Amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha Bandhan!

Gift ideas for sister for Raksha bandhan
Amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner. It is one of my favorite festivals. It is an auspicious occasion that celebrate the loving bond between brother and sister with great fun, enjoyment and enthusiasm. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is considered as one of the most important festival in Hinduism. it is the day when siblings express their love, care, support and respect for each other by following some amazing rituals.  

During this celebration, sister tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brother and make a prayer to God for his good health and well-being. Brother also make a promise that he will protect his sister from all the evils and will support her throughout the life. As a token of love, siblings also give gifts to each other and this gift exchange add an extra fun to this beautiful celebration.  

“Proper gift selection” might be a tricky aspect for many men and they might feel confused with a thought that what gift would be best to make their sisters happy on this auspicious day? 

So, with this post, I am ready to help and sharing some amazing gift ideas for sisters, especially for Raksha Bandhan.  I am sure these ideas will help brothers to make a perfect choice of gift for their loving sisters. Read the post to know more! 

Amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha Bandhan!

Amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha Bandhan
Amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha Bandhan!

Bryan & candy New York Shower of delights shower gel kit (pack of 4)  

Bryan & Candy New York delights shower gel kit ( pack of 4)
Bryan & Candy New York shower delights shower gel kit ( pack of 4)

Bryan & Candy is a leading brand of personal grooming products. The brand has an aim of transforming the grooming habits of men and women by offering wide range of premium quality, personal grooming and wellness products. All these products have been specially designed in New York (USA) and backed by Industry research.  

Bryan & Candy New York shower delights shower get kit (Pack of 4) is one of the best gift options to choose from their wide range products. This delight shower gel consists of pack of 4 gels. Each one is 150 ml in size, with four different fragrances and have premium quality.  

All these products (shower gel) enriched with natural ingredients and provide in-dept moisturization. Let’s get into more details of each one.  

Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea Bath & Shower Gel 

Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea bath & shower gel
Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea bath & shower gel

This shower gel contains aloe vera, Shea butter, essential oils and cocoa extract as main ingredients. It rejuvenates your skin and provide good hydration for dry skin. It has an amazing fragrance and keep you fresh for longer hours. It removes impurities without stripping the body of natural essential oils and make your skin refreshed and revitalized.  

Bryan & Candy Japanese matcha (Green Tea) Bath & Shower Gel 

Bryan & Candy Japanese matcha ( green tea) bath & shower gel
Bryan & Candy Japanese matcha ( green tea) bath & shower gel

This shower gel contains aloe vera, essential oils & green tea matcha as main ingredients. It is free from paraben and other harmful ingredients and suitable for all skin types. This shower gel will not only clean and soften your skin but will also uplift your mood. Lathering up with this gel is a truly indulgent way to bathe.  

Bryan & Candy Orange & Mandarin Bath & Shower Gel  

Bryan & Candy orange & maderin bath & shower gel
Bryan & Candy orange & mandarin bath & shower gel

This shower gel contains aloe vera, essential oils and orange extracts as main ingredients. The refreshing citrusy aroma of orange work as a natural magic for your body and mind. The lingering perfume will stay with you the whole day and give a vibrant look to your skin.  

Bryan & Candy Strawberry Bath & Shower Gel 

Bryan & Candy strawberry bath & Shower gel
Bryan & Candy Strawberry bath & shower gel

This shower gel contains aloe vera, essential oils and pro vitamin B5 as main ingredients. Take a plunge in Strawbery fragrance with the bath and shower gel and it will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated.  

All these shower gels are dermatologically tested, free from paraben and other harmful ingredients. And provide a nourishing bath experience.  

How to use it?  

Pour small amount onto a loofah or sponge while you are in the shower. Lather up a lit, gently scrub your body and rinse with water.  

How much the cost of this kit?  

Bryan & Candy is offering this amazing kit just at a cost of 490 Rs. Indeed, it is an affordable and delightful gift for your dear one who deserves to be pampered with luxuries.  

Few more amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha Bandhan 

Chocolate hampers 

Chocolate hamper
Chocolate hamper

Chocolate hampers are something that is loved by all, easily available and affordable too. Chocolate hampers are one of the best gift options to make this festive moment more memorable and enjoyable. 

Personalized Rakhi gift  

personalized gift

Nowadays, various personalized Rakhi gift sets are in trend. Personalized coffee mug, personalized luxury cushion, photo frame, beautiful planter with plant, personalized water bottle, and even personalized watches are also available as an incredible gift option to make this occasion truly special.  

Stationery sets 


If your sister has a creative mind set and love to write or journaling, stationary sets can be a best gift idea to support their creative adventure. You can choose pen, diary, or beautiful combo of stationery sets as an amazing gift option for Raksha Bandhan.  



