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Why India Needs EdTech?

Education technology
Education technology

Does India really need EdTech? Well, to answer this question we need to first know what EdTech is. 

Educational Technology or simply EdTech is the utilization of apps, technology, or computer hardware for the purpose of teaching and learning. EdTech is believed to enable improved learning environment that results in improved learning outcomes. 

Since the outbreak of pandemic last year, EdTech has witnessed an increased adoption as more and more students are relying on online mode of learning to continue with their education. 

Why Does India Need EdTech? 

Education technology
Education technology

India needs EdTech to overcome some significant drawbacks of the existing traditional education system like: 

Focus on rote learning rather than conceptual based learning 

The Indian educational system focuses more on “Rote learning” rather than conceptual based learning.  “Rote learning” is mainly about repetition and memorization of important facts and does not support proper (and a deeper) understanding of a subject. 

The pressure of grading system  

This is another disappointing aspect of the Indian education system. It creates intense pressure on students for getting higher marks and grades. This evaluation system is a leading cause of high level of stress among students.  

Student teacher ratio 

India has a student teacher ratio of 30:1, which means more than 30 students depend on one teacher, in primary level institutions. This ratio creates a difficulty for teachers to provide individual attention to students and also affect the quality of education.  

No Overall Development  

Most students who graduate fresh out of college are not ready to face the real world. The education system does not give an opportunity for students to learn soft skills, vocational skills, and hands-on experience in solving real-life problems.  

These problems act as hurdles in the growth and overall development of students. EdTech could be our best bet in overcoming these hurdles. 

How EdTech can help? 

  • EdTech offer various types of interesting educational content including text, audio, videos, and games, compared to traditional educational format. This multiple variety of educational content make learning process interesting and also help in achieving more conceptual based learning rather than “rote learning”.  
  • EdTech resources are available for all students irrespective of their geographical location and offer an equal learning opportunity for students of different parts of the country.  
  • With the help of EdTech “personalized learning” has become a lot easier. EdTech based on giving lesson plans as per individual student’s previous performance and growth and as per their personalized learning style.  
  • EdTech offers an easily accessible and flexible learning environment. On one side, teachers can plan (and may be record) their lesson ahead. Another side, students also adjust their learning time and schedule as per their own convenience.  
  • Lastly, in the pandemic era, when parents are not comfortable in sending their kids to school, EdTech helps in keeping their kid’s learning momentum on and provide great help in easy homeschooling from the comfort of their home. 

With these and other added benefits EdTech is definitely needed for India. 

How BYJU’S is Leading the EdTech revolution? 

BYJU’S is one of the world’s leading EdTech platform with 64 million app downloads, 4.2 million annual paid subscribers and an annual renewal rate of 85%. BYJU’S is catering to students who are gearing up for K-12, public services, engineering, medical and other entrance exams.  

BYJU’S offers an abundant collection of learning resources to students through its app, web portal, and tablets. It offers learning resources in the form of video lectures, PDF lesson notes, games, quizzes, riddles, smart workbooks and more. It is also offering coding classes to interested kids. 

BYJU’S is also making efforts to deliver EdTech to the doorsteps of the underserved communities through their CSR initiatives such as “BYJU’S Education for ALL” and “BYJU’S Give initiatives”. 

EdTechs like these are striving to bring about a change in the Indian education system, which has led me believe that India needs EdTech. 

What are your thoughts?  Please share with me.  


  • Alpana Deo

    Indian education system has a few areas that need improvement. With EdTech, Indian education system can be benefitted in many ways. It will make it very strong for future generation.

  • Ruchie

    With changing scenario in education, Edtech is one of the most required thing for kids and parents too. Even my girl is enrolled with Byjus and loved the way they clear the concepts.

  • Archana

    Edtech has become the necessary part of today’s education system. Especially this Pandemic has pushed the system to be more aware and use to of it. About BYJU’s classes, yes I have experienced their diligence towards every student!

  • bytetrails

    EdTech is definitely the way forward. My daughter too is enrolled with Byjus , n she really enjoy the classes.

  • Kavita Singh

    The education industry has changed alot and it is important to evolve with time as well as technology. There is no doubt that Edtech is the future. Byju’s is indeed making a difference in this industry.

    • Roma

      You spoke my mind buddy and undoubtedly Indian education does need Edtech and Byju’s do offer an incredible array of choices

  • Priyal

    Detect is going to help kids in future. In the last few years, the education system has been changed in a very smart way. Kids are getting knowledge and learning in different ways which are good for them .

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    Ed Tech is here to stay post Covid19. Surprisingly, students are finding newer ways of learning in the new normal better than classroom learning. I think this is certainly the way forward.

    • Varsh

      Rote learning never helps in clearing concepts or inspiring kids to explore a topic more. Byju’s is doing a wonderful job through Edtech. This is indeed the way forward.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    The Indian education system has for long stuck to the colonial systems, that have been a leagacy of the British. It is good to see edtech enabling a paradigm shift in the education system.

  • Judy Morris

    Rote learning is of no use because the practical applicability of concepts is not being learnt there. An Edtech focusing on personal attention can surely help the kid actually learn the use of concept.

  • rakhiparsai11984

    EdTech is the growing market in India and I think even aboard with most of the world consuming education sitting at home. And I really like the fact that with various tools available in EdTech market are helping learn better

  • Jhilmil D Saha

    Edtech is the future of education. While we had been following the Rote learning method all this while, it is a good sign that educators have finally come out with concept based learning. BYJU’s is doing a fine job.

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