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#Bookreview- It is all called love by Dipika Singh- A remarkable tales of love!

Hello everyone! 

I am back with another book review, this time I am reviewing one of the most promising books from #Blogchatterebook named “It is all called love” written by Dipika Singh. 

What is the book all about? And what is my take on this book? Read on to know more. 

It is all called love 

Name of book: It is all called love 

Author: Dipika Singh 

Pages: 32 

Genra: fiction  

Format: e book 

Available on: Blogchatter website 

Rating: 4/5 


True love is hard to find and even harder to hide. ‘Successful lawyer Shalini Taneja meets attractive Samar Kumar, past holds them back but their chemistry is electric’ – A gripping love story of emotions, bitter past, and a promising future. Love comes in many forms, and not all love stories have happy endings. This is a book that will obsess you with 11 unique shades of love. 

Author bio 

Dipika Singh is a full-time blogger, author, wife, and mother of a 7-year-old active girl. She has worked in top-notch international banks for over 10 years and now trains young MBA aspirants. Her lifestyle blog, Gleefulblogger has won many accolades. 
Her debut writing piece is part of the anthology ‘A Jar of Memories’ published by Half Baked Beans. It’s All Called Love is Dipika’s first solo eBook. 

My take on book 

The book has a perfect blend of different elements of a unique story telling 

Though I am not an expert or critic but as a curious reader I know that there are certain elements that should be blended perfectly, while narrating a story. The prefect blend of these elements makes a story hit and impress the readers with writing style of author.  Some of these elements are: setting, characters and their interesting development, plot and sequence of events etc. 

While reading this book (that is a collection of 11 amazing love stories), I had felt that these stories have a perfect blend of these essential elements of storytelling and author has crafted them with so much perfection and a unique personal style. 

She has created a good, well established setting in most of the stories that creates an uplifting mood and set a perfect environment for readers to read this book with zeal and excitement. 

As a next element, she has done a wonderful job in creating and developing different characters of each story. she has used the power of magical words and developed each character with so much passion and precision. While reading, you get a proper image of particular character with his/her unique personality traits, nature and even dressing style.  

Additionally, sequences of event are also interesting. The progression of stories is fast but easy to follow. While reading you always had a great sense of curiosity about different events and want to know what will happen next? 

Engaging Narration and impressive language 

I am sure you all would be agree that writing an engaging narration is a challenging task and it is not easy to captivate the audience and keep them engaged as the story is told.  

In this book, most of the stories have engaging narration. Conversations between lead characters create an incredible impact. Like in chapter 3 “Embracing love”, lead characters Shalini and Samar had an electrifying chemistry despite having a bitter past. This story has amazing narrations and gripping-power packed emotions, as the story progresses, you get fall in love with these two love birdies and want to see them as a couple soon.  

Along with narration, the language of this book is equally impressive and phenomenal.  Honestly, as a reader, I was mesmerized with her choice of words and I had re-read various chapters just because impressive language and poetic expression of different emotions. 

Each story has a beautiful and surprising element of love 

As the name mentioned, this book maintained that theme all throughout the different stories. Each story has a unique shade of love that pour different sets of emotions while reading. one side, there are some stories that will make you smile, while some others may make you cry.  

In fact, some stories have a charm that will bring back your memories of collage time romance and while some other will make you re-think about the real meaning of love. 

Like, chapter 6 “Voyage to the heart” tell us a story of an amazing couple Corrie and Susan who met and get fall in love despite having different cultural background. Before their love reach on another beautiful destination, Corrie met an accident and may lose his left arm or in worse case may had hemiplegia. this beautiful couple face a challenging situation in the beginning of their relation. Despite, all these unfortunate events, they decided to be brave and face it with uttermost courage and accepted life how it represented itself. 

This one is one of my most favorite stories from the book. And author has narrated it with so much love and beautiful expressions. 

The book has a unique voice of author  

Honestly as per my opinion, writing love stories is not as easy as seems. As a reader (and even as a viewer), we all had read or watched so many love stories. Love stories may sound so predictable and we may have a feeling (as a reader) that “Ohh I had guessed it already?” or “I know that this will happen next?” 

But in this book, author has crossed this barrier so beautifully. 

First, she has picked these beautiful themes and then given a unique voice to each of her stories. As a reader, I had never felt that “I am getting bored” or “I knew it already”. She has kept a great sense of curiosity for readers and we feel wide spectrum of emotions while reading each one. 


As a conclusion I would say, “this book is an amazing collection of 11 love stories and each one tells a unique shade of love. If you love to explore the mesmerizing world of romance and beautiful relationship, not in a typical way, then just go for it. I am sure, you will not be disappointed.  

My heartiest congrats to Dipika for starting off her author journey and I wish her loads of luck for great success for same and for all future projects.

The book is available for free download for a limited period of time, click here to download it for free. 


This is the first time when I had reviewed a fiction book, so please be kind!


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