Girls love accessories and these can be a great gift option to make them feel special on this great day. Bangles, necklace, earnings, anklets, there are plenty of beautiful jewelry options are available and you can choose any one as per personal preference of your dear one.  

Dresses  ( Saris or Kurta)


Dresses (Sari, T-shirt or salwar suit) is another all-time hit gift options. Girls love to get new dress as a gift and this gift will make the “Raksha Bandhan celebration” extra special for them.  


If you are not sure about your gift choices and feeling so confused regarding making a final decision. Then go for e-vouchers. E-vouchers are best way to provide an opportunity to your sister to select her own gift as per her own preference.  

Perfumes, flowers, soft toys 


These are another great gift options for this occasion and make her day extra special. 

So, these were some amazing gift ideas for sister specially for Raksha Bandhan. Which one is your favorite? Please share with me! 


  • Alpana Deo

    Wow lovely list. I have been sending eRakhi to my brothers in India. I am sure there must be many sisters who are waiting to meet their brothers in person. I am always in favor of E-vouchers. It give the person to get their choice of gifts.

  • Pr@Gun

    With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, I’m sure brothers are looking for these options. Will share this with my cousins to ease there gift search. I won’t mind chocolate hampers and stationary set. This is really a nice list.

  • Anjali

    Wow!!.amazing ideas. Thanks that I found this article, was browsing gift ideas, this will definitely help me to choose gifts for my sis-in-law. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you. Informative post ✌

    • Imagemakeover

      These are some wonderful ideas. This is one thing that I always struggle with. Gifting stationary is really good. I always believe in gifting something which can be used and valued.

  • MeenalSonal

    Bryan & Candy gifting kits are very reasonable priced and are good to skin too. Accessories can never be out of trend for gifting purpose, the more we have the better we feel. Liked the compilation of the gift ideas.

    • yogitaamitjoshi

      I really love the ideas you provided it’s such a beautifully written article Rakhi being around the corner everyone is looking for gift choices and this is where I found mine thanks for the article

  • Moumita Jana

    1st of all thanks for this ideas. we are two sisters and i am proudly saying that we always celebrate all indians ceremonies and even rakhi together.but this pademic keeps us far and we gave last year beautiful gifts via online and this year will do the same..some of your gifts ideas are common with me and some of new. i will choose among them☺️.

  • Indiacafe24

    A different range of product which you recommended for sisters although I have a different taste in regards to gifts from you but will still appreciate your choice. But why will not sisters give to brothers on this occasions? I feel sad for brothers and so I too give them gift.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    These are some really fabulous gift ideas for sisters, and what better day than Rakshabandhan, to shower them with these gifts. They are all unique, chocolates of course have their own enduring charm.

  • Jhilmil

    While mostly chocolate hampers and beauty products are on demand, I loved the idea of gifting the shower gels and more so Bryan and Candy Shower gel kit.

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    It’s that time of the year again. Raksha Bandhan is a day to celebrate the special bond between brothers and sisters. This year I asked my son – Rishab – to buy something unique for her sister – Saanvi. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy but something that she could relate to. I’ll ask him to see this post as well.

    • energeticreads

      Wow this list is just amazing. And this will really help the brothers out there. I have to send something for my little brother. Would take some help from here.

  • Varsh

    Every year my brother asks what I want for Rakhi and I’m left wondering. I would love to have this shower gel kit. Also, who can ever refuse chocolates and personalised gifts!

  • Jeannine

    Love learning this part of your culture. I don’t think we have this kind of celebration and its surely is a great bonding moment for siblings. Your selection of gift ideas are superb and can be used for Christmas gift list.haha…perhaps will be using it this coming Christmas!

  • hema

    this is such a wonderful way to celebrate Rakhi, this is a idea kit for sure. I am gonna gift this to my sis this festival season. The perfect choice

  • jhilmildsaha

    I need to send this list to my brother. These are some amazing gift ideas that brothers can consider for sisters.

  • freemindtree

    This is quite a helpful list for brothers. They get so clueless while gifting. I feel now a days e-vouchers gifting is the best as one can buy his or her choice. P.S.- My brothers and my choice are so different.

  • rakhiparsai11984

    With Rakshabandhan just around the corner these things indeed make for a wonderful gift option to give to sisters. I have heard a lot about Bryan and candy products and so agree it will make for a wonderful gift.

  • Tina Basu

    These are such cute ideas for Rakshabandhan. It is always a big question – what to gift, what can be a return gift! I am always perplexed. But this list will be quite handy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kavita Singh

    I have been eyeing this brand (bryan and candy) from quite some time now. Absolutely love their packaging. Handmade gifts are also my favorites 🙂

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