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My First family experience of using “R for Rabbit Feather diaper”!

My first family experience of using “R for Rabbit feather diaper”

“A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.” Anonymous

So true!

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful but demanding experiences for a parents’ life. New parents go through various challenges during the initial phase of parenthood. They have to manage many parental responsibilities all together, after bringing their newborn home.

 Sleepless nights, frequent feeding routines and managing all other basic needs of a newborn may leave new parents exhausted and frustrated too. 

But thanks to modern day new baby essential items that can ease off the pressure for new parents. 

“Baby Diaper” is one of the most important baby essentials that play a vital role in keeping babies clean, dry and comfortable. It also helps in getting good night sleep for both babies and parents.  In fact, a recent scientific study has confirmed that using good quality diapers consolidated nighttime sleep and positive mother-infant interactions in families. 

In today’s era, selecting a good quality diaper can be a daunting task for new parents with availability of many brands in the market. 

If  you are overwhelmed and going through the same dilemma, then I am ready to help you with this post. 

What is the safe and healthy diapering process to reduce the spread of germs? What are some important tips to select a good quality diaper for your babies? Which one is India’s leading trustworthy brand for baby diapers? And what is our personal family experience with this brand? Read the post to know more!

Let’s  start with the basics and learn the healthy and safe diapering process for babies. 

Safe & healthy diapering to reduce the spread of germs

Here is an excellent infographic from CDC to understand the process of safe and healthy diapering process for babies that help in reducing the spread of germs. 

 Image source: CDC.GOV

How to select a good quality diaper for your newborn

Here are some important pointers that you need to keep in the mind, while selecting a diaper for your infant. 

How can a parent run a research? 

  • Check the absorbency: check the absorbency of diapers. If diapers have poor absorbency, it may cause skin irritation and even infections to the delicate skin of the baby. 
  • Use of material: check the list of manufacturing material. It should be soft, breathable and suitable for the sensitive  skin of the baby. 
  • Dermatologically tested: it is best to select those diapers that are dermatologically tested and proven safe for using delicate skin of newborn  babies. 
  • Fitting and stretchability: check, how well it fits the baby and did it provide enough stretchability and flexibility to the baby?
  • Cost: this is another important factor. Check the cost effectiveness. Is it fit in your budget or not?
  • Comfortability: baby should feel comfortable while wearing. 
  • Impact on environment: as an additional factor, you should also check whether the brand is providing environmentally friendly features (like use of biodegradable materials, minimum packaging etc.) or not. 

After checking all these parameters, you can make a good choice for your baby as per your individual choice and preferences.

Recently, I came across India’s leading and trustworthy brand for baby essential “R for Rabbit”. They have launched the best quality baby diapers.  The name of these diapers is “Feather diapers”.

R for rabbit feather diapers are India’s one of the most breathable diapers and provide great comfort and flexibility to babies. 

Here are more details about “R for Rabbit feather diapers” And its unique features. 

R for Rabbit feather diapers: A next generation baby diapers that breathes!

My first experience of using "R for Rabbit feather diaper"
My first family experience of using “R for Rabbit feather diaper”

R for rabbit is a product company which focuses on people they serve. Their products are for babies first. Their biggest focus is hand holding parents through the parental journey. 

R for rabbit introduces India’s most breathable yoga pants  style diapers as feather diapers. The brand named it as feather diapers because it is thin, soft and lightweight. Here are the reasons why “R for rabbit feather diapers” are unique and different from other baby diapers. 


Good breathability with "R for Rabbit" feather diaper
good breathability with R for rabbit feather diaper

Image source: 

Feather diapers have 10 million pores in them and  because of this unique functionality, they are extremely breathable. They allow more air passing to delicate skin of babies and make them feel comfortable and lightweight. 

Lightweight, thin and super soft

Lightweight and thinness
Lightweight and thinness

Image source: 

Feather diapers are lightweight, thin and super soft, they provide total flexibility to the baby and keep them happy and comfortable for hours. 

Skin friendly & prevent rashes on babies’ skin 

Skin friendly
Skin friendly

Image source: 

Feather diapers are made with pure water-based links that provide a great solution for all diaper related problems. They are skin friendly and even completely suitable for those babies who have extra sensitive skin. These diapers are dermatologically and pediatrician tested and chemical free (0% parabens/latex/fragrance/phthalates/chlorine). This unique formulation helps in preventing  rashes on baby’s delicate skin and make their diaper journey happier. 

Great absorbency 

High absorption
High absorption

Image source: 

Feather diapers allow even spreading of all the liquid inside, and provide 12-hour absorption. This feature helps in providing good protection for soft baby skin. 

