6 Amazing benefits of Public speaking for kids!

6 amazing benefits of public speaking for kids
6 amazing benefits of public speaking for kids

Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion on, but the hardest thing in the world to do.” ~Matt Walsh  

So true, 

Parenting is a beautiful journey of life but it is equally challenging too.  

Being a mommy of two girls, I had seen a wide spectrum of emotions every day, while raising my girls. When I look back, it feels time flies so quickly. Now, my girls are almost teenagers. When they were young, we used to do lots of creative crafts and other DIY things together, but now, things have changed. They had started exploring life and other interests in their own way.  

With changing time, I have also changed the way of interacting and communicating with them.  

Now, I want to make more meaningful conversations with them rather than doing fun stuffs only. 

To keep myself updated with their areas of interest, I often make a heart-to-heart conversation with them. Recently, when I had asked them about their interest and struggles in academics and extracurricular field, both have shared a different and unique experience.  

My little one (Pranjal) has shown a deep interest in fine art, cooking and baking things. While, my elder (Angel) one has said that she loved to communicate with others. She feels great while listening others and helping them solving their problems.  

When I had asked her, does she enjoy addressing large group of people or speaking on stage?  

She has replied immediately that “No”.  

She has explained that while she loves to speak and communicate in small group of people. However, the thought of public speaking makes her nervous. She often has a sense of fear and anxiety, while speaking in front of large group of people.  

I am sure, my elder one is not an exception. There is large number of kids and even adults who have an immense fear of public speaking. The thought of being on stage and performing in front of large group of people make many people anxious and stressed.  

For solving her problem, I have enrolled her in a public speaking program. She has attended few in-person sessions and learnt the essential skills for improving public speaking. Additionally, I have also guided her at home with my personal experience.  

All these things have helped her a lot in reducing fear of public speaking and now, she feels more confident while presenting any presentation or delivering any speech on stage. Recently, she become a part of editorial team of school’s yearbook project. She has conducted many interview sessions confidently and got praise and great response from teachers for her speaking and communication skills.  

I am so happy with her progress and feel great that she would be able to overcome her fear of public speaking.  

Her journey has given me idea to draft this blog post.  

Public speaking is a great skill that offers many amazing benefits for kids. However, on another side, it is a scary experience for many kids. Kids often have a sense of fear and nervousness with a thought of being on stage or deliver a speech in front of large group pf people.  

What is public speaking? What are some common struggles that kids face public speaking?   what are some amazing benefits of public speaking for kids? And how can you help kids in overcoming fear of public speaking? Read the post to know more! 

What is public speaking? 

As per Wikipedia, “Public speaking, also called oratory or oration, has traditionally meant the act of speaking face to face to a live audience.” with changing time, now digital options have expanded the area of public speaking. Nowadays, people are using various digital formats like podcasts and videos to deliver their thoughts and opinion on various subjects.  

Why public speaking is not easy for everyone?  

Although public speaking plays an important role in grooming your personality However, it is not an easy thing for everyone. As per a recent survey, “Most of the people have two major fears in their life. First is public speaking and second is death”. This interesting survey shows that how public speaking can be a scary experience for many adults. As per this survey, approximate 70% of population had an intense fear and even anxiety with a thought of be on the stage and share their thoughts or experiences in front of audience.  

Here are some common symptoms of glassophoibia or fear of public speaking.  

  • Fear and anxiety  
  • Sweating  
  • Shaking voice  
  • Body shaking  
  • Palpitation or increased heart rate  
  • Apprehension and fear of rejection etc.  

6 amazing benefits of public speaking for kids!

Here are 6 amazing benefits of public speaking for kids.

6 amazing benefits of public speaking for kids
6 amazing benefits of public speaking for kids

 Public speaking improve confidence level  

Of course, this is the first and most important benefit of public speaking for kids. When kids would be able to perform on stage, it improves their confidence drastically. They gain a sense of self-confidence by delivering their speech in front of people. Public speaking is one of the crucial things that work wonderfully in enhancing self-image and boosting self-confidence.  

