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#Productreview-Vanslogreen Self Watering Planters : Modern technology planters for indoor plants & herbs!

Vanslogreen Self Watering planters review
Vanslogreen Self Watering planters review

Hi everyone, 

I am back with another product review.  

Recently, I had gotten a chance to review a unique and innovative gardening product named   Vanslogreen 4 Pack 5.24-inch Self Watering Planters for Indoor Plants and herbs. What are some unique features of these self-watering planters and what is my personal experience with this? Read the post to know more! 

Vanslogreen 4 Pack 5.24-inch Self Watering Planters for Indoor Plants review! 

Vanslogreen Self Watering planters review
Vanslogreen Self Watering planters review

Product description 

This self-watering pot makes your gardening more enjoyable. Once the roots of the plants reach the bottom, you don’t need to water the plants every day, but only 1-2 times a week. You can also prevent your plants from over or under watering with self-watering system.  

The whole pack contain 4 pack 5.24-inch square self-watering planter. 

Product Specifications: Self watering planters x 4; Size: 5.24″ x 5.24″ x 4.85″ (L x W x H) 

Unique features 

Here are some unique features of these self-watering planters.  

Perfect Plant Pots for Indoor Plants 

These plastic planters are perfect for Herbs, Cactus, herbs, African violet and other indoor plants.  

Self-Watering Pots Save your Time 

This self-watering planters have an amazing self-watering system.  You don’t need to water your plants every day but just 1-2 time per week, because the planter has a water reservoir available for water storage and supply. You can control the waterline easily with the water level indicator. You do not need to worry about plants dying because of over watering or lack of water if you are not home for 2 weeks. These plastic planters effectively save your precious time. 

Separated Design 

 This self-watering planter box has two main parts, one is inner pot and other is outer pot. The inner pot makes you can change plants more conveniently. Excess water will be stored in the outer planter. If you want to confirm the water level, you can see the water indicator or pull up inner pot. This plant pot is definitely be used as African violet pots, Herbs pot and etc. 

Eco-friendly Material 

 These plant pots are different from common flimsy plastic planter, these planters are made of 3mm to 4mm thickened polypropylene, so it is sturdy, lightweight and UV resistant. These planters also could be used as outdoor pots for plants. 

Work on water penetration and absorption system 

 Suction cup planter with water absorption system solves the problem of watering every day. Automatic suction can make plants self-sufficient for a long time and avoid the death of aquatic plants. The water in the outer pot of the planter, through the principle of water penetration and absorption, can provide enough water to the soil. 

How to use self-watering planter? 

Here is an infographic to understand steps for proper use of self-watering planter.  

How to use self-watering planters
How to use self-watering planters

What are the steps for water level indicator installation? 

Here are 5 steps for water level indicator installation.  

Steps for water indicator installation
Steps for water indicator installation

Personal experience 

I love gardening and always had a desire to grow some herbs or indoor plants at my place. In fact, I had tried to doing these few times in past but never had a good success. For me, maintain a proper watering for plants was always been a struggle. Whenever, we have to go out of station for any reasons, plants have suffered and died due to lack of watering. With this not so good experience, I had given up on gardening and did not try much to grow any plants at my place, since a long time.  

This time, when I had received this product review opportunity, I got amazed to learn this self-watering technology.  

Honestly, this is the first time, when I had heard about self-watering technology for watering the planters. And as a first reaction, I felt that yes, I want to give this a try.  

I have received planters pack on time and all 4 planters are in good condition. These planters seem of high quality and made up of good quality materials.  

As usual, for checking all technical functionality, I had hand over these planters to my husband. 

He has assembled all parts after reading all directions and installed the water indicator too. The whole process has taken 15-20 minutes.  

We had filled planters with water to check water indicator and planter’s functionality. And all things worked well as mentioned in the product description.  

This weekend, we are planning to buy some herbs and indoor plants for planting in these cute and super amazing planters.  

I am super excited to witnessed self-watering system and looking forward to know how it works exactly? 

I will update the post with my précised experience regarding self-watering system after growing some herbs and indoor plants. This process will take some time, but I will update my detail experience for sure after getting proper input.  

For now, I am excited to use these planters for growing some herbs at my place.  

If you are interested in knowing more about these planters click on this link

Did you have heard about self-watering planters before? What was your experience? Please share with me! 


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