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“To my grandchild with love”- By Roma Gupta Sinha- A Book that is breath of fresh air during challenging time of Corona-virus Pandemic!

The year 2020 is insanely hard year for all of us. we all had faced tremendous amount of fear and anxiety due to corona virus pandemic. Of course, it is a time that is testing our patience up to highest level. Unfortunately, despite passing of long 4 months, we are still in a struggling condition and waiting for the time, when we get back to our normal lives.

Personal level, I am trying hard to keep myself creatively engaged to reduce fear, anxiety and panic associated with this dreadful situation. in this process, participating in blogchatterA2Z and blogchatterebook carnival were two major positive steps that has helped me stay busy and positive during this stressful time. With this challenge, I had not only completed my participation but published my second e book ” Healthy eating for busy moms  ” as well. 

Along with writing, I also had a great reader experience with this journey and got a chance to read so many great books from different genera.

Among all of these, I have one of my personal favorite. I had read this book recently and just loved it. the name of this book is “To you my grandchild with love-26 soulful letters on Covid 19 times” and it is written by Roma Gupta Sinha.  

What is the book all about? And why should you read this book? Read on to know more. 

Book Review 

Name of book: “To you my grandchild with love-26 soulful letters on Covid 19 times” 

Author- Roma Gupta Sinha 

Pages– 115

Rating–  4.5/5


This book is a collection of 26 soulful letters from author to her grandchild about the challenging time of Covid 19. Author believe that, when we experience something as mighty as a pandemic in our lifetime, it indeed becomes our responsibility to let our future generations know about how overwhelming the experience is and the lessons we are learning the hard way. This is how this book was envisioned where she pens twenty-six soulful letters to her grandchild on the lives and lessons, she learned in the COVID-19 times. 

Author bio 

Roma Gupta Sinha is an acclaimed writer who has won many awards and accolades. She is an author of four published books and writing on her blog is like breathing to her. She believes she is born for a purpose and yearns each day to be the face of positive change in the society she lives in. She also writes exhaustively on Women and Kids Mental and Physical Health. 

My take on book 

Here are my few things that I really liked about this amazing book. 

This book reclaims the lost art of letter writing so beautifully 

Nowadays, we lived in a high-tech era and technology has over powered the each and every aspects of our everyday life. Email, what’s up and Facebook has become the most famous medium of social communication. Of course, it is great to see this amazing growth and advancement but another side, this overuse of technology has taken away the simplicity of our life.

As an over emotional person, I missed so many beautiful things from past era.  

Letter writing is one of them, I still missed those golden days of my childhood life, when letter writing was one of the most integral part of our life. I used to write and share my feelings with my friends and cousins with the loving art of letter writing. nowadays, letter writing has become an almost a forgotten art. in today’s busy life, nobody has time or patience to write letters to their dear ones

In this scenario, this book brings a welcoming change and reclaims the lost art of letter writing so beautifully. in this book, author had written 26 letters for her grandchild with so much love, care and affection.

She has shared her experiences related to Covid 19 so wonderfully in each letter. after reading each chapter ( letter), you get a heartwarming and uplifting feeling .

Reclaiming the lost art of letter writing is a first reason, that make this book a wonderful read. 

Each chapter has an impressive narration of different challenging circumstances of Covid 19 times 

I had read and reviewed Roma’s work before too, and she always impressed her readers with an amazing narration style. She has maintained that standard in this book and I am really impressed with the way she has narrated different challenging circumstances of recent ( Covid 19) time, in this book. 

The book begins with a narration of circumstances that she is experiencing during this challenging time. And later on, she moves on more in-depth topics like importance of fitness and how human unites in this challenging times.  the book has an amazing flow and With engaging and heartfelt narrations, you feel connected as a reader, since the first chapter and get a curiosity, what she will share in next chapter. 

Each chapter (letter) convey an important life lesson and heartfelt message 

This one is the biggest USP of this book. Each chapter(letter) is soulful and convey an important life lessons and a heartfelt message in the end.  

Like in chapter 14 she talks about importance of preserving nature and says, ” Why not we become like our ancestors and start believing in simple living and high thinking. living by our farms, savoring fresh food, enjoying cool breeze and crystal clean water from streams is such a wonderful idea”.

And in the same way, in chapter 15, she shares her honest confession about her basic life skills like cooking and other households chores. and explain the impotence of these skills to her grandchild, by saying “do learn the life skills as early as you can”, and shares a firm believe in the being self independent at an early age.

These are just examples of valuable life lessons. She has maintained this consistency throughout the book. After reading each chapter, you get a feeling of learning something valuable.

In fact, while reading some chapters, I get goose bumps because of these heartwarming messages that she is sharing for her grandchild with uttermost love and care. 

Bonus point, This book will improve your creative thinking and problem-solving skills 

Though this book is a collection of soulful letters from a granny to her grandchild but in some ways, it improves our creative thinking and problem-solving skills.  

As the author got stuck in another state (Gujrat- Vadodara), due to unavoidable circumstances of Covid 19 and facing various challenges because of this extended lock-down in her day to day life, she has shared her various challenges in this book.

She is so honest and shared her challenges fearlessly in each chapter but at the end, she also shares the easy and practical solution of existing situation. Every time, she puts a strong emphasis on stay positive and deal with challenges with optimism.  

With this way, you will get a positive energy and also get a chance to learn creative ways of solving problems. 

During this challenging time of covid 19, this factor is a major reason that make this book so read worthy. 


As a conclusion, I would say, “this book is a collection of heartfelt and soulful letters that a granny has written for her grandchild with pure love and care, with a desire to share her experiences and learning during the challenging time of Covid 19. This book will inspire you to write something like this for your grandchild“.

All and all, this book is a breath of fresh air that will make you smile and help you in stay positive despite being stuck with pandemic. 

So, just go for it and download your copy. 

Here is the link to download this for free. 

If you had already read it, please share your experience with me.

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