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4 Reasons how storytelling session improve creativity- Guest Post by Meenal&Sonal from!

Storytelling and creativity
Storytelling and creativity

When words are bonded together in a synchronized manner to form a sentence or a story holds much more value than the distributed words. Stories have the power to emote feelings perfectly and can change a person’s perspective completely. Stories are so powerful that the few stories which we read in childhood are imprinted on our soul for the entire life.  

Relationship of Stories & Child 

Children are so fascinated by the stories that they enter the fantasy world of it and also do lots of pretend play imagining the characters of the story. The right story at the right time can create a significant effect on the child and also help parents to nurture good values through it.  

Storytelling & its germination: 

Storytelling is an ancient art by which we all are aware of, and these storytelling sessions have captured the culture in the words and passed on from generation to generation. We have heard so many stories since our childhood, and many till now in the form of movies and dramas. Yet only a few make a way to our hearts and capture our minds. Did you ever notice that stories that resonate with us are our favorites and the one which takes us to a dreamland inspires us to create a world around us in a similar way? 

Stories leave an impact on children, and Story Telling sessions are one of the ways to make children interested in the stories and build their tower of imagination. Let us have a look at a few reasons how storytelling improves a child’s creativity. 

Four reasons how Storytelling session enhances child creativity!

Storytelling and creativity
Storytelling and creativity
  1. Enhances comprehension like language and vocabulary: 

A child is like wet clay, that can be turned into any shape. This old saying works well in each case of the child. If we surround kids with good words and their usage then these are deep-rooted in them, and kids use it very efficiently. Stories and the word flow of it fills into children’s hearts as the magic potion and reflects when children talk. Storytelling sessions enhance the comprehension of the child that in-turn improves language and vocabulary. New words are captured in the story, and the child knows the correct meaning of it. 

  1. Induce reasoning like what is good or bad. 

Through storytelling sessions, we can make children understand what is good for them and whatnot. By giving examples of the day-to-day or even stories based on the animal world, the child can differentiate who did good and who did bad. It is the power of the words that can be understood by the kids with help of the stories. 

  1. Improves imagination and critical thinking 

Stories help children to think creatively, and many times children imagine themselves in place of the protagonist and answer what they would do if they face such situations in life; this is the important task of the storytelling session. This activity develops the mind and also increases critical thinking. Parents and teachers should support the imagination of the child, and stories help us to know what is the thought process of the child through stories. Children should be encouraged to narrate a story in their version, and adults should not hinder their flow. Let the buffaloes fly in the air, and ants climb a mountain with two steps.  

  1. Learn about various cultures 

Stories showcase a lot of things such as the era of the story, the circumstances characters face, culture, language, and location. Storytelling sessions also focus on folk tales and the mythological tales that talk about the culture. Stories that depict the culture are also a treasure for the children as they are experiencing the character’s expressions and their emotions through these sessions. 

Storytelling sessions encapsulate children and taken them into an imaginary land where they fly in their thoughts. Attending storytelling sessions virtually through online sessions or begin with the house members who narrate the stories with expressions is a great value time for the children. Parents and adults can narrate the story while reading a book and enact various sounds to catch the attention of the kids and make them interested in the stories. Storytelling session is one of the ways where a family can bond over and have fun while screens are away from all. 

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  • Alpana Deo

    I completely agree with Meenal-Sonal’s thought. Storytelling is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with kids. Kids irrespective of age, love to listen to stories and when these stories are narrated in an interesting manner it creates a picture in their mind. Infant, I have tried storytelling with my daughter to explain her a few of History facts,

    • simisp

      One of the best thing we can give message to our kids is through stories kids get involved completely I agree with you… And yes one of the best way to build the bonding and spend some Quality time..

    • TripleAmommy

      I wholeheartedly agree with Meenal and Sonal here. But I also must confess that I am myself but so great at storytelling! Weaving yarns is not my cup of tea! My husband on the other hand is really good at making up stories and keeps the kids enthralled!

  • Metamorphosis

    Story telling definitely has a great impact on children’s mind. It not only improves their imagination but helps them to enrich their creativity too. This inculcates reading habit in children and grow their love for books. I used to enjoy story telling session when I was training pre-school teachers.

  • momtasticworld

    I couldn’t agree more. Storytelling definitely helps in improving in child’s creativity and imagination. Loved reading this 🙂

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Storytelling is an art and all parents should try to read out to their kids everyday. I feel so proud wen I see my son doing it for my grandsons.They love that exclusive time with Papa and ask for their favorite stories.

  • Judy Morris

    Talking about creativity who else can explain that better than Meena-Sonal. yes surely story telling improves vocabulary and pronunciation and their way to perceive the world.

  • Cindy Dsilva

    Oh I knew storytelling was good. I mean my kids go into an imaginary mode while I’m telling them the story. They can’t even hear me ask a question about the story, while I’m reading the story.

  • Dr Nausheen

    That’s very informative read about story telling and I must agree that regular storytelling does improve creativity and our vocabulary

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