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#Productreview: Most trustworthy lifestyle brand for your bundle of joy!

product review:
product review:

Being a mother is the most creative crowing experience of any woman’s life. It is a beautiful journey that shows us a wide spectrum of emotion every day. Some days we feel overjoyed with the incredible feeling of raising loving kids, while some days it feels quite challenging to fulfil various motherhood responsibilities all together.    

Being a mother of two lovely girls, I experienced that shopping for little ones is one of the challenging aspects of motherhood. Because, it is not only about the look and style, but also about the quality, safety and much more.  

I remember, when my girls were young, I used to do lots of research for buying their clothing and other stuff.  As a caring mom, I always want to ensure that I am buying safe and high-quality stuff for them.  

In recent years, things have changed. Now, we have baby clothing brands like mama and peaches, who are highly passionate about providing well-researched, high-quality lifestyle essentials (clothing, furniture, etc.) for our little ones.  

Recently, I got an opportunity to shop and review their clothing collection.  

I had explored their website properly and selected two cute outfits for my nephew. One is a tropical animals kurta set and the second is a space night suit.  

Both outfits are cute and of great quality.  

In this post, I am sharing a detailed review of the brand and its unique features. Read on to know more.  

Before diving deep into it, first let’s talk about the brand mission and its unique vision for providing safe, eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle products for their customers.  

Product review: Most trustworthy lifestyle brand for your bundle of joy! 

product review:
product review:

About the brand  

Mama & Peaches provides parents with a sustainable and curated shopping experience that makes life easy and enjoyable! At Mama & Peaches we curate products that support healthy and joyful lifestyle choices for both mama and baby and celebrate the fabulous spirit of womanhood. 

What can you order from their website? is your one stop destination for buying various newborn essentials including clothing, sleepwear, furniture for the baby room, gifting set and much more. They have been awarded as the “Most innovative brand for infant apparel” and this recognition expresses their commitment for curating high quality, stainable lifestyle essentials for our little ones.  

What had we ordered from their website? 

As I mentioned earlier, I have ordered two outfits for my nephew.  

Here are more details about each one.  

Tropical animals kurta set 

Tropical animals kurta set
Tropical animals kurta set

Tropical animal print kurta set is a fun, bright and unisex Kurta Set with full sleeve. It has a comfortable waist band. It is made from 100% cotton (100% GOTS certified organic cotton). It is non-itchy and super comfortable and available in kids’ sizes 6 months -5 years. 

Space night suit (full sleeves)

Space night suit
Space night suit

Space night suit is a full sleeves night suit with a fun Space themed print. It has a comfortable waist band. It is made from 100% cotton (100% GOTS certified organic cotton). It is non-itchy and super comfortable and available for kids’ sizes 6 months -6 years. 

Personal experience 

Incredible brand story  

Usually, I start sharing my personal experience by mentioning packaging and other routine things, but here I am making an exception and sharing more about their brand story. While exploring their website, I came across the brand story page (about us) and got impressed with their thoughtful approach for curating amazing lifestyle essentials for our little ones.  

Here are some snippets of their brand story and I am sure like me, all caring moms and dads would feel an immediate sense of connection with their brand mission. 

At Mama & Peaches we are problem solvers and spend hours researching and learning about products so that you don’t have to. Founder Tanya is tinkering through motherhood to create and source innovative products you just can’t live without. Along with her husband Varun, our mission is to deliver a Happy Mamahood, one household at a time!” 

Compostable packaging  

Brand has used compostable bags for packaging clothing and that is indeed a great choice not only for us but for the environment as well.  

Use of high-quality fabric (100% GOTS certified organic cotton) 

Infants and young kids have highly sensitive skin. Thus, it is important to select outfits that are made of high-quality fabric. Having reputable certification like GOTS can be another plus point. Here, the brand again fulfilled both criteria. The tropical animal kurta set, and space sleeping suits are both made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which ensures that we are buying high-quality stuff.  


Of course, comfort is another important factor that is essential when buying clothing for little ones. Here, again mamaandpeach outfit get full points. These outfits are non-itchy and highly comfortable. Kids can wear them for longer hours without any discomfort.  

When I asked my sister-in-law regarding this, she said that “Both outfits are made of high-quality fabrics and have soft elastic bands in pajamas which are highly comfortable. The tropical animals kurta set is great for casual outings and space night suit works great in offering great quality sleep at night”.  

Sustainably produced  

As caring and conscious parents, we always prefer safe and sustainably produced clothing and other essentials for our kids. Here, mamaandpeach again tick this box too. The brand has followed authentic, eco-friendly and sustainable practices for manufacturing. So, we can get peace of mind that we are buying the best for our little ones.  

Value for money  

As a last benefit, these outfits of course are great option as value for money. Despite being high quality, they are pocket-friendly, and you can select many amazing outfits from their wide range of collections by keeping to a limited budget too.  


In conclusion, “ is an incredible brand for buying various lifestyle essentials for infants and young kids.  use of high-quality fabric and incorporation of sustainable practice for manufacturing are another USP of brand. We had a satisfactory experience while buying clothing from their website. And we highly recommend you check out their website to explore an amazing collection of lifestyle essentials for your little ones”.  

If you are interested in visiting their website, click here.  

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  • Preeti Chauhan

    Your nephew looks so adorable in his MamaandPeaches space-themed blue night suit ( I am sure he loves it too)and I just love the ethnic outfit with the animal print comfortable kurta. The sustainable sourcing and packaging are added pluses to pit my penny here.

  • jeetjinder

    Heard of this brand just now, Surbhi. Thanks for sharing. My grandsons love stars and space and it looks perfect for the, I am going to shop at mamaandpeaches for my grandsons now.

  • Ruchie

    Price is something I always look with comfort and fabric when it comes to select clothes for my kids. Happy to know about this brand and now I will check it out to order few stuff for kids.

  • Ambica Gulati

    We are a home of single adults! But I remember my mom getting night suits stitched for me with beautiful prints. This generation of parents would love the stars and space nightsuits. And animal prints are a great way to educate kids on wildlife. Moreover, you have mentioned that it’s pure organic cotton. So good for kids.

  • MeenalSonal

    Wow! seems a great shopping option for parents who are looking for comfortable and unique styling options for their toddlers. I would surely share about this in my other groups.

  • Monidipa Dutta

    Fantastic review of Mama & Peaches! Your post radiates genuine enthusiasm for their high-quality, sustainable products. You’ve eloquently highlighted the brand’s ethos, comfortable fabric, and value for money. Your personal experience adds authenticity. A warm recommendation for fellow parents seeking safe and stylish options.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Your nephew is looking super adorable in both the dresses . As the festive season begins , I look forward to buy Comfortable ethinic wear for my son . Going to explore the website over the weekend .

    • Radhika

      I also keep on exploring brands that provides sustainable clothing for the little ones. Loved the detailed review, n I m definitely going to check out their website for my daughter’s outfit.thanks for sharing

  • Gleefulblogger

    I really love soft and sustainable material for kids wear, it keeps them comfortable and also safe for their sensetive skin. Thank you for sharing about this brand, will check for my kid.

  • Samata

    I just loved that space night suit and see how cute your nephew is looking. What that is most important which I observed from your Nephew’s pic wearing the outfits is a sense of comfort. These days its really hard to convince a child to wear something which we like and they dont like until and unless it gives a comfort feel to their skin after wearing. I will definitely try this out for my son. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

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