6 Amazing benefits of cycling for your health!

6 Amazing benefits of cycling for your health
6 Amazing benefits of cycling for your health

We all know the amazing health benefits of performing any kind of regular physical activity. Being physically active offer many incredible benefits for our overall health and well-being. As per CDC, regular physical activity help in improving our brain heath, offer a great help in healthy weight management and also improve our ability of performing other day to day activities.  

Here are some amazing health benefits of regular physical activities.  

Health benefits of regular physical activity  

  •  It helps in maintaining a healthy weight and also aid in weight-loss process.  
  • Reduces the risk of various lifestyle diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardio-vascular disease.  
  • Improve mental health. Regular physical exercise uplifted the mood and work great in reduce day to day stress. In fact, being physically active is consider as a great helping tool in treatment of depression and anxiety. Research suggests, regular exercise increases the level of feel-good hormone (serotonin) and help in dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety.  
  • Strengthens our musculoskeletal system and improve your body flexibility.  
  • Regular physical exercise also reduces the risk of cancer.  
  • Improve your appetite, sleep, digestive functions and put a positive impact on your overall health and well-being.  

Though all these health benefits of regular physical activity sounds so amazing. However, on practical aspect, this thing has its own sets of challenges. Many people find it hard to take out time for regular exercise due to hectic schedule. And for others, it is challenging to maintain a regularity in exercise routine. They get bored with same kind of exercise routine and find it hard to maintain a regular exercise momentum for long days. 

“Exercise boredom” is a reality and we all face it from time to time.  

The same thing has happened with me few days ago. I used to go for a walk every day in neighborhood area regularly. Things were going ok so far but recently; I felt a sense of boredom by doing same physical activity every day, since long months.  

So, for a change, I have decided to involve my little one in my fitness routine and asked her what can we do together to being physically active. She has suggested, we will go for biking (it is cycling actually, here in USA, biking is a fancy term for cycling).  

I liked her idea and we have started cycling together. initially, we started cycling only on weekends and then gradually make it as part of everyday routine. Now, we go for cycling at least 4-5 days in a week.  

It is so much fun and we both are having a great time with cycling while enjoying beautiful nature.  

Moreover, it was an amazing change to existing exercise routine. I am glad that this change has helped me to overcome the “Exercise boredom” successfully. And I have gotten a chance to spend some quality time with my little one.  

Indeed, cycling is a great form of exercise. Research shows cycling offers many health benefits and work great in obesity and management of other lifestyle diseases.  

 What are some amazing benefits of cycling for your health. And why should you give this a try? Read the post to know more! 

6 Amazing benefits of cycling for your health

6 Amazing benefits of cycling for your health
6 Amazing benefits of cycling for your health

Here are some amazing health benefits of cycling.  

Cycling help in improving lung function and vital capacity of lung 

Cycling is great for our lung function. Cycling increases our respiration rate and as a result, we take more oxygen while breathing. In long term, this thing increases vital capacity and overall function of your lungs.  

It helps in healthy weight management and also aid in weight-loss process 

Maintaining an ideal weight is a consistent journey and you have to put constant efforts for maintain an ideal weight or losing weight. Cycling can offer a great help in this aspect. Studies suggests, cycling at the rate of 16-19 mph can help you burn calories up to 1000 within a time duration of 56 to 83 minutes.   

Cycling plays a major role in prevention of lifestyle diseases (Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases like heart diseases and high blood pressure) 

As next benefit, cycling can play a vital role in prevention of various lifestyle diseases. Studies suggests, the hectic modern lifestyle which includes unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity causing various lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure at young age. People all across the globe are suffering from these elements at an increased rate. Cycling can help a lot in this aspect. Cycling improves heart health. It helps in strengthen the heart muscles and reduces cholesterol level. Studies suggest, regular cycling help in reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.  

It improves your mental health (reduce stress, improve mood and help in manage symptoms of depression and anxiety) 

Cycling offer plethora of amazing benefits for your mental health. Just like any other form of exercise, cycling helps in increasing the level of serotonin (feel-good hormone) and help in reducing cortisol (stress hormone) level. With this effect, it improves your mood and reduces the stress. In fact, cycling has been proven an effective way in managing depression and anxiety symptoms.  

