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#BlogchatterEBook- “Easy Indian Fusion Cooking”- An Amazing Recipe book by Harjeet Kaur!

Of course, 2020 is an insanely hard year for all of us and we will have some bitter memories of this year throughout our lives.  

But it has been said that there is something good in every bad situation. And for me, I had some special memories of year 2020 on blogging perspective. This year, I had reinvented my love of cooking. And published my second e book as a recipe book “Healthy eating for busy moms” in association with #Blogchatterebook and now, first time I am reviewing an amazing recipe book too.  

Read the post to know more about this amazing recipe book and my take on the same.

Book Review

Name of book:  Easy Indian Fusion Cooking- Recipes from Indian Chef Harjeet Kaur!

Author: Harjeet Kaur 

Genre: cooking, recipes, food 

Pages:  111

Rating: 4/5  


Easy Indian Fusion Cooking has simple recipes which are healthy and balanced. The breakfast recipes are nourishing. Chicken recipes are for light dinners; baked, grilled or pan-fried. The author has blended the traditional cooking methods but improvised them to suit experienced as well as newbies in the kitchen. Fusion is the going word! 

Author Bio 

Harjeet is an acclaimed blogger and a freelance content writer, covering a myriad of topics like Food, Travel, Gardening, Grooming, Lifestyle and Ghost writing. She is a happy, cheerful and busy grandmother and a passionate home chef. She proclaims to be a “Jugaadu” cook, when in fact she is a consummate one. In this book, Harjeet Kaur transforms traditional recipes into gourmet by the turn of her ladle. This is a comprehensive fusion of recipes from Indian, Mexican, and Moroccan & Chinese cuisines. 

My take on book 

I had read this book recently, and here are few things that I liked so much about this book. 

The book has an amazing collection of easy fusion recipes (breakfast and light dinner) 

As the name suggested, “Easy Indian fusion cooking”, the book has a great collection of easy breakfast and light chicken dinner recipes. All these recipes are simple and made up with easily available ingredients. The book starts from an informative chapter “introduction to healthy breakfast”. then in first few chapters, author has shared some easy and healthy breakfast recipes options, like appe, besan ka chilla and egg dosa. 

In second part of book, she has included some amazing chicken recipes for light dinner. All these recipes are amazing and you will get a chance to learn an interesting collection of recipes from this recipe book. 

Each chapter begins with a narration of an interesting personal story 

Of course, when we read a recipe book, we expect to read recipe details but narration style and sharing of personal experiences are two important factors that make any recipe book a unique and interesting read. 

Harjeet has done this job wonderfully. She has narrated an interesting and behind the scene story in the beginning of most of the chapters. For example, in chapter, “Healthy homemade kale frittata”, she shares more about her cooking style and the story behind how she got inspired to use kale from her organic garden in this recipe. 

This is just an example. She has shared various personal experiences and even confessions (like she is a fussy eater) in different chapters. These personal narrations make this book an interesting read and you feel connected as a reader with the author. 

Each recipe has been explained properly with required details  

I am sure most of you had already read and explored harjeet’s work. She is such a perfectionist and always shared her recipes with proper details, great photography (and videos). She has maintained that standard in this e book too. 

She has explained each recipe with proper details (ingredients, method and points to remember). And we can get a complete idea about recipe method. Eye catching photos are another asset that make this book visually appealing too. 

My Personal favorite chapter 

As I am a vegetarian, so veg breakfast recipes are my personal favorite from this book. Especially I really liked the idea of “Juicy Mango poori”. This one is a fusion recipe where she has blended two interesting recipes Poori and mango juice.  

My girls loved both mango and poori, but I had never imagined to blend these two recipes. As this is the beginning of summer (here in USA), so I so excited to make this recipe for my girls and I am sure they will be loved it. 


As a conclusion, I would say “this book is an amazing collection of interesting recipes (breakfast recipes and light chicken dinner recipes). Along with recipes, you will get a chance to learn so many other important insights of cooking fusion recipes”

So just go for it and download your copy. It is available for free download for a limited time period.  

Here is link to download it for free. 

This post is a part of #BlogchatterEBook  carnival hosted by blogchatter. 

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  • Harjeet Kaur

    OMG! Surbhi, i am floored by your review. I never knew I was this good. Thank you so much for taking the time out for this amazing review. I am so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your review with me as well as the community.
    You are an excellent cook yourself and this appreciation from you makes me feel mighty proud.
    Thank u once again!

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