8 Natural ways to control allergy symptoms!

Natural ways to control allergy symptoms
Natural ways to control allergy symptoms

Hi everyone,  

I am glad that you all liked the allergy related information on previous post “Allergies: Causes, symptoms & scope of conventional treatment

Now, I am ready to share the second part as “Natural ways to control allergic symptoms”.  

Before sharing details about natural ways, I want to quickly revised some of the important facts about allergies and its natural treatment. 

Quick important facts about allergies 

  • Allergies are one of the toughest elements to cure and there is no fixed or permanent treatment had been established so far curing it. This statement is applicable for all therapies including traditional and alternative (ayurvedic, homeopathic, herbal and other natural ways). 
  • You have to extra precaution while using alternative treatment or natural treatment options for treating allergies. Some allergies and allergic reactions may prove fatal and life-threatening for body. For controlling them, it is essential to use traditional medication under expert guidance.  
  • Also, some alternative treatments (like use of herbs) may cause unwanted side effects in sensitive individuals. It is always best to take any kind of alternative treatment in expert guidance.  
  • Sadly, all natural and alternative treatments take time to act and results may be differed from person to person. You have to be patient to get the visible results.  
  • Never blindly follow or adopt anyone’s (even close family members or friends) treatment advice randomly. Things that have worked for them may cause adverse side effects in your body. Each one has an individual body type and temperament. In case of allergic issues, it is important to follow a treatment action plan as per your individual body symptoms.  

8 Natural ways to control allergic symptoms!

Natural ways to control allergy symptoms
Natural ways to control allergy symptoms

Strengthen your immune system (healthy diet, regular exercise and effective stress management) 

strengthen the immune system
Strengthen the immune system

I will start this list with one of the most important factors that help a lot in treatment and prevention of annoying allergic symptoms. As I had explained earlier that “Allergy is a hyper reaction of immune system to the substances that are otherwise harmful for other people”. In simple words, people with sensitive or weak immune system are more prone to suffer from allergies.  

Strengthening immune system play a strong role in management and prevention of allergies. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and work on all important factors (diet, exercise and stress management), then there is high possibility that you will get less frequent allergy attacks.  

Along with prevention, these factors are extremely important for treatment and management of allergies. Here is a must follow list that help a lot in managing and preventing allergies effectively.  

  • Eat a healthy diet containing whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Include more citrus foods (as they are rich in Vitamin C) and green leafy vegetables (as they contain good amount of anti-oxidants) to strengthen your immune system.  
  • Do regular exercise (at least 45 minutes per day, 5 days in a week). Exercise helps in releasing stress hormone and improve your mental and physical health. Learn breathing exercises (from expert) that has proven as a great support in controlling allergic symptoms.  
  • Sleep well. A good night sleep is an important factor for good physical and mental health. and helps in strengthening your immune system.  
  • Manage your stress level properly. Try yoga, meditation or journaling to reduce your day-to-day stress. 

I am sure while reading above pointers, you all must be having a common thought that  

“Oh, we already knew all these pointers” or 

“This is not any new information on controlling allergic symptoms”.  

But believe me, all these pointers may seem common sense, but they are the most important factors in treatment and management of many lifestyle diseases including allergies.  

Personally, I have a strong family history of allergies. Including me, many of my family members are suffering from nasal allergies. I had done lots of research as a physician and as an allergy sufferer and practically experienced that,  

When I am on right track in term of following healthy lifestyle practices (including eating diet and on-time, following a regular exercise schedule and having a good mental health state), I experienced less or no allergic symptoms. On the contrary, when due to any reasons, if I am having rough days and not able to follow a regular routine, then I get frequent allergic symptoms.” 

So, if you or your family members are suffering from any kind of allergic disease, try to focus on ways to strengthen immune system. You will surely feel a great relief in severity of allergic symptoms and will get less frequent allergic attacks.  

Now, move on second part of post. I am sharing few useful and trustworthy natural ways that offer great help in controlling allergic symptoms.  

Local honey 


Though there is lack of enough scientific evidence, but it is believed that honey might help people to relieve pollen allergies because it contains the small amount of pollen and might help people build up or tolerance to it.  

Additionally, honey is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antihistamine agent. these properties also help in relieving the severity of allergic symptoms.  

How to use it? 

