6 Amazing ways to use technology to save money!

6 amazing ways to use technology to save money
6 amazing ways to use technology to save money

Technology is an integral part of our day-to-day life. Especially in this Covid-19 era, digital tools and modern technology have become a lifeline for all of us. Technology has helped us in dealing with pandemic challenges and allow us to stay connected with limited in person interaction during pandemic.  

In fact, as per a recent survey, about 58% adults has said that internet is the most essential thing for them during this pandemic time. From education to healthcare, technology has become an important part of several transitions.  

In this fast-paced world, we all know the amazing benefits of using technology is our everyday life. But do you know, along with these benefits, technology can help us a lot in saving money.  

With proper planning and a mindful approach, we can use technology to manage our finance in better way and can save a good amount money too.  

In this post, I am sharing 6 amazing ways how technology can help us in saving money. Read the post to know more! 

6 amazing ways to use technology to save money! 

6 amazing ways to use technology to save money
6 amazing ways to use technology to save money

These are some amazing ways to use technology which help in saving money.  

Using finance managing apps  

Money managing apps
Money managing apps

Being a millennial, I had seen an era where ledgers, diary and other physical tools had been used to keep track of expenses and manage finances.  

Now, things have got changed drastically. with tech-evolution, we have access to various amazing money managing apps that can help a lot in managing our finances. These apps (like mint) usually have different categories. they track our expenses in various areas of life. With the help of these apps, you can track your expenses anywhere and at any time of day. You also get pushed notifications, when you spend large amount of money. All and all, these money managing apps are best way to reduce extra expenses and save a good amount of money each month.  

Cancel your gym membership

Cancel your Gym membership
Cancel your Gym membership

Though gyms are well-equipped with latest exercising equipment and help you stay physically active. However, your paid gym membership can put an extra economic burden on your monthly budget. in this scenario, technology can offer a great help. Internet and fitness Apps are two best way that help you stay focused and assist you in doing regular physical activity. You can find various amazing workout and Yoga tutorial videos on YouTube.  

Additionally, you can download any good quality fitness app which provide personal health coaching. These apps help you in monitoring your progress and can be used a great tool for achieving your health and fitness goals.  

Use smart gadgets and smart home appliances 

smart home gadgets
Smart home gadgets

This is another effective way to use technology which helps in saving money. Smart gadgets and smart home appliances not only help make our lives easier, but they work great in reducing extra expenses too. For example, integrating a liquid detection system into your smart home setup can help prevent costly water damage by alerting you to leaks early on, thus saving you from potential repair bills. Here is a list of some popular smart home appliances which help in saving money.  

Here is a list of some popular smart home appliances which help in saving money.  

  • Smart thermostat 
  • Smart lighting  
  • Smart plugs  
  • Motion sensors 
  • Water leak detection system  
  • Automatic watering system or smart sprinkler for lawn and garden etc.  

Read this post to know more about The best energy saving smart home gadgets to help you save on utility bills..  

Using online money saving calculators 

Having an effective “Money saving plan” is an essential part of our finance management. But for many, it seems most daunting task. For solving this problem, you can take help of money saving calculators to calculate how much money you can saved each month and reach towards your desired goals.  

If you did like to know how much money you should be saving for your various life requirements, you can use tools like saving calculators from This website has an amazing collection of various saving calculators like education saving calculator, retirement planning calculator and CD rate calculator. All these calculators work amazingly and help you figure out your finances.  

Personally, I liked the savings goal calculators most. Here, you get an option of two separate calculators which help you figure out your finances as per your personal situation and individual need.  

The first calculator presumes you know how much you are going to save each month, but want to calculate how long it will take you to reach your goal. Then you can use this calculator to determine time period that you will required to reach your goal.  

If you know about the time period when you need to have money saved up but not sure about how much money you will need to save in order to reach towards set goal. Then you take help of second saving goal calculator.  

The second calculator presumes you know when you need to have money saved up by, but do not know how much you will need to save in order to reach that goal. 

Here is a screenshot which help you understand that how it works:  

If you are interested in knowing more about these savings calculators, click here.  

Utilize free digital educational resources  

digital educational resources
digital educational resources

Yes, as next important point, technology can help us to reduce the cost of teaching and learning. EdTech is transforming the education and offering a great help in lowering the typical educational expenses. Digital tools and resources are free and easily accessible to students and teachers.  they cut back the expenses on printed materials and reduce cost of education.  digital technology has improved education quality and make it more flexible for everyone.  

Find out the discounted on-line stores for your shopping  

Online stores for discounted shopping
Online stores for discounted shopping

Online shopping has become a part of our routine life during this pandemic era. Many of these stores offer great discount and help you save a decent amount of money with each purchase. You can buy affordable and quality items of your favorite brands for less and make your shopping experience more fun and enjoyable.  

Read this post to know more about 10 best online outlet stores that save your money.  

So, these are some amazing ways to use technology to save money. Which one is your favorite option? Please share with me.  

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  • Ruchie

    “It’s an art to save money” my father mentioned this once and I always wondered how? later I realized how you manage and save with your intelligence is what he wanted to say, but now we have great technology to manage our money and save. I loved the ways you shared.

  • Gunjan Upadhyay

    As they say, saving money is an art which only few could do well. With so many investment options and so many firms it could be overwhelming, your tips are workable and i love the money saving apps. they help you with all information in one place

  • Roma

    Great insights here buddy, from being a spendthrift to getting better at it I really understand how important your above tips are. Keep them coming and you are helping so many sweetie

    • Imagemakeover

      Using technology in saving money is such an awesome technique in itself. Apps, online calculator, online educational resources are all available at our door step, it’s up-to us how much do we utilize them. Thanks Surbhi for this insightful share.

    • Paresh Godhwani

      I agree with you on the 4 points except finance managing apps and online calculators because these two sources will ask for your financial data which can be completely misused. So I feel when it comes to finances one needs to keep himself or herself away from finance managing apps.

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