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AntuCool Glass Rinser: An Efficient Kitchen sink accessory for busy kitchen!

AntuCool Glass Rinser

In past decade, technological advancement has improved our quality of life at various level. From education, entertainment to kitchen appliances, our life is occupied with many cool tech gadgets and appliances that make our life easier and reduce the tension.  

Recently, I have gotten an opportunity to review one of such an amazing kitten sink accessory, named AntuCool Glass Rinser. AntuCool Glass rinser is a multipurpose accessory that can be used as a Metal Bottle Washer and Kitchen Sink Cup Rinser.  

What is the function and benefits of Glass cleanser? And what are some unique features of Antucool glass rinser? Read the post to know more! 

What is Glass rinser? 

 Glass rinsers are cool kitchen sink accessory or device that work by spraying jets of water into the glass.  they’re usually set into the sink near the tap tower. They rinse residual soap and sanitizer out of glasses before you refill them. The device has a water nozzle in its center. The nozzle releases a high-pressure spray of water upward into glasses above, when we press it down.  

 Cleaning glasses and bottles with glass rinser ensure that they are thoroughly clean from inside and make your cleaning process easier and hassle free.  

AntuCool Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks (Metal Bottle Washer, Kitchen Sink Accessories, Kitchen Sink Cup Rinser) product review!

Antucool glass rinser product review
AntuCool Glass rinser product review

Product description 

AntuCool Glass rinser is a Perfect fit Brushed Stainless Steel,beautiful,durable, suitable kitchen sink device for your kitchen sink.  

Product description
Product description

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Benefits of using AntuCool Glass rinser 

Benefits of using AntuCool glass rinser
Benefits of using AntuCool Glass Rinser

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Using AntuCool Glass rinser offers many benefits. Such as: 

  • Easy cleaning: Whether after family dinner, party, breakfast or feed baby, it can help you easily face all kinds of bottles and cups. 
  • Convenient and fast Press lightly: it is convenient and easy to use. After pressing, the water will take away the residues you can’t reach, making cleaning process so simple. 
  • Perfect fit Brushed Stainless Steel,beautiful,durable, suitable for your kitchen sink. 
  • Easy DIY: No plumber is required, installation tools and required accessories are provided. 
  • 2-year warranty: they offer a 2-year warranty, if face any concern while using it.  and any questions will be answered within 24 hours. 

Installation process 

Installation process of AntuCool Glass rinser
Installation process of AntuCool Glass rinser
Installation instruction
Installation instruction

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  • The package has all the installation tools to help you with simple DIY replacement for A Sink Sprayer, Soap Dispenser or Sink Hole Cover. If you do not have a soap dispenser or sprayer, then you need to drill a hole.  
  • The large base and bracket can Rinse Most Standard Drink-Ware Including Wine Glasses, Baby Bottles and Travel Cups. 
  • Install in A Standard Countertop upgrade & replace: Sink Side Sprayer Sink Hole Cover Soap Pump, Pairs with Most Brand Kitchen Faucets. 

Tips for easy use of AntuCool  glass rinser 

Antucool glass rinser
Antucool Glass rinser
  • It may be difficult to press for the first time because the spring is fixed for a long time. At the same time, the strong spring can ensure the service life of the product. 
  • You can choose to connect the hot water pipe, which can help quickly dissolve the solidified stains. 
  • You can unscrew the bracket to clear the debris left on the base. 

Unique Features 

Efficient Rinser 

Effecient rinser

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7 powerful high pressure jet holes can clean cups and bottles from multiple angles and efficiently. 

Large Size 

Large size

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The large base and bracket are suitable for most cups and bottles 

Installation hole spacing 

Installation hole spacing

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The mounting hole shall be less than 2.87 inches from the edge of the sink. 

Personal experience 

Honestly, this was the first time, when I had heard about “Glass rinser” device with this product review opportunity. I was excited to using this for my kitchen sink. specially I wanted to use this for cleaning kids water bottles.

At my place, my husband is a tech-savvy person, so I handed over this device to him for installation. He has done this quickly and installed it without any problem. I had a good experience so far, while using this for glasses and kids water bottles. It has helped me in thorough cleaning of narrow end bottles and glasses.  


As a conclusion, I would say, “Antucool Glass rinser is an efficient and convenient kitchen sink accessory for busy kitchens that helps in cleaning glasses, metal bottles, kids drink bottles, wine glasses or any other kind of narrow end glasses or bottles. AntuCool Glass rinser is easy to install device and an excellent way to thoroughly clean variety of drinkware and reduce your cleaning time (that involves soaking and scrubbing).” 

If you are someone who struggled with proper cleaning of glasses and narrow end bottles, then you should definitely give this a try. If you are interested in knowing more about this product, click here. 

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