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Lotus botanicals Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti HairFall Combo: An excellent hair combo for gentle hair care!

lotus botanical's Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti HairFall Combo product review
lotus botanical’s Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti HairFall Combo product review

Hi everyone,

I am back with another product review post. this week, I had gotten a chance to review India’s leading natural beauty and wellness brand Lotus Botanicals products. as I am in USA, so my family has received “Red Onion Hair Re-growth & anti hair fall Combo” on my behalf. my mother is using the combo since last few days and having a satisfactory experience with it.

What is brand mission of Lotus botanicals ? what products are included in Red Onion Hair Re-growth & anti hair fall combo? and what is our personal experience with it? read the post to know more!

Lotus botanicals Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti hair fall Combo review!

Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti HairFall Combo review
Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti hair fall Combo review

About the brand

Lotus Botanicals embodies all things pure, balanced, and botanical. they believe that true beauty lies in creating a harmonious balance between nature and science. 

They firmly believe our wellness cannot come at the cost of nature. Lotus Botanicals was born keeping this very truth in mind. their mission is to find beauty secrets that create a perfect balance between humans & our planet and between science & nature.

Their product range is 100% safe, certified, cruelty-free, made from natural, plant-derived and ethically grown ingredients.

It uses nature’s most restorative and nourishing ingredients to create as-pure-as-it-gets skin & hair care products. In fact, each product delivers potent concentrations of plant actives that are truly transformative.

Product description

Product Type: Hair Care

Combo Includes:

  • 1 Red Onion Hair Revitalizer (100ml)
  • 1 Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Hair Oil (200ml)
  • 1 Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask (200g)
  • 1 Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Shampoo (300ml)

For a strong healthy hair, this is prefect hair combo for you. The Red Onion Hair-fall Control Shampoo penetrates deep to strengthen the roots and reduce hair fall. The Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Hair Oil revives dull and damaged hair. The Red Onion Hair Revitalizer restores the scalp’s lost nutrients and adds volume. And the Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask nourishes hair follicles and retains natural hair protein for stronger and smoother hair.

Brand claims for each product

Red Onion Hair Revitalizer

Red Onion Hair Revitalizer
Red Onion Hair Revitalizer

Brand claim red onion hair revitalizer, nourish your hair from root to tip . It boosts hair growth, reduces fall and odor while locking in natural hair protein and moisture. it is infused with powerful natural properties of red onion and ginseng, it restores scalp’s lost nutrients and keeps your tresses just the way they should be – strong and voluminous.

Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Hair Oil

Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Hair Oil
Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Hair Oil

Brand claims that red onion hair fall control hair oil revive dull, damaged and unhealthy hair. it is infused with the astounding properties of red onion and ginseng, its nutritive formula reaches deep to strengthen the strands, reducing hair loss and enhancing the quality of hair.

Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask

Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask
Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask

Brand state that red onion total repair hair mask, strengthen your hair from the roots. Its high-performance formula nourishes hair follicles, reducing hair loss and repairing damage. Its inherent nutrients retain natural hair protein for stronger and smoother hair.

Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Shampoo

Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Shampoo
Red Onion Hair-Fall Control Shampoo

Brand claims that red onion hair fall control shampoo preserve your precious hair and prevent it from thinning. it is formulated to nourish and penetrates deep to strengthen the roots. The result of which is reduced hair loss and thick & healthy tresses.

Unique features of Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti hair fall Combo!

When I have received this product review opportunity, before saying yes, I had visited brand website to know more about the specialty and USP of their products. I really got impressed with the brand ethos and their passion towards providing natural, cruelty-free and high quality products for their customers.

Here are some unique features of their products:

Use of safe and natural ingredients ( pure plant power)

All the products of lotus botanicals are made from natural and safe ingredients. these products are formulated by using potent plant botanical extracts and 100% safe and certified.

Environment- friendly

Brand has taken a conscious steps to reduce the impact on the environment at every stage of their product journey. From sourcing, formulating, packaging and delivery, they had followed environmental friendly practices and used only ethically grown ingredients.

Free from preservatives and toxic chemicals ( paraben free, sulphate free, silicon free)

Lotus botanicals products are free from preservatives and harmful toxic chemicals. they did not contain paraben, sulphate and silicon which are typically present in other beauty products. so, you can pick any of their products without worrying about any health concerns.


Lotus botanicals product packaging is made from easily recyclable plastics and thus they can be easily recycled and reduces the harmful impact on environment.

Cruelty free and 100% vegan

Last but not the least, lotus botanicals do not allow any of their product to be tested on animals. they believe that animals are our friend who we share the planet with. None of their products contain any animal by-products or ingredients.

Personal experience

My mom is using “Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti Hair fall Combo” since last few days. here is her thoughts and overall personal experience regarding this combo.

Use of red onion as key ingredients: First, she is highly impressed with the use of key ingredient in this hair combo. Red onion is an amazing ingredient to control hair fall and treat all sorts of hair problems. she really liked that this combo has used red onion as main ingredient and she is excited to see all the amazing results that red onion offers in hair care.

Read this post to know more about the benefits of red onion oil in hair care.

No pungent smells: Second pointer, though all the products from this hair combo are made up from red onion, however, they did not have any typical smell of red onion. when we make any DIY oil or hair pack with red onion, it smells so pungent. this is not the case with this combo. all the products in this combo has nice smell and did not cause any problem due to use of red onion as main ingredient.

