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#Speakeasy2 – India of my dreams !( Mere Sapno ka Bharat)

Before starting this post, first I want to say a big thanks to Dipika and Ruchi for organizing the “Speakeasy2”, and I am so excited to be a part of it again.  

I had participated in “Speakeasy 1” and had a great writing and reading experience. The theme was speakeasy 1 was happiness, and I had a great time while sharing some amazing happiness theme activities for kids, in my post. If you want to read that post click here

Now, it’s time for participating in speakeasy 2., and theme for “Speakeasy2” is – “Ye jo desh hai mera”.  

With this theme, we 26 bloggers are sharing their individual perspective for our own country. The theme is perfectly relevant too, as this week, we had celebrated our 74th Independence Day. So far, I had read some amazing posts for the challenge and loved them from core of my heart. 

Honestly, for me writing for this theme is an overemotional experience. Though I am an expressive person but when it comes to write or speak on things that close to my heart (like my family or country), I often feel speechless. While sharing about these things, I always feel an over emotional state of heart and mind, and words did not flow the way, it should be. 

Anyways coming back to theme, “Ye Jo desh hai mera..”. Since last few years, as an immigrant this subject has become uniquely special for me. because as an immigrant, I did not have the privilege to celebrate the National festival “Independence Day” in my own country. I always feel lacked as a parent that my girls are not getting enough opportunity to learn more about their mother land as a school student. For me, this experience become immensely nostalgic too, as onset of any festival (national or religious) take me back to my childhood days, I get plenty of amazing memories of festival celebration with my friends, family in our own country”.  

But, now things had changed a lot after moving to another country ( USA). this change of status reduces our joy of celebration specially in “Typical Indian style”.

For many, living a life on foreign land seems like a privilege but honestly it is not as easy as seems. You have to make so many sacrifices and have to wait long years (2-3 year minimum) to visit your own country and meet your family. Here, hearing a patriotic song or seeing an Indian flag, feel like a life-time experience. 

 I still remember one incidence of year 2016 (when we just moved to USA), and we went to New jersey for a tourism purpose. In New Jersey, there is an area called “Mini India”, where you get all kinds of Indian shops and restaurants. It is the place that gives you a feeling for a moment that you are in India. While our visit, we had done loads of shopping and enjoyed Indian food, and while moving around I got awestruck at one intersection. At this intersection, there is a place, where you see Indian and USA flags all together.  

After seeing that Indian flag, I got mesmerized and felt a sense of un-explained happiness. It was a moment, when I had realized that “when I was in India, these things were part of my routine life, I had never thought that these could become a matter of utter most importance, when I will be moved miles away from our own land”. 

I am in USA in more than 5 years. After a long 5 years of stay and visiting more than 10 states of this beautiful country, I always felt only one emotion at the end, that  

 “Apna desh to apna hi hota hai”..and  “Apne desh ki baat hi alag hai..”. 

Last year, after a long gap of 4 years, I had visited India. It was a kind of over whelming experience. I had observed so many great changes and technological advancements, such as in my own city Nagpur, Metro has been launched. New roads and improve infrastructure have given me a feeling of proud Indian. 

Of course, we are doing a great development in all aspects of life, but still there are some things that I dream for future India.  

Sharing few things that I wish in “India of my dreams”. Hoping you like it. 

India of my dreams 

A celebrated childhood and less pressurized educational system 

Yes, this one is my first wish for future India. Though Indian educational system has its own perks but despite these perks, it puts lots of pressure on young age kids (this is my personal opinion no offence to anyone.) I feel little disappointed, when I see little kids and their parents have loads of worries about selecting a perfect school, getting great marks, being ahead in competition and so on…. 

I wish future India should have a less pressurized educational system, where kids enjoy learning process.  every kid (irrespective of his/her caste and economic status) get a chance to learn and study, what they actually want to learn. Education should become a more meaningful aspect of life rather than just have an aim to come first in a rat race. 

Women empowerment


Though things had improved a lot in last few decades and now, women are getting equal opportunities in various aspects of life. Now, they are proving that they have an amazing ability to perform best in every field ranging from sports to politics and even air and marine forces.  

Despite these positive changes, still there are some areas (especially rural area) where women have no right to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, dowry and female foeticides are still a part of our social system. 

Along with these social evils, “Women safety” is another most important aspect of women’s life that bother every girl, woman and their parents. Unfortunately, India is considered as a “Rape capital” of world.  

As a woman and mom of two young girls, I feel so disappointed and sometimes scared with these statics. I wish these things get changed in future and women have better opportunity and proper safety in future India.  

Freedom from corruption 

I am sure you all would be agree that “Corruption” is root cause that puts a major obstacle in growth and development of our nation. Our country has immense talent and amazing potential but because of bunch of corrupted people, every system lacked efficient execution of facilities. The problem of corruption not only hinder growth of our nation but it also puts a question mark on our overall reputation. 

I wish, future India have team of young, and honest people in different departments who believe in principle of work with ethics rather than following the evil path of corruption. 

“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” make India greener and cleaner 

We all know the great results of Modi ji’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, in making India cleaner and greener. But I believe, this is just the beginning. I wish, it keeps continuous in future and we would be able to make our country a cleanest place to live an enjoyable life. 

So, these were some of my dreams that I wish for future India. What are your thoughts? Please share! 