Cycling strengthens your muscles and great exercise option for arthritis patients  

As another benefit, cycling is a full body workout. It helps in strengthen not only the leg muscles but work great for whole body muscles. It improves your body flexibility, body posture and coordination. Cycling is also a great exercise option for arthritis patients. It is a low-impact workout and did not cause extra stress on joints like other forms of exercise (running etc.). arthritic patients can get lots of benefits from regular cycling. Cycling improves joint mobility and help in managing arthritis symptoms.  

Is helps in reducing the risk of cancer and also help in cancer management  

This is another health benefit of cycling as per research, cycling to work could cut the risk of developing cancer up to 45%. Cycling also help in reducing the risk of colon and breast cancer. Additionaly, it also helps in reducing the side effect of cancer treatment. Make sure to take a professional advice before starting cycling, if you are taking chemotherapy or other anti-cancer treatment for cancer.  

Reasons why cycling is a great form exercise 

Apart from above mentioned health benefits, there are some other prominent reasons, why cycling is a great form of exercise and why you should give this a try.  

  • Cycling is in-expensive and easy to learn form of exercise. Unlike other form of exercises, you do not need expensive equipment or exclusive training to get started. People of any age group can start cycling and can get amazing health benefits that cycling offers.  
  • It is a low-impact workout means it did not cause extra stress on joints. So, there is less chances of body injuries. If you are a beginner or recovering from an injury, you can start cycling at low intensity and can increase the intensity as you develop stamina.  
  • Cycling can be used as a great way of transportation. It is cheaper than other mode of transportation. And also good for environment. If you have a hectic lifestyle and can take carve out extra time for exercise, you can use cycling as a mode of commute for your work. It is best way to incorporate physical activity in your hectic routine.  
  • Cycling is also a great way to enhance your social circle. You can join the cycling club in your area and can get connected with people who follow same passion. Joining cycling clubs also offer a great opportunity to learn from other experienced cyclist.  
  • It is also a great way to explore and enjoy nature. You can explore beautiful neighborhood cycling trails and can spend a good time in nature.  
  • Last but not the least, cycling can be used as a great form of family physical activity. You can enjoy it as a family fitness activity and can spend some quality together while having loads of fun.  

We (Pranjal and me) are having a great time with this cycling activity. Did you have enjoyed cycling as a family fitness activity? What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

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  • Amy

    I remember my college days when I didn’t have two wheelers and I could go miles and miles with cycle ? now though we have sedentary lifestyle, i think I need to take out some time for cycling in the evening may be to keep my weight in healthy measures. ❤️ thank you for the motivation

  • Jeannine

    Cycling has been one of the hobbies that had came back again nowadays. This helped me understand more on the good benefits it can do to ones health. Would love to try this when the kiddos are big enough to come with us too.

    • Varsh

      Sadly I gave up cycling when I fell down my bike as a kid. The fear never went. I do cycle in the gym now and find it quite a good workout. Great for overall body.

  • Kriti

    This is amazing the post will come in handy I have just started cycling and it’s so much fun
    Such an amazing post
    Thank you for sharing this

  • freemindtree

    I can so relate that I do occasional cycling with my son and it is so energizing and refreshing at the first place. Also good to know that these all additional benefits are there for cycling. I should now do it daily.

  • Samata

    Dear Surabhi I am fond of cycling not just because I love it but it’s a wonderful and enjoyable exercise, but unfortunately I cant do much now because of my slip disc problem. But yet cycling is truly healthy and I vote for it.

  • bytetrails

    I echo ur thoughts on this. I was suffering from knee pain a few years ago, and the doc suggested cycling as one of the remedy. Since then I am quite regular.

  • Cindy D'Silva

    Haha just the other day I was contemplating getting a kindle or a cycle for myself. I love reading but cycling is healthy. So this post of yours has just put kindle on the backseat for now!

  • Ladies Corner

    Cycling is such a great way to maintain physical well being as well as enjoy a fitness routine. Its so much fun and beneficial . Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Imagemakeover

    Your posts are like reminder to me. We used to have cyclist group and used to ride every weekend. After shifting my house somehow not getting time. But need to restart it again as your rightly said it has numerous benefits and it’s fun too.

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