies and both men and women.

  • Samata

    First of all I will appreciate the effort and dedication that you showed in preparing this list of youtubers for health and wellness videos which will be helpful for many like me in bring health wellness in our daily life. I am going to subscribe these channels for sure for my personal benefit. Thanks again

  • Neerja Bhatnagar

    Your compilation of favorite health niche YouTube channels is truly commendable! Your enthusiastic descriptions of each channel provide a great insight into what they offer. It’s wonderful to see how these content creators are contributing to promoting health and wellness through their unique perspectives. From Fit Tuber’s comprehensive approach to Ayurveda, Dietician Manju Malik’s simplified nutritional advice, to Skinny Recipes’ focus on gluten-free options, each channel brings its own flavor to the table. Your recommendations are not only informative but also inspire us to prioritize our well-being. Kudos for sharing this valuable list! ???????? #HealthAndWellnessYoutubers

  • Monidipa Dutta

    Hey there! Your enthusiasm shines through in this blog post. Fantastic list of health YouTubers, and your personal touch adds a friendly vibe. Loved your detailed insights into each channel. Answering your question, Skinny Recipes is my go-to! Keep spreading the wellness inspiration!

  • Varsh

    I follow quite a few Fitness and health instructors on Instagram but never explored on YouTube much. Thanks for sharing such amazing handles and their niches too. I’m always looking for fitness tips and healthy recipes. Would love to check them out!

  • docdivatraveller

    I really needed some recommendations for YT and your post just came on time! It’s so important to remain connected to the latest world of wellness, and YTubers are the best ones to do this job. Checking all of them out.

  • mahekg

    This was a very different post, we all are influenced by social media a lot in our life and following influencers who help us in our wellness journey is great way for continuous inspiration. Will surely check these handles out.

  • Swarnali Nath

    I follow most of them for my own healthy living resources like weight loss tips, healthy recipes, healthy habits and all. Satvic Movement helps a lot in living life with core values and practicing mindful living in daily life. Thanks for sharing these fitness influencers and their works with us. Thank you for joining us and making this blog hop successful. I am grateful for your contribution and participation in the wellness hour blog hop. Means a lot. Gratitude.

  • Pooja Jha

    Wow! How beautifully you have curated this post of wellness around these amazing fitness and wellness enthusiastic YouTubers. I am already following most of them and my favourites fittuber and SatvikMoment. I usually follow the mentioned things and try to keep them in continuation, and it really helps. I hhave experienced personally so plus 1 for your amazing post.

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