Better communication skills 

We lived in a fast-paced world. In today’s overcompetitive world, communication skills are one of the prime factors that help you grow and move ahead. If you have an ability to communicate effectively with others, then you can easily make a place for yourself at various places (work place and in social situations both) 

Public speaking helps a lot in improving communication skills for kids. It makes kids efficient and teach them how to communicate their thoughts effectively in front of people.  

It develops critical thinking and enhance research skills 

Public speaking is not just the art of speaking in front of people. It is a detailed process that involves many creative steps like brainstorming, researching, writing and preparing your content for delivering speech. When kids get involved and set their mind for preparing their speech. They go through all these stages. The act of public speaking improves their critical thinking skills and also enhance their research and writing skills.  

Improve their academic performance

Though public speaking seems like only an extra-curricular activity. However, it helps a lot in improving academic performance too. Educational expert suggest, public speaking puts a positive impact on academic performances of kids. Kids who are active and interested in public speaking, also perform great in academics.  

Public speaking help in improving vocabulary and pronunciation  

Public speaking requires a regular practice session for kids which put a positive impact on their language skills. Kids develop an impressive vocabulary and get better in making verbal communication. Public speaking also plays a vital role in improving pronunciation.  

Make them future ready (job opportunities, interview etc.) 

Last but not the least, public speaking works great for future prospective too. Childhood is a learning phase of life. each step of learning counts and add an extra benefit for future. If your kids involved in public speaking activities since at young age, he/she developed a great sense of confidence while growing up. The creative process of public speaking makes them future ready. They get an upper hand and feel more confident for applying various job opportunities and facing interviews. 

 In fact, a recent scientific report stat, “A public speaking course or a program will make you a significantly marketable job candidate and improve your chances to get hired and get succeed in career.  

Tips to help your kids in learning the art of public speaking 

Here are some practical tips for parents to teach and help their kids the art of public speaking. 

  • Start at young age. If kids get interested and involved in art of public speaking at young age, they had less fear and apprehension and develop a good ability to face audience.  
  • Poem, stories, pretend play are some of the interesting creative activities that help in developing the public speaking skills in little kids. You can also create a fictional audience for them at home to encourage them to speak and remove their inhibitions.  
  • Encourage your child to be a part of various school events that involve public speaking. Explain them importance of public speaking and motivate them to take first step.  
  • Help them in preparing and practicing their speech. Assist them in gathering information and researching the speech topic. Review their written draft and let them know the area of improvement.  
  • Ask them to practice in front of mirror or record their practicing sessions. Give them constructive and positive feedbacks to improve their performance. 

So, these are some amazing benefits of public speaking for kids. What are your thoughts? Please share with me. 

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  • Gunjan Upadhyay

    growing up, I was so good with art and essays submissions, but when it came to debates and speeches I was always out of the picture, so i understand how important it is to be confident when it came to address a big audience. Great post

  • Roma

    Beautiful post from a role model momma. You did the best thing for angel dear. You know in Pune I ran public speaking classes for kids for over a decade because I always felt Indian kids in particular shy away from stage despite a great intellect. Totally agree to all your points love.

  • Varsh

    Public speaking is one of the best ways to develop self confidence and think on your toes. Giving kids opportunities since childhood helps them to combat stage fear too.

  • Cindy DSilva

    I always want to encourage my kids to speak confidently unlike me. Especially on stage where i suddenly go blank if i have to speak. Singing and dancing i can manage buy speaking only makes my mind go blank.

  • Paresh Godhwani

    I recently went to my college for the induction lecture and I was shaking. I have never been comfortable on stage doing public speaking. Now I am a father and don’t want my son to be like me. So I will follow the points mentioned by you and will try and develop public speaking skills from the very young age.

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