This post is a part of #speakeasy 2 blogging challenge hosted by Ruchi from and Dipika from


  • DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

    “Apna desh to apna hi hota hai”..and “Apne desh ki baat hi alag hai..”. – this is so true! You will be happy to know that a lot of positive efforts are being made towards making India a super power. Women empowerment, Swachch Bharat and Atma Nirbhar Bharat are on top of the list. Yes, our media makes it appear like nothing much is happening here, but in reality, India has changed and how! Looking forward to meeting you when you come here next. Warm hugs. Keep writing such thought-provoking blogposts that initiate discussion and debate. More power to you!

    • admin

      Aww..warm hugs from my side too..i would also love meet you too dear…yes, Modi ji is doing great things for our country and I wish he keep continue his great work and our country reach new mile stones of growth development. I am so glad dear you liked the post. this morning, you comment is the first thing that I had read. you had made my day . feeling inspired to write more meaningful content.

      • Metamorphosis

        This is such a heartfelt post. I am happy that things are changing for good in India and I am truly a proud Indian to see such progressive changes like education reforms, swatch Bharat Abhayan and as a women I do feel empowered.

        • sadvika kylash

          All I could wish is the change in our education system. And more of physical activities for kids apart But we are making a lot of progress in other sectors. Love reading your post ??????

  • Sivaranjini Anandan

    Apna Desh is an emotion rather than just a word and living outside India and admiring the country shows the love you have our country and your dreams for the nation has all the things that India needs as a country.?

  • Alpana Deo

    Apna Desh aur uski mitti ki khushboo alag hi hoti hai. I guess, an immigrant can understand it very well. India has come a long way. It feels proud to see the developments but still there are many areas which needs attention. I am sure, it will happen soon and now when we will visit India after covid, we will be surprised to see the changed India.

  • Richa MIna

    i can totally empathize with you. i stayed in Maldives for 3 years and any news or flag of India would bring flood of emotions you’d never experience in India. We take so much for granted In India we only realize what we’re missing when we leave it.
    Good or bad i Love India for what it is.

  • Pragnya

    I could relate with the emotions of apna desh, apni mitti. While living an expat life, every time India day or mini India was organized I used feel overwhelmed. Virtual hugs on that Surbhi.

    Education and women empowerment are two topic India need to focus right now. With new NEP things might change, but the implementation is going to take years. Let’s hope nearing to India of our dreams.

    • Amritha Srinath

      What a fabulous post on My India. Our country is definitely changing for the better. The change in education system is something to wait and watch. Yes, I do hope the corruption is eradicated too. Overall a great dream for our India!

  • Gurjeet Chhabra

    Here Is Indian hug from my side. My mostly cousins are in abroad and they miss India as you did so I can know your feeling. I am surely, soon Your future India will be just like your dream.

  • Pr@Gun

    Ye jo desh hai mera, indeed ye sare jahan se accha hai and we are certainly growing and moving towards a better tomorrow with AmtaNirbhar bharat, Swachh Bharat, Women empowerment and much more. Lovely post surbhi.

  • MeenalSonal Mathur

    I can completely what is the feeling of being in foreign land and emotions towards nation. The pointers of women empowerment and education sector is what we want India to progress and we are happy that government is working hard towards the same.

  • Disha

    I agree with you on all the pointers. We need a change in education system and I am hopeful that the new policy might be a good step to celebrate learning and move away from rote learning. Once educated, the things others things follow the suit. 🙂

  • samidha mathur

    A very thought-provoking post. I agree to this 100% that along with women empowerment, women safety should also be taken care of. The rising crimes against a woman is a real matter of concern.

  • Raksha Nagaraj

    I have been living in Australia for past 9 years and I still associate my roots to India. I miss being in that country and I miss everything about India. I know we have a long way to improve on many things, but there are things that are changing and improving for good. People are more aware and outspoken these days. Everyone is finding their voice and that is the best thing ever.

  • Vashi

    Every word from your keyboard resonated so well with me. I was so touched by your love for your nation & your yearning as an immigrant. How i wish your wishes for our country come true; i can see a little change jn education sector & wish the rest soon . Beautiful write up.

  • Cindy Dsilva

    We all have such dreams for India. But I wonder if it’s possible to turn into a rich country that it actually is. Corruption is just harming the country left right and center.

  • mummatalks

    Loved to read this. I agree there are a lot of things if improved our country can be the best. I can also relate with u as I’ve spent my childhood abroad and how I use to miss the festivals and feel when my cousins n relatives uses to share with us about their trips and holidays.

  • MeenalSonal Mathur

    Seeing our country progress gives us so much relief and happiness at same time. We living in India see the progress step by step whereas when you visit from another country feel the positive difference so much. I am happy to know that the change was welcoming in your India trip.

  • Roma

    Rula diya dost, I know your feelings, when I worked in sweden I felt the same and longed to come back and then made a conscious decision as I am a v emotional person. Loved loved loved your post

  • Neha Sharma

    What a beautiful post, Surbhi. You got me emotional, I never realized how difficult it could be for an Indian immigrant in a western country. India of your dreams is India of my dreams too. Loved reading your post.

  • Varsh

    Whenever our relatives from abroad visit they say the same thing about ‘apna desh’. India like any other country has its pros and cons. Your dream India seems a much better place indeed.

  • Snigdha

    Our India is full of flavours I must say . So many kinds of people, culture, food ,attire ,etc. All in all ‘Apna Desh Sabse Anokha’ .. you have beautifully penned down all the features of our India.

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