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“Why Should you Travel with your kids?” Guest Post by Arushi Seth!

Travel with kids is looked at by many parents as the most cumbersome task. There are many who feel restricted when they travel with kids. There are others who think it is wasting money as they might not remember many things. But, the fact is, when you travel with kids, you not only give them an exposure to a new world but also them grow. Travel has a great impact on child development and thus, is an important part of their growing up. 

Travel with Kids is Important 

There are many benefits of travelling with kids. You introduce them to a various cultures, new food, beautiful landscapes and of course, there is no better way than travel to spend quality time with kids. Even if the kids do not remember many things when they grow up, these experiences create memories and encourage them to grow. Let us talk of a few reasons how travel with kids is important for their development. 

Broadens the Horizons 

This is the most important reason and may be the most compelling one too. When kids travel to new places, their mind opens to new experiences and they learn to accept changes. I have seen my daughter learn many new things on different holidays we have taken with her. I always feel, travel is a great way to educate your child and let them know that there is so much in the world apart from their daily routine. 

Quality Time 

Quality time is essential when you are bringing up kids. In the daily routine, there is so much to do and manage, that there is not much scope to be able to spend time and bond with the kids. Whereas, when you travel with kids, you are in a different frame of mind, and you do many things together. When kids learn things from parents or have fun with them, it is bound to strengthen their bond with them. A family that creates memories together, stays together.  

Makes them Responsible 

There are many aspects of travelling that make them kids more responsible. When you travel with kids, you can involve them in the planning and then packing. At the airport, they learn a lot on how to travel and what needs to be done where. The kids learn to be responsible for their things and how to conduct themselves with people around.  

Kids also learn new things on a vacation and this helps them develop new skills and also makes them more responsible. More than academic grades, these experiences matter a lot and they help a lot in life. 

Increases Flexibility 

A routine is important for a child but there has to be a flexibility as well. A change in routine and accepting changes are essential life lessons as they make the child or even an adult flexible. Kids when face new situations, they learn to adapt and also accept challenges. Another thing which I have noticed with my daughter is, holidays make her more patient. Things do not happen the way she wants to and when she wants to. She has to wait or even accept the limited food choices. There are times, when she does not have everything she needs and thus, she learns to manage with the options available.  

Promotes Self-Play 

I do not know about others, but my daughter needs constant entertainment else I hear the word ‘bore’ a 1000 times daily. There are many things at home to keep her busy but when we are on a holiday, she has to learn to play with what is available and sometimes, nothing. I have noticed, she creates her own games and plays alone, without being bored. She also enjoys these things more which otherwise at home are taken for granted. 

Travel and See them Grow 

Travel and child development go together as I said. Parents find travelling a big issue in the first few years of parenting especially. Each stage is a little different and there is planning needed accordingly. To get tips on planning a vacation especially in the first four years of parenting, you can read my post, Vacation with Kids: The First Four Years are Perfect. Travel should be an important part of their growing up years. If you have not tried yet, plan a short vacation with them and see how much you all will enjoy and how much they will learn from their trip. Travel and the experiences that come with it work like magic in the development of your child. So travel with kids and plan a vacation soon. So where are you off to?       

This post is a part of #Guestpost series. thanks a lot to my dear friend Arushi Seth for writing such a wonderful and informative post for my blog.

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