Proper fitting and stretchability 

High waist and comfortability

Image source: 

Feather diapers are high waist. They provide ultimate flexibility and comfortability to babies and help them to have fun all day without caring about wetness. 

Easy disposable

Disposable tape
disposable tape

Image source: 

Feather diapers come with a single tap strap that is used to stick to the soiled diaper and help in throwing  it away with ease. 

Available in all different sizes (as per different baby weight)

Available in different size
Available in different size

Image source: 

Feather diapers come in different sizes for kids weighing from less than 5 kg to 15 kg. 

Personal family experience 

We welcomed a new family member to our family a few months ago. My brother has been blessed with a cute baby boy and we as a family are excited with this new addition to the family. 

 My sister-in-law has used “R for Rabbit feather baby diapers after my recommendation. She is having a great and satisfactory experience with these diapers. 

In her own words, “I have used many brands of diapers in the past for my elder one, but always faced many problems with regular use. Some brands have caused diaper dashes and some did not absorb liquid efficiently. But “R for Rabbit feather diapers are unique in their own way. As per their name, they are super soft and lightweight. Despite being lightweight, they offer efficient absorbency and keep the baby dry and comfortable for 12 hours. The single strap is another cool feature that helps in easy disposal  of soiled diapers. All and all, using R for rabbit feather diapers is a great satisfactory experience for us.”


As a conclusion, I will say “R for rabbit feather diapers  is a unique diaper for your little munchkin. It has many impressive features and great functionality. It is a great brand designed by parents who believe in providing high quality and trustworthy baby products for their customers. In short, R for rabbit diapers have all those amazing properties that will make your baby’s diaper journey happier and comfortable”. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the “R for Rabbit feather diapers”, click here. 

Have you used or heard about “R for Rabbit feather diapers” before? What was your experience? Please share with me. 

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  • MeenalSonal

    Diapers are essential part of the parenting and when we find the best one then it is like no looking back. We also recently came across all the features of the diapers and we recommend lightweight dipers too.

  • alpanadeo

    Today, diapers are the essentials in baby care checklist. Its a big relief if new parents. Father Diaper seems a promising option. I am sure, its features and the size range will make it a popular brand in India.

  • Varsh

    R for Rabbit diapers is a new brand for me and seems promising. Thanks to you, I now know what to go for while gifting to two of my friends who’ve just had kids.

  • Anjali

    Parents’ first choice is to use products that contain all of nature’s goodness while being chemical-free. I’ve heard a lot of good things about R for rabbits products, and I’m sure the diapers and wet wipes you mentioned here are as well. I’ll ask my younger sister to try these.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Comfort and safety are both very important when it comes to baby products. R for Rabbit diapers seem to be really nice, comfortable, and safe. The fact that theya re made from plant-based ingredients makes them safe.

    • energeticreads

      This post is going to help so many new moms. Choosing the right for the little one is extremely important. Will share this with others too. Thank you for this amazing product review.

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    Honestly, this is the first time I’m reading about R for Rabbit feather diapers. On your recommendation, I might ask my best friend (who has a 2-month-old toddler) to order these diapers for his kid and let me know the feedback.

    • Leena

      Parents first choice is to use the products that contain all of nature’s goodness and chemical-free. I have heard a lot of good things about R for rabbits products, and I’m sure the diapers and wet wipes you mentioned here is good as well. Will share it with my friends & family

  • mahekg

    R for Rabbit is a great brand with quality products and I am really glad to know they have forayed into this new range of baby care products with so many features.

  • freemindtree

    Thanks for introducing this new Diaper range from the brand R for Rabbit. The diapers looks super soft and also are chemical free which is a big plus. Surely recommending to my sis-in-law.

  • Milan Singhal

    I wish the brand was there when my kids were babies. The diapers has such great features. Will recommend these to my friend who has just delivered.

  • Indiacafe24

    I agree with your words and the product is really good and a boon for the little babies for whom diaper is an important part of life. The diaper is having the best features for the tender baby skin

  • TripleAmommy

    R for Rabbit is a good company with reliable products and glad to see they have introduced diapers as well. Also congratulations on your new nephew!

  • Jeannine

    Love to hear great review about this product! New innovative products that really stands up for what they promise for is really a great find. Having 2 kids of my own, I know how important finding a great quality nappy is.It not only saves you money but also saves you from all the fuss of leaking, etc.

  • Ms.Reader

    Diapers are so essential for a happy parenting. And features that gaurantee a good night sleep is a must. I can see this product is made keeping in almost all the naunces a parent face during those days. Thanks for reviewing and recommending this product.

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