#NaturalDIY- 5 Amazing Morning Drinks for good health and wellness!

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In today’s post, I am sharing 5 amazing DIY morning health drinks for good health. These morning drinks are super healthy and enriched with power of amazing natural ingredients.  

By adding these drinks in your routine, you can substitute your caffeine rich tea or coffee with healthier options. These morning drinks are great way to boost your metabolism and kick start your day with great energy. Read the post to know more about these amazing morning health drinks. 

5 Amazing DIY Morning drinks for good health and wellness! 

5 Morning Health drinks

Fennel seed drink 

Fennel seed water- a good morning health drink
Fennel seed water

Fennel (or saunf) is an amazing spice that is used mostly as a mouth-freshener in Indian household. Along with this, fennel has various great therapeutic properties such as it is good for digestion and helps in treating constipation, bloating and other digestive issues. It is rich source of fiber, so helps in suppressing hunger and ultimately works great for weight loss.  

It is also believed that it helps in detoxification process and useful in treating symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) 

How to make it? 


  • Water
  •  1-2 TBSP saunf or fennel seed 


  • There are two ways to use fennel seeds for making fennel drink. Either you can soak 1-2 TBSP of fennel seeds in a large glass of water for overnight or you can use it directly too.  
  • Take a vessel and pour 2-3 glass of water in it. Now, add fennel seeds in it. Allow it to boil for 20-30 minutes or until the water remains half of its original quantity. 
  • Stain this water with the help of Stainer and discard the seeds.  
  • Your fennel seed drink is ready. Consume this drink as a first thing in the morning and avoid eating anything at least after 30 minutes.  


Fennel seed drink helps in keeping your digestion on track. According to Ayurveda, fennel has great amazing cooling properties, so this drink is also a great drink option in summer to relieve heat from the body.  

Lemon and honey water 

Lemon-honey water: well known morning health drink
Lemon-honey water- most well known morning health drink

 Honey has some amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These properties provide great benefits to our skin, digestion and overall health. 

You can use honey directly in Luke warm water to get the amazing health benefits of honey. Additionally, adding lemon is an excellent idea to enhance taste and nutritional benefits of honey.  

How to make it?  


  • Luke warm water  
  • Slice of lemon  
  • Honey 1-2 tea spoon  


  • Take 1 glass of Luke warm water and mixed 1-2 tea spoon of honey. Mixed well and add lemon juice as per your taste (for me, 1 teaspoon works well)  
  • Drink this preferably in the morning to get maximum benefits.  
  •  This taste so good and an excellent way to start your day with something healthy.  


Along with the goodness of honey, lemon and water addition helps a lot in flushing out the toxins and keep your digestion on track. It is also good for skin and helps in losing weight too.   

Ayurvedic Kadha 

Ayurvedic kadha- an ancient morning health drink
Ayurvedic Kadha- ancient morning health drink

Nowadays, the whole world is inspired from our Ayurveda, yoga and meditation practices. And they are also trying to adopt the eastern lifestyle to their lives.  

Grandma’s kadha is one such well known Indian recipe that has amazing health benefits and also, nourish our body with power of amazing spices. It is an excellent way to combat common infections like cough, cold, throat pain etc.  

How to make it?  


  • Filtered water (2 quarts)  
  • Basil leaves (7-8)  
  • Cloves (15)  
  • Black paper (whole 15-20)  
  • Cinnamon sticks (3-5)  
  • Cardamom pods (15-20)  
  • Ginger slices (7-8)  
  • Honey (optional) 
  • Ghee (optional) 
  • Large vessel  
  • Strainer   
  • Another pot for storing kadha  

Note: there is no fixed or rigid measurements of all these ingredients (spices and herbs) and you can add or subtract their quantity as per your taste, convenience or availability.   


  • Take a heavy bottom large vessel and pour 2 quarts. And heat it for few minutes.  
  • After few minutes, add all other ingredients one by one and boil for 30 minutes  
  • With this, the water absorbed the goodness of all these amazing ingredients  
  • Now, take down this from the heat. 
  • Strain all the spices and collect the tea in the separate vessel  

Best part, you can store this mixture in the refrigerator and can reheat and use, when you want to drink it.  


This Indian kadha has amazing health benefits. All these amazing ingredients have great therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory, anti- allergic and anti-oxidants. It also supports our digestion and great for boosting our immunity. Specially during recent stressful condition of Corona virus pandemic, this is really a great option to keep our body strong and immune from common infections.  

Green tea 

green tea- a great morning health drink
Green tea- A great morning health drink

I am sure you had already heard the amazing therapeutic properties of green tea. Green tea has excellent anti-oxidant properties and proven beneficial for our overall health and well-ness. Regular consumption of green tea improves immunity and speeds up metabolism. 

If you are someone who like to start your day with tea or coffee, then green tea could be used as an excellent alternative. It keeps you alert and stay active without causing the side effects of typical caffeine rich drinks.  

How to make it? 


  • Water 
  • Green tea sachet or green tea powder  


First boil the 1 cup water. Next pour this water in a cup and add green tea sachet in it. Cover the cup for 5 minutes and then enjoy your green tea. Alternately, you can use green powder too, boil the water after adding green tea powder for 5 minutes. Stain it and enjoy your warm cup of green cup as first thing in the morning. 


Green tea offers great benefits for your digestion, metabolism, oral cavity, skin and all other systems of body. It helps is detox and cleansing process, and a great way to enrich your body with various essential nutrients.  

Vegetable juices (Bottle gourd, bitter gourd, tomato, beet, and cucumber) 

Vegetable juices
Vegetable juices- amazing health drinks

Last but not the least healthy morning drink option, “Vegetable juices”. Starting your day with “Vegetable Juice” is a great way to boost your metabolism and add essential nutrients in your routine diet. 

How to make it? 


  • Vegetable of your choice  
  • Water as needed 
  • Salt, black paper (optional) as per taste 
  • Lemon juice (optional) 1 tsp 


  • First take out any vegetable of your choice (try to select seasonal, fresh and organic one). There are some vegetables such as cucumber and tomato can be used together, while some others like bottle gourd should not be used in combination. Taste bottle gourd before using (avoid if it bitter, otherwise, you may get stomach infection with the consumption of bitter juice). 
  • Cut the vegetable of your choice in medium chuck, add enough water and grinder it properly. Stain the juice with a Stainer. Add salt, black paper and few drops of lemon juice if you want. Your healthy, tasty and refreshing vegetable juice is ready to enjoy. 


Consuming vegetable juice regularly great for your skin and digestion. It is an excellent way to provide excellent nourishment to your body. 


All these morning health drinks are good for health. they super healthy and enriched with amazing nutrients. But as a conclusion, I would like to add few important things. 

Most of these health drinks claim major health benefits such as weight loss, improve eyesight and boosting metabolism. But you cannot get any of these claimed results immediately or within a shorter span of time. I had used all of these drinks but none of these shows any immediate great results. You have to be patient and used them regularly for a longer period of time for getting long term benefits and visible great results.  

So, this is all for now. 

Which one is your favorite morning drink? Please share with me. 

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