 Consume a teaspoon of raw (preferably organic) honey 3-4 times a day to relieve the allergy symptoms. Keep remember always use it as a “complementary natural product”, and never rely only on this to control allergy symptoms. 


  •  Honey may cause the severe allergic reaction in some people. Avoid using it, if you had any kind of allergic reaction with honey in the past.  
  • As honey is high in fructose, it can cause hyperglycemia (rise in blood glucose level) and may exacerbate the pre-existing insulin resistance. It may promote weight gain. So, if you suffer from diabetes and obesity, avoids using it for treating allergic symptoms.  

 Apple Cedar vinegar 

apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar

  Apple cider vinegar loaded with vitamins, minerals, and an amino acid. It has an excellent anti-histaminic effect. 

 It helps break up mucus, improve immunity and supports lymphatic drainage. Organic raw apple cedar is best for our body. It promotes alkalinity and PH balance of the body and works great as an allergy reliever. 

How to use it?

Either takes raw apple cedar vinegar 1 tsp 3-4 times a day or mix 1 Tbsp. ACV with 1 Tbsp. lemon juice and ½ tbsp. organic honey and drink 3-4 times a day. 


You have to be patient while using it. It may take time to showing the results. 

 Use of probiotics


 Probiotics are live microbes that can improve a number of good bacteria in the intestine. While studies regarding using probiotics in treatment of allergic diseases are still in the early stage, but it is believed that probiotics may play an important role in the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis. 


 In healthy people, probiotics usually have only minor side effect. However, in people with the underlying health problem, it may cause serious complications occasionally. It is best to take proper medical advice before using it. 

Alternative therapies 

 Use of Neti-Pot 

Neti pot
Neti pot

 it is an ancient Ayurveda tradition that used to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Basically, Neti-pot is a device (like a teapot) used for rinsing the sinuses. The device is filled with a sterile saline solution to flush out the toxins of allergies and irritation. 


Usually, the procedure is considered safe but sometimes people can get an infection if they didn’t use the device properly. Also, be cautious about the source of water. According to FDA, tap water that is not filtered may contain bacteria and protozoa. These organisms may stay alive in the nasal passage and can cause potentially serious side effects. 



 Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese procedure in which trained practitioner stimulate specific point on the body by inserting thin needles into the skin. Initially, it was used only in Asian countries to get rid of chronic pain and other ailments, but nowadays this procedure is gaining an immense popularity in western countries as well. 


 Though it is a safe procedure but there are some complications have been reported in few patients. that’s why it is recommended to take required precaution and take a proper acupuncture treatment from properly trained therapist. 

Herbal treatment 

Herbal treatment
Herbal treatment

 Herbs are powerful natural substance that can help to fight against allergies naturally. For getting best results, it is advisable to use them appropriately and at suggested doses.  

Here are some of the common herbs that can help in reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. 

  • Stinging nettle– used as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. 
  •  Butterbur- it is one of the most powerful herbs that has been used traditionally to treat asthma and bronchitis. It also helps in reducing the secretion of mucus and relieves the symptoms of allergy.      
  •   Astragalus– it contains 40% polysaccharides and helps in treating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.   
  • Tinospora cordifolia– it also has a good anti-histaminic effect. 


Be cautious before using herbs for treating allergic rhinitis. It may interfere with certain medications and may cause the allergic reaction and unwanted side effects in the sensitive individual.  

 it is always advisable to take professional medical advice, before starting any herbal treatment. 

Homeopathic treatment 

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is another excellent alternative treatment option for controlling and treating allergic diseases. Homeopathic treatment is completely individualized and completely based on individual symptoms. Take a professional homeopathic treatment from expert to get rid of annoying allergic symptoms.  

 Lifestyle changes 

Healthy lifestyle

 Apart from all this, it is must to do adopt some lifestyle changes to control the allergy symptoms naturally. These are 