Nice packaging and easy to application: my mother also liked the packaging and pump dispenser in each product. it makes all product to easy apply. the packaging is also travel-friendly. the bottles are made of recycled plastics, so you can carry them easily while travelling.

Detailed personal feedback about each product : As per my mom’s personal experience, Red Onion Hair-Fall Control* Shampoo has a gel like consistency. it is not like usual sulphate based shampoo. also, it did not create much foam and lather while applying. you need to mixed this with water first to get best experience. and you might need more quantity of shampoo, if you have done oiling. the shampoo cleanses scalp perfectly and have a nice smell.

Red Onion Hair-Fall Control hair oil is lightweight and nice smelling oil. the applicator help in easy application. it gives a good nourishing effect on scalp and did not cause any overwhelming feeling or effect like other herb based oil.

Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask has a creamy, smooth texture. you can use this as a at home hair spa treatment or as a hair conditioning option. this hair mask is easy to apply. it gives a good shine and texture to hair. my mom felt that it is great hair mask for providing extra nourishment and gentle care to your hair.

Red Onion Hair Revitalizer works like serum. it is lightweight and has a nice smell. it gives good shine to hair.

Regarding giving feedback about controlling hair fall or help in hair growth, we need more time. when my mom will use the combo for more than 1 month, I will update the post regarding these benefits. controlling hair fall or hair growth is slow gradual process and there are multiple factors ( your diet, lifestyle routine etc.) all play an important role.


As a conclusion, I would say “Lotus botanicals Red Onion Hair Re-growth & Anti Hair fall combo” is a great hair care product for providing great nourishment to your scalp and enhancing the quality of hair. if you are fond of using red onion DIY for your hair care but did not have time or have issue with red onion smell, then this combo is a great option for you. best part, all the products are in this combo are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. so, you did not have to worry about any health concerns“.

All and all this a great hair care combo with many impressive features and benefits. we had a satisfactory experience with this combo so far. if you are looking for a natural, cruelty free, plant based hair care products, then you should must check out this combo. I am sure, you will not be disappointed.

if you are interested in knowing more, visit

Note: this is a sponsored post for Lotus Botanicals. but all expressed opinion are my own.

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  • Alpana Deo

    I really wish this product was available in USA as well. I like Lotus brand. And I have tried the DIY Onion juice mask for hairball after my second pregnancy. It works.But as you have mentioned, the smell was so strong that I couldn’t continue it for long. Now, I am thinking how I get this product here. But thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hansa Kajaria

      Me and my daughter have been facing a lot of hair fall and I was on a look out for a product to help us out. I think I read ur blog at the right time. I have not used onion based products before and am gonna give it a try for sure.

  • Preeti Lal

    The article has truly peaked my interest. Never tried this product, but now m thinking to use it. Thanks for recommendation.

    • Imagemakeover

      Onion based hair products are always good, I have tried and it does wonders. Would love to try lotus one as I love their mild fragrance in their products. Thanks for sharing this honest review

  • Ruchie

    I was using onion oil of some other brand and somehow stopped in midway, now after reading this I feel need to check Lotus hair care combo for my hairfall.

      • MeenalSonal

        Use of natural products in cosmetics is in boom these days. It is certainly a great way to revive the age old home tips that our elders used to follow. Lotus is a great brand that offers some great products. I would love to use this product and suggest the same to my family and friends.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    These hair care products from Lotus Botanicals seem nice and effective. What I like best is the fact that they are all environment-friendly, and are also vegan and do not contain harmful chemicals. Sandy N Vyjay

  • Harjeet Kaur

    I like Lotus products. They have minimal chemicals and their sun screen suits me the best. I have not tried their onion oil. Thanks for the positive review. I will now try one as I have read that onion is very good for the hair.

  • Varsh

    Onions have been popular in haircare products of late and seem to have great results. Lotus is a favourite brand and I would love to try out this range. Good review!

  • Bedabrata Chakraborty

    I always knew that red onion is useful for hair. However its application is messy. Great that Lotus Botanicals is bringing it in a ready to use format. Will try.

  • freemindtree

    Hi Surbhi I am surely trying this entire kit as I am experiencing tremendous amount of hair fall. Just to confirm from you is this brand a sub brand of Lotus beauty products that we get? Also what is the costing per se of the kit? Is it available on Amazon?

  • Gleefulblogger

    In my recent discussion with the trichologist, I asked about the onion oil and juice benefits for hair-growth. He mentioned, onion oil acts as a agent to stimulate growth on the scalp. Lotus is a good brand will try these products. Thank you for sharing.

  • mahekg

    Lotus products are natural and beneficial. I have tried many of their products however not their onion range, your review looks promising will surely give this a try.

  • Tina Basu

    I like using their products too because they have natural ingredients. I specially liked their red onion range of hair oil. It suits my hair. Their serum is also something I liked.

  • Hasan Antar

    Onion extract-based hair products are always good. I always recommend my clients use onion extract oil. Thanks for sharing this honest review. Onion is rich in Sulfur and Potassium. It provides, strengthens and recovers split ends. It helps maintain the pH of the scalp and hair roots.

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