  •  Stay hydrated; drink at least 8-10 glass of water per day. It will help to keep your mucous membrane hydrated and reduce t 
  •  Know your allergy triggers. Triggers can vary by region of the country and from person to person. During fall, ragweed and other weed pollens, molds are two main culprits that are responsible for fall allergies. Though it is not always possible, try to eliminate or minimize your exposure to allergens can improve allergy symptoms. 
  • Pets can bring pollen; pollen and other allergens can get caught in their fur and contribute to the allergy symptoms, so wash them properly. 
  •  Eat healthy and balanced diet. Beware of the foods that trigger your allergy symptoms.   And try to eat food that boosts the immune system. 
  •  Limit exposure on high pollen count days. use protective measures such as wearing a mask if cannot limit your outdoor exposure. 
  • Take a quick rinse in the shower before bedtime especially after being outdoors all day will help keep pollen out of your bed. 
  •  Keep the pollen out of your home by doing simple measures such as replacing carpet areas with hard surface flooring.  Mop or vacuumed your carpet, furniture frequently to keep clear allergens from your home. De-clutter your house to get rid of dust and allergens. Wash clothes and bedding properly to reduce the incidental exposure to allergens. 
  • Keep windows and doors closed especially during the days when pollen counts are high.   

these are some natural ways that can help a lot to deal with troublesome allergy symptoms.  Did you have tried any other measures to control your allergy symptoms? Please share with us. 


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  • Alpana Deo

    That is quite a detailed post. The pointers that you have mentioned in the beginning are the foundation to build a healthy lifestyle. As you said they look no fancy but that’s the truth that if we have them in place then other things will also work towards allergy. I have read and heard a lot about ACV but the taste is so strong that I never dared to try it as it is.

      • Imagemakeover

        You always come up with such a detailed post that all my questions are answered. I agree these alternative medicine takes times but the best part is they comes with no side effects. Being patient is important and building immunity is the key of being healthy.

  • admin

    Yes ACV taste so strong and many people not able to include it in their routine due to taste. thanks for reading the post and sharing your thoughts.

    • Hansa Kajaria

      I am highly allergic to dust and more than half the time I am busy sneezing. This post is so detailed and I too agree that a shift to a healthier life style can help a lot and that’s one thing I’ve been working on.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    A healthy lifestyle is the foundation to building a strong immune system and a healthy body. You have taken great pains to include most causes and types of allergies and their management .In my experience Homeopathy definitely helps a lot!

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    We truly believe in the dictun, “Natural is the best,” a good immune system helps in keeping allergy at bay. However if symptoms arise, the natural remedies that you have described are the best.

  • Anjali

    A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for immune system support. You must have enough energy and nutrients. This is really detailed post on allergies. We practice neti daily at our place and this helps us with our sinus allergy. Homoeopathy is best in any allergy.

  • Jeannine

    Truly prevention is better than cure. Daily healthy habits is a good practice to make our immune system on tip top. This article really is really helpful in giving tips and ideas for those who want to start this healthy habit. Taking healthy options is may taste bad but that’s better than taking stinky meds.

  • freemindtree

    I have heard about jal neti and acupuncture methods for treating Allergies. But you also suggested taking Vitamin C for preventing. Just wanted to know that can a person be allergic to Vitamin C sources as well? I always end up having a sore throat after having any of them.

    • Priyal

      This is a very helpful post. I am going to share it with my close ones. I agree a healthy lifestyle is very important. I do try acupuncture methods, I have learned about this from my mom

    • Varsh

      Thankfully no one in my family has signs of allergies. I’ve seen my neighbour struggle a lot with them though with weather change, dust, painting, etc. Informative post. Glad you added the precautions as well.

  • Gleefulblogger

    These alternative medicines are a great way to combat irritating allergies. Usually, allergies don’t have a perfect cure, the medication goes on-and-on. So, why not try these methods after consulting an expert. Very insightful post, Surbhi.

  • rakshanagaraj

    Oh wow very informative post. I was not aware that these ways could be used for controlling allergy symptoms. My niece is allergic to a few things, I will send this to my cousin so she is aware as to how she can manage.

  • Cindy D'Silva

    Wow this is great information. I always thought allergies were caused due to outside factors alone. But, if lifestyle changes and building one’s immune system helps reduce the risk of allergies, then we need to identify what exactly is causing the allergy in the first place… Thanks for the post!

  • momcaptureslife

    I have develop many allergies in last one year and the reason i guess is my low immune system because of sitting at home .Your post is quite detailed i must say which include most causes and types of allergies and their management .

  • Neha Sharma

    Surbhi, I love reading your blogs for the reason that you provide all the essential information in one place. My husband has nasal allergies & it get serious during every season change. Earlier he used to rely on homoeopathic medicines but now he has started making changes to his lifestyle and that really helps.

  • Noor Anand Chawla

    As someone who has struggled with allergies for a number of years – both breathing and skin, I can say I have done most of the things you have outlined here. And they do work!

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